The cock that wouldn't go limp

My Name is Erica Hyde, I have left my home in upstate New York in search all over the world for what I like to call the greatest pounding in my left. This story takes place in Ingolstadt, Germany. I have heard tales of a monster in this old castle that has been seen masturbating to women who want to bath in the local spring naked. The women have reported seeing the monster standing at the banks of the river and castle moaning as he jerks his cock. The women have said that the monsters cock is huge bigger than any of them have ever seen. When local villagers have gone to confront and destroy the monster for his acts perversion. He is nowhere to be seen. So the men of the village believe the women have made this up to get attention from their husbands and boyfriends to fuck them harder.

Now this is where our story begins. As I showed up to the Village and introduced myself and why I’m there. Many of the men look at me with disgust. While the women look at me with bravery. One woman whose name is Yvonne, told me she would be my guide on this adventure into the castle ruins. I tell her thank you and to be ready in the morning when we head to the castle. The Yvonne is about in her early twenties. She is about 5’7. With a very petite body shape, But very attractive. She had very nice long blonde hair. As I went to my room all I could think about at that time was Yvonne, having her young soft skin touch mine, having her lips kissing my tits as she fingered my pussy. While I laid in my bed I was rubbing my pussy thinking of Yvonne and wanting her to fuck e and then have me fuck her. As I kept rubbing my pussy I came really hard and screamed, “Yvonne fuck me!” I then realized what I did and felt embarrassed that I did it. No one came knocking or busting open the door in. so I just went to bed.

The next morning I put on my tight jeans and blue tight tank top with the big tit cleavage showing, hoping to get Yvonne’s attention. I then throw my Leather jacket over that and went down to meet her. When I got down to the lobby of the Inn she was standing there in almost the exact thing I was wear. We both smiled and laughed. We then began our 20 mile hike to the castle. After about 3 and half hours we stopped for some rest and food. It was just the two of us hiking. I pulled out some water for her and I. Watching her drink her water. It spilled out of her mouth as she drank too much of it. I watched it as it ran down her neck and over her top, getting it nice and wet. It was still cold, because her nipples start to show. They were nice on her little tits. She was an A cup with really nice small nipples. As she finished drinking she looked over at me staring at her and was embarrassed she apologized and covered up. I told her it was ok. Then I drank my water but I said it was way too hot, and then dumped the water over my tits. She looked really aroused and was smiling back. We both smiled looking at one another. Then got up and continued our walk. After about another 3 hours we were at the castles. We made the decision to set up camp outside the castle. When we finished setting up camp it was dark. We made a nice small fire and made dinner. Yvonne then told me of her encounter with the Monster. She told me she was with three of her friends over by the stream and pointed to it. She told me that her and her friends came up here to see if they could find the monster a fuck him. She said it was a stupid young horny girls dream. She laughed and then told me her and her friends got naked and went into the stream and started to kiss. And touch each other’s breasts. She told me they never did anything with each other pussies, they just kissed and touched. I was getting aroused but her story. She then told me as the girls were all getting out the heard something in the tallest tower moaning loudly that’s when the went to the castle and saw the monster jerking his massive cock off. One of her friends got hit in the head but his load as it fell from the tower. She then said they all ran back to the village. Yet with it being so far it took a while.

When she finished up her story we went into our tent and got ready to sl**p. We both took off our clothes as it was still kind of hot at night. We did keep our panties on. As I laid there looking over her body I had to touch her. I slowly and lightly ran my finger across her arm. Her skin was warm and soft and smooth. After about a minute of doing this I went in and grabbed her small tit with my hand. She woke up and turned to me and smiled. She then charged me with a kiss, jamming her tongue into my mouth. I knew then she wanted to fuck. I pushed her down on to the ground and held her down by her shoulders she smiled. I then laid on top of her and began to kiss her neck as I took one of my hands off her should and went down to her pussy and ripped off her panties. I started to rub her pussy she started to moan and arch her hips into my hand grinding on my fingers. I then brought my hand back up and put my fingers into her mouth. Making her gag on them, she loved it. I then took my fingers out of her mouth and jammed them into her pussy she moaned loud. She was able to get her hand in front of her mouth. She didn’t want the monster to her us for he might cum. I took her hand away from her mouth and held it down with my other hand and just kept finger her making scream loud and crazy. She loved every minute of it. I finally pulled my fingers out as she came all over my hand. Her juices were thick and sticky. I stuck my fingers with her pussy juice in my mouth. She tasted so good, like a lollipop. I then put my mouth down on her pussy holding both her hand across her stomach so she wouldn’t stop me. She was tightening every muscle in her body and I could feel it. She finally wrapped her legs around my head and f***ed me to stay down there, she then grinded on my face, as I licked every drop of her juice. Finally she came and let out a scream that could be heard for miles. When I let her go she laid there for a second. Then grabbed me and through me down on the ground. She grabbed at my big tit and smashed them together then began to suck on them. I felt good. As she sucked on the she would nibble and pull them with her teeth. I loved the way it felt. My nipples were hard. She finally stopped suck on my tits and went to her backpack and pulled out a 6 inch purple strap-on. She smiled at me and said she was going to fuck my pussy! I said Oh really? And then pulled off my panties and said you better fuck me right! She put it and then came over t me and slowly stuck in the head of her dildo. Then she slammed it into my pussy! I let out a scream of shit that feels good! She laughed and then covered up my mouth with her hand and continued to fuck my pussy fast and hard! I was moaning with every thrusts but she had my mouth covered muffling my screams. I knew she was doing it to protect us but it just turned me on more. As she was able to keep a great pace of fucking my pussy I could feel myself climaxing! When I finally did climax I pushed her off and then grabbed her and held her in a hug and told her I loved the sex! She said the same thing. We then laid there hold one another as we were able to finally fall asl**p.

