Brandi's Ex

It’s been about a year since my last boyfriend. I do sl**p around with guys now, but only guys I know on a personal level. Well This sexual experience was with my Ex boyfriend possibly one of the craziest sexual fantasy ever! We went on vacation for to his Father’s Home in Atlanta Georgia. His father was rich off of buy and selling houses. We get there two days before The big day and his Father James and his two older b*****rs Scott and Kevin were already there. Neither of the b*****rs had a wife or girlfriend with them. Only his father’s new wife was there. She was just shining of hotness! She looked like she belonged in movies. She was a cross of Erica Durance and Jessica Alba for the first two days everything was great! Everyone was talking getting along and talking about how fucking awesome that their father was remarried and that baby b*****r John had a girlfriend.

The Night before The big day, His father’s Wife her name is Sterling, She came to me and she said Tomorrow was going to be amazing that she couldn’t believe what we were doing. I was kind of confused as to what she meant by this as I only thought has she never had a vacation before? I went to tell John what was going on and he sat me down and told me that for the past 5 years on their annual f****y vacation. That his f****y would take turns with each other’s girlfriends and wives. I was surprised by this. I started to smile and say “So you want me to fuck you, your b*****rs and father?” He said yes. He then told me it’s not a gangbang or anything throughout the day one of them would find me and then I would have to fuck them. This would go on all day long and all night until 12 am. It is what they did to bond as a f****y. I grabbed him and told him I was ready for some fucking action!

The next morning I woke up and went into the bathroom to shower and as I walked by Scott’s room he had Sterling gagging on his cock. I stopped to look and he smiled and mouthed you’re next! I smiled back and mouthed ok! I then walked into the bathroom and before I could shut the door Kevin puts his hand in the way and tells me it’s time. He grabs me by my shoulders and turns me so my back is to him. He bends me over and runs his hand across my ass and then hits it really hard! I moan. He says, “does Brandi like that?” I nod yes! He does it again! Then he pushes me all the way over I’m bent in half. He pulls out his cock and rubs it on my pussy! I feel his cock getting harder. He finally puts it in me. I let out a light moan of pleasure. He then grabs my hips and thrusts his cock in my pussy! Pushing me back and forth on his cock, not letting me get up from it. I’m enjoying every moment of it. I rub my pussy as he fucks me from behind. I feel my pussy getting wet! As his cock is going inside me It starts to make creamy noise like my pussy is too wet and his cock is pleasuring me way to well. He finally lifts me up a bit. I have my Hand resting on the bathroom sink as he fucks me from behind. His hands have a firm grip on my hips. I try to grab them to see if he’ll loosen up, but he won’t! I’m his personal fuck toy. He finally takes one hand off my hips and puts it in my hair and grabs really hard! He is pounding me like crazy! Kevin calls out to John. “Hey is it alright if I cum in your girl or do you want to keep it off limits! John yells back “ask her!” So he asks if it’s ok for him to cum in me! I say no! I tell him I want his cum on my tits! He screams fucking Ay!!! John you got a cum dumpster Girlfriend. She wants it on her tits! John yells back I love that Bitch!!! I Laugh and scream as I’m about to cum, But Kevin pulls out and cums on my ass!. He is like fucking Ay! That’s a nice piece of ass! I get in the shower and wash away his cum. Then let the water run down my pussy as I rub my clit to make myself cum. As I cum I let out a big moan and then get out of the shower. I grab my towel and begin to dry myself off and rubbing my tits with the soft fabric of the towel arousing my body. I finally open the door to the Bathroom and scott is standing there smiling.

