Rubbing my teacher's pussy with my foot under

Back during school in my Senior Year (Year), I had parent-teacher interviews at my school. Anyways, I was there waiting for the student before me to finish up with my psychology teacher (Alias: Mrs. San) but as I was waiting, I looked over at her and she was wearing a nice and beautiful short red dress. As I was staring at her, I noticed her legs were spread open a bit so I looked and as I was looking, I didn't only just see the sexy as thighs, I saw her nice clean shaved brown pussy. I continuously stared at her pussy for about 2 and a half minutes straight.

When my mother and I were there sitting with Mrs. San, they were discussing about my education and stuff. So while those two were talking, I slowly took my shoe off quietly and then started to rub my right foot on her thighs. She jumped a little bit then I winked at her. Instead of resisting, she opened her legs out more so I went deeper inside and rubbed on her pussy. She had one hand on the desk and the other pushing my big toe deeper into her cunt. I noticed she wanted to just squeal, scream and have that orgasm feeling but she had to hold it inside. I could see her rubbing her tits for a few seconds.

After the interview was over, she wanted me to 'talk' to her in private so I told my mum to go home, I could walk back home. Mrs. San and I decided to go to her private office after my mum left. Before we even closed the door, we started going at it. I picked her up which kissing her and threw her up onto the desk where I would open up her dress and eat, rub and lick the juices out of her beautiful pussy. She started moaning out loud, whispering to me "god Brodie, I can truly see why you're my favourite student. Wow, you are amazing." After a few minutes, she needed to suck off my cock which was feeling the hardest ever. She sucked, rubbed, licked, choked and gagged on my cock.

The moment I said "wow miss, you have given me the best blowy ever", she sat up, pushed me onto her chair and sat on top of my cock. Most of the time, she was kissing me and moaning at the same time while sitting on top of me. As she bounced up and down, I rubbed my face into her big jiggling tits and spanking her ass cheeks.

For a while, we kept fucking in different positions such as missionary, doggy style, girl on top, facesitting, 69, etc. As I was in the doggy style, I told her I was about to cum. I asked "can i cum in your pussy baby?" She replied "nah, don't cum in me. Cum all over these tests papers." I immediately pulled out my cock and came all over these test papers for her other classes. She thought it was over but I laid down on the floor and told her to sit on my face.

She sat on my face, moving a bit to slide her pussy up and down on my tongue and teeth. About 10 minutes later, she was starting to cum. What made her closer was the vibration of my mouth onto her pussy, she felt like there was a vibrator in my mouth. She came all over my mouth then I kissed her afterwards. Then we gave each other our emails, phone numbers and home addresses so we can meet up again and do it all over. :D P.s. she promised to give me an A or A+ for my exam and she did.

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