I work to the sound of groaning! As someone in pain, Yvonne was sound asl**p and I didn’t want to wake her. With nothing on I went out of our tent and looked around. I saw nothing that would make that noise. So instead of staying in the tent with her I went for a naked walk down by the river. As I got closer to the river I heard the sound of heavy breathing and moaning. I hid behind a bush and saw a young man sitting on the river bank just stroking off his cock. I was wondering was he the monster and was he just a villager trying to fool everyone. As I stepped out from behind the bush and said Hi there lover! He stopped jerking his cock off and tried to put it away. I walked up to him before he could and told him. Let me help you with that! I then grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. He looked pleased to see a woman stroking him off. I then asked him if he was the one who was making people think he was the monster. He said no. I’m just a guy who likes to jerk his cock when his wife will not fuck him. I looked him in the eye as he said that. He was telling the truth. I then got on my knees and started to lick his cock and asked him another question. I asked him if he has ever seen the monster. He said yes he has seen the monster. I then put his cock in my mouth and started to work it, going back and forth on the head as I stroked his cock. He then said I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the monster that no one is telling you. I looked at him then with one big thrust forward I deep throated his cock. He loved it. He just stood there like a statue. I finally came off of the deep throat and he said I wasn’t done yet to me! He then grabbed the back of my head and thrusted it down again. With this catching me by surprise I gagged hard on his cock. Forcing myself off! He then grabbed me again and did it to me again. With the same reaction I gagged and f***ed myself off. I told him before he did it again I wanted him to fuck me right in the pussy! He nodded yes. I got up off the ground and put my hands on a tree. With my ass Arched out for him to fuck me from behind! Before I let him ram his cock into my pussy I stopped him and asked him why isn’t anyone telling me. He then told me that the women aren’t afraid of the monster. I was surprised. He caught me off guard and stabbed me in my pussy with his cock. I screamed and then let him fuck me hard. He was going really fast, in and out in and out of my pussy just stimulating it till I could build up to a great orgasm that I would love. I feel felt him hit me in the right spot in my pussy with his cock. I came really hard! I screamed loud and loved it. He pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. He asked me to turn around. I turned around and let him fuck me standing against the same tree. He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and pounded my pussy hard. With one hand on my ass he would push me on to his cock as he thrusted his cock into me. With the other hand he held my titty in his hand and sucked on my nipple. I used my hand to put it against his head to keep him on my nipples. Finally he was going to cum really quickly! He asked me if I would jerk him off into the stream, I did! He enjoyed it. As he finished jerking I grabbed his cock really tight and made him tell me about the monster. He did finally tell. He told me that the women of the village were not afraid of the monster because of his masturbation. They were afraid of him because he couldn’t get a limp cock. I told him about the girl who had cum in her hair. He said yes he can cum, but his cock is a hard on forever! Because he was a dead body, his cock was always stiff. Girls would run once he would make them cum but not him and he wants his cock to go limp. I let him go after he told me that and I told him if he wasn’t a perv his wife would fuck him more. He left that night. As I went back to my tent I could hear those moans again. They were coming from the castle, Instead of going there alone. I went back into the tent with Yvonne. She was still sound asl**p and naked. I lay next to her. She rolled over on to me with her head resting on my tit. I felt comfortable and still interested in finding this monster. I was tired from fucking the perv and closed my eyes and went back to sl**p with the beautiful woman next to me. I was thinking tomorrow we find the monster and we fuck him till he goes limp.