I smile back and ask is it time for me know. He nods his head yes. He tells me he is not going to fuck my pussy. He just wants to fuck my mouth right now. I bite my bottom lip and get on my knees. He pulls out his cock and hits me on the side of my face. Right on my cheek. He holds his cock firm in his hands and rubs it all over my face. He asks me to Open my mouth and stick my tongue out. I till my head back and do what he asks. He slaps his cock on my tongue a few times and then puts it in my mouth. He catches me by surprise. I gag at first on his cock. He laughs and then pulls it out. Before I could catch myself he puts it back down my throat. I gag again. He then repeatedly Pushes his cock down my throat over and over again. My eyes start to water and I love the feeling. He finally stops thrusting his cock and takes a sit on the edge of the bathtub. I take his cock out of my mouth and grab his cock. I start to stroke his cock up and down slowly and I start to put my mouth around the head of his cock. I start to suck on his cock as I stroke his shaft. My mouth begins to slurp on his cock he is loving the vibration of my mouth. I thrn take my mouth off his cock and continue to stroke his cock. I then drool all over his cock to make it more slippery so My hand can move up and down his cock better. I then put his cock back in my mouth and stop stroking him off. I move my head up and down on his cock. With a little sucking on his cock. He grabs me by the back of my neck and pushes me down on his cock. I gag on it but he holds me down there. After about 10 seconds he lets me up and wants me to take him down nice and slow. I nod my head and then put his cock back in my mouth. I slowly go down on his cock. I feel his cock fill my mouth and then throat. I have my mouth opened as wide as it will let me. I start to gag on his cock again. This time holding myself down without his help. He keeps yelling oh fuck this is great! He then asks me to use my tongue. As I’m gagging on his cock, I rub my tongue on his dick while his cock is deep down my throat. I finally Pull back and come off his cock! I start to cough and spit. He then wants me to jerk him off till he comes. I nod ok. I then grab his cock and begin to jerk him off. I rotate my hand as I run it up and down his cock. He stands up and then says he wants to cum on my face. I smile and say ok. I keep jerking him off. I use my other hand and tickle his balls. He starts to moan load and say he is going to cum. I then put my face right in front of the head of his cock! As I get in front of his cock His load shoot out of his hard cock. He hits me right in my left eye. I start to laugh and his Cum is so white and thick. As I keep stroking him he keeps cumming. I feel it hit my face every time and laughing with each load hitting my face. As I laugh it poors into my mouth and I taste his cum! This was possibly the best tasting cum I’ve had. I start to lick it off my face. He then asks me how his cum taste. I say it taste really good.! He asks what it taste like? I tell him it taste like Coconuts! He laughs and then leaves. I use the towel to clean myface off and wash my face and hair again.

