At the swimming pool

I like to go swimming at my local liesure centre at least once a week. I went last Monday morning and the pool was very quiet - only myself and a couple of old guys. I stayed in the deep end, swimming lengths and stopping for a rest at the end now and then. During one of my rests, I noticed a young couple, a boy and a girl, floating about a few yards away next to the ladder into the pool. They were just floating around talking to each other. I started swimming again, and didn't pay much attention.

After a little while I stopped again and noticed that the boy and girl were over in the corner and were laughing and playing around. He would try to jump on her shoulders and push her under and she would come up screaming and laughing at the same time. Then he would dive under and come up between her legs, firing her up in the air. I tried to watch them without looking as if I was perving on them -you can't be too careful in swimming pools. They were a nice looking couple; couldn't have been much more than 18 or 19. She was slim and tanned with long honey coloured hair and a cute chubby little face. She was wearing a simple black two-piece costume that showed off her round firm ass cheeks as well as her toned tummy and pert breasts. He was slim, with a nice flat stomach, his chest was quite narrow but well-defined. He was wearing light blue swimshorts. They carried on horsing around, and were obviously enjoying the physical contact, in fact they couldn't stop touching each other. A couple of times the boy made eye contact with me and I looked away guiltily.

I swam on for a couple more minutes, and when I stopped again I saw them up against the edge of the pool, a bit less than waist-deep. They were very close and looked as if they might be kissing. He had his back to me and was pressing hard up against the girl. I was delighted to see her hand come round and grab his butt, pulling him into her. I decided to wait where I was and discreetly watch. The lifeguard was watching them intently too, but didn't seem intent on stopping them. They kissed and cuddled some more, and gradually moved into deeper water. Once the water was up to his chest (which was just above her breasts) I saw him take a sudden dive under. I could then see her face clearly - she was looking down and grinning. Of course I couldn't see what was happening under there, but I'm pretty sure he was in her pants. When he came up they kissed some more and, as they rotated in the water it was clear her hand was rubbing his crotch.

Eventually the lifeguard made a move. I couldn't hear what he said to them, but they just laughed and then said ok and left the pool. I decided to take a chance and follow them out. I was taking a chance because I had quite a boner going on in my shorts.

I left the pool and went for a shower. The shower room is communal, with maybe half a dozen sprays on one wall. Guys regularly shower in the buff, and no-one has ever objected.

And there was the boy in the showers. He was standing under the spray with his back to me, completely naked. I felt my cock give a little twitch at the sight of his round hairless ass. When I came in he turned round and said 'Alright mate?'
I said hello back and stripped off my shorts and started showering.
'I'm sorry about all that in there' he said, 'Sometimes I can't keep my hands off her.' I told him I wasn't surprised, she's very fit. 'Yeah, I wanted to fuck her right there in the pool,' then he laughed. 'Fuck's sake, look at this!'
I turned round and saw him standing under the running shower with his hips pushed slightly forward looking down at his semi. He had quite a nice dick, about six-and-a -half and uncut, it was nicely thick and was nodding up and down. 'See what she does to me!' I didn't even realise it, but while I was watching him I was still soaping up my own dick, and I suddenly became as hard as he was, maybe a bit harder. he nodded towards me. 'Looks like we got you goin too.'
'Well, I'm only human,' I laughed, hoping he wasn't going to take offence and punch my lights out. He laughed too, then rinsed the soap of his body and turned his shower off. He grabbed his towel and dried himself off. I decided to stay under my shower until he was gone - the whole thing was getting a bit weird for me. But after a good five minutes the boy was still there, standing with his towel wrapped round his waist, obviously waiting for me to finish. I turned my shower off and started towelling myself, pleased that I'd at least managed to get my cock to a state where I wasn't obviously turned on, but it still looked impressively thick and heavy. He watched as I dried off, and I have to say I quite enjoyed having this young twink's eyes on my naked body; I've been a swimmer for years and like to think I've got a good build.

We left the shower room together and headed for the changing cubicles. I was about to head into a single cubicle, but the lad grabbed my arm and pulled me into one of the big f****y cubicles. 'We're in here mate,' he giggled. I didn't know what was going on at first, but quickly noticed that the girl was already in there. She was sitting on the bench still wearing her black bikini, still shiny and dripping with water. The lad slid the bolt shut and nodded towards his girlfriend 'You up for some fun?' he whispered. I didn't know what to say, I just gaped at him, and then at her. A sudden sharp burst of butterflies erupted in my stomach and seemed to travel down to my dick. I knew what was going on, but couldn't quite believe it. 'Alright,' the lad said, 'I'll start then.'

