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[Story] Their first foursome

Their first foursome…

The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks, as they all got to know each other and feel comfortable together.

They had met at the bar of the hotel – two married couples out for a nice night, except whilst all four were married, not one of them was married to the other! Sophie and Al, Mark and Alisa - four married individuals all out to have some fun on the side. Nothing serious, all just to enjoy everything that their bodies could… after all, life’s short – have an affair – wasn’t that the catch phrase of the dating website they all originally met through!

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[Story] fustrated milky tits

This story is not my own.. I got it off the woman who wrote it. Its more then a little
Kinky and bizarre, not my thing but hot nonetheless

I love the way my breasts look. They are large and full looking with big sticky-out nipples. What's more they are full of milk - too much milk!

I gave birth to a baby about six months ago and, since then, my body has become virtually everything I ever wished for. I've worked hard on getting my tummy flat, and have succeeded fairly well, and then there are my tits. I think they are simply amazing.

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What got me wet today?

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Finding the source of 'Fake' Pics

Thought I'd share this little nugget of information with the people here..
Google can search by an image instead of text - which will 'find-out' alot of these fake people for you.
There are some other similar tools such as tineye ( ) but google is just as good if not better. The others will often give you you some different results though, so the more the merrier :P. The others use is very much the same and fairly self explanatory if you can do the google way...

First: Get the Image location into the clipboard. In Firefox simply Right click on an image you... Continue»
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Massive Milk Udders - Swollen Ripe Boobs

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[Story] Monday Morning

It's Monday morning, the weather's horrible. Rain pelting down, wind blowing so hard you can barely walk through it. You're up early trying to ready yourself for the short but terrible commute to work. I lay in bed, completely spent from our early morning love making session. The only words I can say come out as a muffled whisper that sounds vaguely like a plead for you to stay home and continue what you started. You kiss me gently on the mouth and slip out the door with a smile.

As I lay in bed listening to the rain pounding on the windows I drift in and out of sl**p riddled with dreams an... Continue»
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