Finally I get back to my room and John is there and he is smiling. He comes over and grabs me and kisses me. Then tells me that he is going out with his father and b*****rs to pick up food for dinner. That Sterling and I are going to be home alone. I finally able to get dressed! I don’t put on to much as I know it’s coming off by these guys! So I just put a pair of Light green boy shorts on and my green sports bra. I make my way downstairs and hear Sterling in the living room. I am able to see her from the stairs. She is Masturbating on the couch. I see her fingering her pussy will well. She keeps moaning loud. I sit myself on the steps and begin to rub my pussy through my panties. I enjoy watching her finger her pussy! My buddy is about to cum as I watch her whole buddy move with each jerk of her fingers in her pussy. I finally cum but it’s not great but it’s enough to annoy me that I get off the stairs and run into the living room and grab her and begin to kiss her. I grab her by the throat and she keeps finger herself. I take my other hand and pull her fingers out of her pussy and stick them in my mouth. The taste of her pussy is sweet and sticky. I likc her pussy juices all off her fingers. I then stick my fingers in her mouth to get them nice and wet and I make her gag on my fingers. I then stick two of my fingers deep in her pussy! Really hard! She screams loud and tells me she loves it! I smile at her and tell her I’m going to fuck her with my fingers till the men get back. She nods and I keep repeatedly ramming my fingers in her pussy. I start to make out with her as I finger her. She is in a pleasure state of mind. I lean my head in to kiss her neck and she whispers into my ear that she wants to taste my pussy. I pull back and look her in the eys and say So you want this pussy. I then let go over her neck and start to rub my pussy. She smiles and nods! I pull my fingers out of her pussy and Lick them. We both lick her pussy juice of my fingers. I then grab her by the hair and pull her down. I then pull off my panties and sit on her face! I begin to grind on her face. I feel her tongue going over my clit. Then feel it go inside my pussy! I just keep grinding my pussy on her face. I feel myself getting wetter! She uses her hand to pull me off her face and says my pussy taste really sweet! That she wants to lick it all night long. I Go I love your tongue on and in my pussy! I grab here by the hair and put her face back into my pussy! I finally feel myself about to cum and then the front door opens! Its john and his two b*****rs. They go into the kitchen and put the food down. Then all three of them run back into the living room. Both sterling and I are now sitting on the couch playing with each other’s pussy. John comes over and grabs me by my hair and pulls out his cock. Finally, I’m able to fuck my boyfriends! He can now show his b*****rs how to fuck me just right! As he pulls me off the couch I go to my knees and open my mouth! John sticks his cock in my mouth and just starts fucking my mouth! I keep gagging and coughing on his cock hard! Drool is coming out of my mouth. Sterling is being fucked by Kevin and she is sucking on Scott’s cock. I see her there enjoying every minute of the pounding as I’m finger my pussy as john rams his cock down my throat. John then with one ig push puts me down to his balls on his cock and holds my there. My eyes start to water and I’m fighting to pull away. I’m too powerless in my state of ecstasy to pull off his cock. Finally he lets go and I fall to the floor and spit up my drool. I start to laugh and call him an asshole! As I’m laughing Scott comes over and Puts his cock in my mouth and starts to face fuck me at a steady pace. John then lifts my ass up and smacks it! He calls me a dirty whore for sucking his b*****r’s cock in front of him. I pull Scotts cock out of my mouth and tell him to treat me like a whore. John smiles and then just rams his cock in my pussy! As he does this Scott rams his cock down my throat too. As John fucks my Pussy Hard I go down hard on Scott. Scoot loves it and moans like crazy. He grabs my tits and keeps fucking my face. With that john’s cock is pushing deeper into my pussy and I feel my body cumming. As I cum I pull Scotts cock out of my mouth and start to scream I’m cumming!!! John starts to feel my Pussy tighten around his cock from cumming and he drives his cock harder in my pussy! He fucks me hard and grabs me away from Scott and tells him to fuck sterling. Scott goes back to getting sucked by sterling. She loves having two cocks in her at all times! I’m loving johns cock with reach thrust into my pussy I feel my ass jiggle with reach thrust and my tits bouncing all over the place! John then grabs my tits and holds them in his hands and I say you love my big fucking titties! He moans really loud from this. I feel his cock get super hard and I know he is about to bust his loud in my! I tell him to fucking cum in my pussy! With that he goes faster and shorter thrusts then with one big thrust he fucking cums in my pussy! He lets me go and then walks away and leaves me to his b*****rs and sterling! I grab Scott from Sterling mouth and we both take it doggy looking at each other. We start to make out as Kevin fucks her pussy and Scott fucks my Pussy. I start to move my lips down to her neck and make it to her boobs as Scott fucks my wet pussy! I suck on her big tits as I do this she cums really hard from Kevin fucking her! She cums so hard she tells Kevin it hurts and that she needs a break. She then walks away to the kitchen. Kevin then looks at me I smile and say hi! He smiles and tells me to suck it! I put it in my mouth as Scott keeps pounding my pussy! Kevin’s cock taste so sweet from Sterling’s pussy I’m enjoy it in my mouth licking it with my tongue as he pushes it in and out of my mouth. I pull Kevin out of my mouth and Push Scott away from my pussy and tell them both to DP me! The both go wide Eyed and High fived! I Tell Kevin to sit on the couch and I get on top of him with my tits in his face! He starts to suck on them as I go up and down on his cock! Scott then stops it and Kevin is deep inside me! I moan and all of a sudden Scott puts his cock in my ass and I scream like crazy! Both start to fuck me really hard and fast! I feel like I’m being ripped in half as both of them are fucking me great! The pleasure of both of them in me makes me cum again and again! I can’t stop cumming! Finally Scott pulls out and cums on my ass and Kevin pulls out and cums on my stomach. I get up off the couch as both of them sit there and finally satisfied by fucking sterling and I! I can barely walk straight! As I make my way to the bathroom to clean up I see John fucking sterling in the kitchen as John pound her hard her tits are going everywhere! I smile and hope John likes it!

