Fucking mum on xmas eve and s****r on xmas morning

On Christmas eve night, my father was at work and my s****r was at a Christmas Eve party with a few of her friends so basically my mum and I were alone together in the house. But anyway, we were having dinner at the kitchen table when I randomly started to get horny for her so I started giving her the footsie move. She was wearing a skirt so that turned me on even more. I started to softly touch her legs with my right foot. She didn't care at all. Then as I got higher up to her thighs, she opened up her legs. I could feel the nice soft fabric of the panties as I rubbed my foot on her pussy and hearing her moaning softly just made my cock get harder and harder the louder it got. Then I said "I now know what I'm really hungry for Christmas Eve dinner." So then I slid down under the table and snuck in through her spread open legs and started kissing her beautiful pussy which was covered by her cheetah print panties. I started make a vibration sound and feel on my mouth as I rubbed and kissed onto her pussy. She started moaning louder and louder until she told me to stop. Of course I stopped, then she grabbed my hands and told me to follow her.

Of course I followed her, we went over by the Christmas Tree. We both started kissing wildly as she started pulling down my pants and while I was unbuttoning her shirt and feeling her nice tits. She then fell onto her knees and started rubbing my cock with her nice soft hands slowly. Then as she sped up faster with the rubbing, she started sucking faster and faster. After that, I lied on the ground as she positioned herself on top of me. As she bounced up and down off my cock, she grabbed 2 Santa hats and a white beard mask thingy. We both wore the hats and she wore the fake beard mask. We then changed into a position where she was on top again while I was sitting on the couch. As I was getting closer, I repeatedly said " Oh yeah mum, yes mum. Oh my lord." She said "Don't call me mum, call me by my first name." So I kept saying "Oh yeah Rebecca, keep going. Oh my lord, I'm gonna cum." Before I came, I asked her where i would cum. She didn't care if the cum was inside her, she said "It's Christmas, consider this a present." I replied that this is one of the best presents ever. As I squirted my load inside her pussy, I kissed her while she was still wearing that white fake beard. I wanted to return the favour by making her cum too for her xmas present so I fingered, licked and kissed her tight pussy quite fast and hard. Up to that stage where she screamed and moaned loud as she literally squirted all over my face. Then she said "Thank you son, I missed that mouth and fingers of yours. You should definitely use that mouth and fingers more often on other girls. Definitely do them a great and relaxing service."

THE NEXT MORNING -> Christmas Morning, 2013:

It was around 6 in the morning when I started hearing noises coming from my s****r, Zoe's bedroom. the s****r with the pictures I uploaded onto my profile. So I went to see what was going on. As I walked in, I heard her moaning so obviously she was masturbating but I guess she didn't finish up as I didn't hear any finale music haha. Guessing she was too tired to keep going so I snuck up into her bedroom with the door closed quietly. I then snuck up underneath her bed covers where I found her sexy feet. I started sucking and licking her toes to give her a wake up call. She woke up and looked under the covers where she saw me. As soon as she saw me, we both looked at each other and started smiling. She layed back and let me continue to pleasure her up. She was sl**ping naked the whole night because it was a bit of a hot night and morning then. I started kissing and licking her beautiful pink pussy for about 8 minutes. I then shoved my cock right in her tight pussy while kissing her. I started out nice and slow sliding my cock in and out of her pussy then gave her the feeling of surprise as I gave her a nice hard hump and continued to do so. The look on her face became surprising as she gasped. I then picked her up and started fucking her while standing up and holding her by the ass. During that position, she had the honour of cumming first and also squirting all over my cock. She then did the biggest turn on as she grabbed the mask from the movie 'Scream' and put it on. She cut out the mouth part of the mask for sexual reasons. She then went on her knees and started sucking my cock. I constantly kept looking at her mainly because of the mask. About 10 minutes later, I came all over the mask and of course, inside her mouth. We then sat on the bed naked for a few more minutes kissing each other while she was still wearing the mask and having cum on her mouth. I didn't care what was on her mouth, I just loved the pleasure.

I love both of those girls so much. I hope I gave them the best Christmas gifts I ever gave them. They'll be surprised for their next birthdays and Christmas. <3 <3 <3
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11 months ago
ah the smell of wishfull thinking fills the air, if not please supply home address and I will be round directly.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Now those are gifts to remember...
1 year ago
Now its my turn to fuck ur mom & ur sis - Boy , did I ever cum