Caught my s****r masturbating- so gave her a speci

My parents were out of town for the week on a holiday to Paris so there was just me and my 2 little s****rs. I just came home from work and everything seemed a bit too quiet. I went to see where everyone was when I heard my s****r (the oldest daughter), Courtneey moaning with her room shut. Courtneey was 17 back at the time.

I pressed my ear against the door then it all went quiet. She quickly flung open the door and said "What do you want?". She was only wearing her leopard print bra and panties. I said "What are you doing in there?" She didn't say anything else, she just walked up to me and started feeling all over my chest as she went down into my pants. My other little s****r was in her room studying so I walked in, closed and locked the door.

She grabbed my hand and led me to her bathroom. She quickly ripped off my pants and started sucking my cock. After rubbing and stroking my cock for about 10 minutes getting it all hard, I picked her up and sat her on my cock while sitting on the toilet.

She started bouncing up and down then she said "fuck me big b*****r" and "make me cum" She started getting louder and louder so I had to continuously kiss her to stay quiet so that my other s*s wouldn't hear. I rubbed my face into her nice perfect boobs. After about 20 minutes of fucking, I was about to cum.

She went on her knees and as i wanked my cock on top, heaps of cum squirted out all over her face. She really loved it all over her beautiful face. I decided to return the favour by making her cum for once. So I started eating and fingering her sexy pussy.

She kept telling me "harder" and "faster". After about another 15 minutes of doing so, she said "I'm gonna cum". Then I went as hard and fast as i possibly could then she squirted all over my hands and face. She said I was the best she ever had. I said "yeahh, we should do this more often. Just don't tell anyone, especially our parents".
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1 year ago
Mmmm lovely story
1 year ago
So fuckin hot
1 year ago
licked her out this morning. she felt cold so she asked me to sleep with her. she still felt cold so i went underneath the covers and made her feel heaven
1 year ago