After I cleaned up its about two hours later and I’m wondering why Johns dad hasn’t done anything. I go into his den where he has been the whole time. I’m completely naked. I see him sitting in his chair, thinking. I say “Excuse me sir. Why haven’t you joined in with your sons?” He looks at me smiling and says “because He doesn’t like the whole orgy thing going on. He likes one on one time! I smile and turn around and lock the door to his Den. I start to shake my ass at him and said I could use some one on one time with you sir! He smiles and says “Well then let’s get down to it!” Now Johns dad is not at all muscular or sexy he is in his late 50’s this is the oldest man I’ve ever been with. As He works up to me he grabs my tits and buries his face in them. I enjoy this like crazy. My tits are very sensitive! He starts to suck on them as he moves one of his hands down to my pussy and begins to rub my clit. I love the way his hands feel on my clit. After about 30 seconds I cum hard and let out a nice moan! I tell him Your sons can’t even do that! He pulls his mouth off my tits and says that’s because they haven’t been around long enough to give it to a woman right! I smile and then kiss him! We start to make out as he grabs and pulls my body! He drops to one knee and then places his Lips around my clit starts to suck on it and lick it with his tongue. I tell him to finger me sir! He pulls his mouth off my pussy and tells me not to call him sir but to cal him Daddy! I smile and say please daddy finger me! He smiles and goes back to licking my pussy and takes two of his fingers and fucks my pussy with them I keep leaning against the locked door as he does the I grab on m titties and start to lick them as he keep making me cum! I say “daddy let me cum! Please daddy I want to cum! He grips his lips as hard as he can on my clit and moves those finger faster in my pussy you can hear how wet my pussy is with each thrust of his fingers! I finally say Daddy I’m cumming! Daddy!!! As I cum I he pulls his fingers out of my pussy and I get weak legs I put myself down on my knees and kiss him again! I taste my pussy on his lips. I grab his hand that he fingered me with and lick the! He asks If I want something bigger to lick! I say yes daddy please! He stands up and pulls his pants down and his cock is hard already! I’m about to grab it to put it in my mouth. He pulls it away and says you have to ask for Daddy’s cock to play with. I put a pouty face on and he says no cock until you say it! I then say Daddy can I please have you big old cock in my mouth and maybe in between my tits or in my pussy! He goes well since you asked nicely! He then grabs my head and fucks my mouth. He has a really big cock. I can only take half of it down! I love this filling of his cock just stopping and I can’t get it down. I then take my hand and stroke what I can’t fit in my mouth! He lets out a nice moan I know I’m down it right! I did it so right that he pulls me off his cock and then sits in his chair and tells me to put my tits together! I then say Daddy You want to fuck my tits! He shakes his head yes and I say ok! I spit on my tits and he sticks his cock in between them and as he fucks my tits about two inches of his cock stick out of the top as he pushes through them. I put my head down and lick his tip and spit on it! Again he moans loud and stops! He then gets up and helps me up and lays me on top of his desk. He then sticks his big cock in my pussy! I scream with every inch going in! I tell him Daddy I think your cock is hurting my pussy! He says that just can’t be true! He then thrusts it deeper I scream loud and he keeps going in and out of my pussy really hard! I’m like daddy I love your big cock! Fuck me hard and harder! He goes deeper and hard as I say that! Finally with a few more thrusts I scream and say Daddy your big cock is hitting my guts! Oh my god! Daddy I love your big Dick Fuck me Daddy fuck me!!! He fucks me hard till I finally cum! I lay there motionless like a statue! I came way to hard! He finally picks me up and turns me over for doggy I spread my pussy open as he fucks me deep from behind! He grabs my hair as he fucks me! I say Daddy fuck me rough I’m your dirty little whore daddy! I love how you fuck me daddy! I then tell him I’m closing my legs while he fucks me! He nods yes! I close up my legs and it feels so tight! His cock feels bigger and harder he keeps fucking me hard and harder! I love having every inch in my pussy! My ass is shaking with every thrust my tits are pressed against the desk! He is holding my by my shoulders as he fucks me, He leans in and tells me he is going to cum! I tell him to cum in my pussy! I want to feel Daddy’s cum in my pussy! As I finish saying that he cums in my Pussy really Hard! I loved it when he pulls out his cock I drop to my knees and begin to clean off his cock! After I finished cleaning his cock off he grabs me by throat and pulls me in and tells me to break up with his son because I’m his! I nod yes and the next day John left with sterling and Scott and Kevin left with nothing! I was Daddy’s little whore for about two more month until I realized I wanted another cock!

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