He dropped his towel and started playing with his already swelling cock. He moved towards his girlfriend and leaned towards her. They kissed, then he slowly worked his mouth down the side of her neck and onto her tits. As he sucked her nipples through the fabric of her bikini, she reached behind her and loosened it, revealing smallish round breasts, with large pink nipples. The boy sucked on these for a while, then looked over his shoulder at me. I was just standing there staring, my towel starting to tent in front of me. He beckoned me closer and I slowly walked over. As I got close to them, he reached out and whipped the towel off me, revealing my glistening boner. He turned to his girl and said 'on you go.' She looked into my eyes and then slid off the bench onto her knees. She edged over to me and gently took my cock in her mouth. I felt her tongue explore my cock head and tickle the shaft, then gradually take most of its length. It was incredible. I just couldn't believe what was happening. She sucked on me for a good three or four minutes and the whole time her boyfriend sat on the bench with hislegs apart stroking away at his own hard cock. I could hear him muttering under his breath 'suck that cock' and 'fuck her face'. Then he got up and stood beside me and started slapping his cock on her face. She turned and started sucking him. He then put his arm round my shoulders and we stood hip to hip, his girl alternating between sucking him and sucking me. Then she grabbed them both and tried stuffing them into her mouth at the same time. The sight of my dick touching his nearly made me cum there and then but I managed to hold it off. He kept looking into my face and grinning like he was saying 'isn't she great?'

Then he pulled away and said 'now fuck her'. I had been wondering where this was going to end, and wasn't sure I wanted this. I told him that was too much. 'No man, you've got to fuck her...please!' I couldn't deny I wanted to, it was fairly obvious. She stood up and peeled her bikini bottoms down and immediately started rubbing her little shave pussy. She put took hold of my shoulders and pressed her young firm body into mine. The feeling of her warm flesh on my exposed cock head was amazing. I couldn't help it, I started pushing my hips into her, feeling her little breasts brush my hard nipples. I looked down at her glistening pussy and gently rubbed my cock head against it, massaging her little mound with it, slowly at first then harder. I started pushing it into her pink slit, slowly rubbing her clit with it and was pleased to hear her gasp. The boyfriend was pleased too, his eyes were glued to us and his dick was pretty much vertical. Slowly I pushed into her, feeling her glorious warm wetness surround me. She was young and tight and amazing. I started pumping, gently at first, then faster and harder. She started to moan and I had to tell her to stop - I knew the pool wasn't busy, but there were still staff around, and I really didn't want to get arrested for gross indecency or whatever. At that, the boy got up and stood behind her. He put his hand over her mouth and whispered Ssshhh! in her ear. He then moved around her and stood side-on to us as we fucked, but right up close to us so was touching us. He was pushing his hardon up against us and wanking away at it. Then, out of the blue, his dick just exploded. He shot at least six big splats of cum all over us, some of it landing on my belly, some of it on the girls tits. He kept stroking his cock furiously as he came and he was breathing so hard I could see his firm little belly heaving up and down very quickly.

'Oh fuck,' I said. 'I'm gonna cum too!' And the boy immediately said 'Don't cum inside her! I want to see.' So I pulled out of her just in the nick of time. I grabbed my cock and thrust into her, spurting warm creamy spunk all over her tits and belly. I saw it mix with the boy's and then run down her body, dripping with a satisfying splat off of her shaved pubes onto the floor.

I was stunned. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I looked down at my softening cock, still glistening with her juices. The boy, still grinning away, wiped all the cum off her with a towel and started to get dressed. 'Did you cum?' he asked her. 'Yeah, she said. 'Just the once.' It was the first words she had spoken. He turned and winked at me 'Thanks mate, that was awesome.'

I carefully opened the cubicle door a crack and looked out - no-one was there. I sneaked into the next cubicle and got dressed. When I came out they were gone. But the guy at the key desk gave me a hell of a funny look as I walked past and headed for the exit.
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Great story ;)
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Wonderful story! Could definitely go for something like that.
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A dream cum true! Thanks!
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Loved it!
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Wow thaks for a hot story
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Great story...
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Awesome story