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[Story] Online fun

I was feeling horning and felt like doing a little writing... I thought I share it a bit wider than just with Sussanka :)

Hmmm, suck sexy suckable nipples :)

will you bite them too? :)

Gently first, to see how you like it... then I'd suck them hard and bite them to get your taste. I bet your taste wonderful.

Would you squeeze them and massage them into my waiting mouth?

You'd squeeze them as if trying to milk them whilst I suck hard on them. You'd feel my stiff cock against your leg, one of my hands squeezing your other tit whilst my... Continue»
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[Story] Laction surpise

Like all good stories, this is based partly on a true situation...

A couple of months ago I bumped into an old friend from school in our local super market. She was getting some stuff for a picnic at the beach and I just happened to be there at the same time. She was still in touch with a few of out old class mates so she promised to pass on my contact details.

Out of the blue I received an e-mail from Louise. I remembered as a gorgeous tall girl, brunette, very athletic and sporty, well toned an with an impressive pair - I always had a crush on her but felt she was out of my league so... Continue»
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[Story] Sophies birthday present to her hubby

This is one that Sophie wrote about a little birthday surprise for her hubby (not me unfortunately... but I'm working on that!)

They were having drinks for her husband's birthday. Just your usual
"tuesday night" - or so she thought... The wine and conversation was
flowing and eventually everyone left - except Nicky. Her, her husband and
Nicky were all fairly toasted and having a good time. They started talking
about porn sites on the computer and she showed Nicky some porn that she
had written. Nicky said it was fucking hot and making her really horny...
she got an idea for ... Continue»
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[Story] A threesome for Sophie

He took her hand as if to shake it but instead lifted it firmly but gently to his lips, planting a soft sensuous kiss on it whilst his playful blue eyes never once left hers.

“The pleasure is all mine Madam”, he said, “however, should you permit me, I would love to provide you with much, much more…”

“You are such a tease!” She laughed, but loved the feeling of his soft lips on her hand, his strong fingers now lightly caressing the inside of her wrist... His friend laughed and grinned at her as he said “See I told you he was a charmer! So... What do you say Sophie? Would you allow us both... Continue»
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Was waiting in Sydney airport on Friday for my fli

This is the email exchange for your amusement ;)

Still not too busy this afternoon?

bored fucking stupid, but can't leave just 'in case' these settlements happen...

Bummer! Entertain me with some naughty thoughts about what you'd like me to do with you when we get together... :)

I'll start the kitty with a long, sensuous, caressing, tongue swapping kiss...


No, no takers?

Ok, I'll have another turn...

A soft kiss on your forehead, light kisses on your eyelids, my fingers sliding loosely through your hair. My kisses raining down the nape ... Continue»
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[Story] Their first foursome

Their first foursome…

The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks, as they all got to know each other and feel comfortable together.

They had met at the bar of the hotel – two married couples out for a nice night, except whilst all four were married, not one of them was married to the other! Sophie and Al, Mark and Alisa - four married individuals all out to have some fun on the side. Nothing serious, all just to enjoy everything that their bodies could… after all, life’s short – have an affair – wasn’t that the catch phrase of the dating website they all originally met through!

... Continue»
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[Story] Sophie and I share some loving moments...

I wrote this for my lover whilst she was having a crappy day at work.. it cheered her up and she even contributed a little in the middle of the story... enjoy!

Her tits seemed to fit perfectly in his warm strong hands. His fingers were gently squeezing her breasts, touching the sides, drawing up to the nipples which he lightly toyed with using his thumbs. His cock in her mouth was hot and hard, but the tip was so smooth on her lips and tongue.

She licked up one side of the shaft, flicked her tongue over the knob, sliding her it across his slit before licking down the other side before f... Continue»
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