The Next Morning during breakfast I explained my plan. My plan was for both of us to fuck the monster, as He has never had two women. It would be the only way for him to go limp. While one is recovering the other could be fucking him they we swap until he finally goes limp. Yvonne was nervous but she understood what we had to do. She also said she would love to give that cock a try. So we finished breakfast and set out to find and fuck the monster. After about six hours of searching the castle and the grounds we could not find the monster. We stopped for the day inside the castle. A room with lab equipment and electrical devices, Yvonne set up our tent and I made dinner, Which was just hotdogs. Sitting there eating I realized Yvonne was staring at me as I took my hotdog down my throat. She smiled and then did it herself. We both laughed and then thought. Hey this might lead the monster out to fuck us. So I out the hotdog down and went over and kissed Yvonne. We both kissed heavy and passionately. I went down and started to rub on her pussy as we kissed. She started to tug and grab at my tits we both were getting really wet from this. I was able to make her come quick. As she screamed from cumming we heard a loud moaning. We both stopped doing what we were doing and heard it again. It was getting closer. We both were kind of scared but we wanted this. Finally the sound stopped and we looked at one another. Out of nowhere the monster grabs Yvonne and lifts her up and put her on the lab table and begins to eat her pussy. I was in shock. He was about 7 feet tall and had nothing on. His cock was about 10 inches long and fucking thick. As He was eating Yvonne’s pussy he grabbed me with his long arm by my hair and pulled me to the ground. He then began to stick his hard penis in my face. I finally snapped out of it and stuck his hard penis in my mouth. I could feel how hard it was going in and out of my mouth. It was as hard as a led pipe. As The monsters cock would hit the back of my throat I thought it was going through the back of my head. I gagged on his cock with every thrust. He was Licking Yvonne like crazy. She was moaning uncontrollable. He hips just grinding on his monster face. Finally I couldn’t take his cock down anymore or I was going to throw up. I was able to pull myself off. This angried the monster, he got off of Yvonne’s pussy and looked at me angry. I told him to calm down and then turned around and bent myself over the table. Letting him know I wanted his cock inside me. He understood and then rammed his cock inside my pussy! His cock was so big and log I thought he hit my stomach and injured it. I couldn’t stop moaning. He had a tight grip on my hips and fucking rocked me up and down on his cock rapidly. Yvonne was still recovering from his licking. After about 22 thrusts, Yes I was counting. I finally came all over his cock. Yet he didn’t stop fucking me. He just kept going. I thought I was about to pass out when finally Yvonne came over and pulled his cock out of my pussy and took him inside her mouth. He didn’t care what hole it was he just kept fucking her mouth like crazy. As she gagged she would spit up. He liked it even more. My pussy was so wet from his cock I knew I needed it again. I pulled his cock out of her mouth and lie on my back and let him fuck me in the pussy again. This time he was not going as deep into my! I could feel every vain and stitch in his cock. It made my pussy just cream with my juices’ I started to moan loud! I told him to fuck this pussy! To talk his monster cock and fuck me till I can’t walk!!! He smiled and then went faster and deeper into my pussy. I loved it. I came when he finally slowed down. I couldn’t take his cock anymore. Yvonne stepped in and got him to the ground. She then set on his big monster cock. She was only able to take him in partially in her pussy! As she sat on his cock leaving about 2 inches still exposed of his cock. I took this challenge and I began to lick and spit and stroke those two inches of his cock. The monster roared loud and liked it. He liked it so much he through Yvonne off of him and then pulled us together and started to fuck our mouth right next to each other. Going in one and then in the other alternating between us. With one big thrust of his cock down my throat he pulled it out and his cock started to shoot out cum. We both laughed and realized we did it!

Yet! We were wrong as we got up he grabbed Yvonne and began to fuck her pussy from behind! I was like really you’re not limp. He shook his head no and continued to fuck her pussy! I sat there and watched her fuck him hard! With every thrust of his cock he body would bolt forward and he would then slam her on his cock. He little tits and ass were shaking with every slam of his cock. I could see her cumming. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. I went to the Monster that’s enough its my turn. He stopped fucking her and let her go. She laid herself on the table and he then turned his attention to me. He grabbed my under my arms and lifted me in the air. He put my legs over his shoulders and then my hand around his neck. He then stuck his cock into my pussy and pounded me while holding me up! Unlike Yvonne his cock went all the way into my pussy! I could feel every inch of his cock as my pussy would tighten around his cock with every deep thrust. I loved it like crazy! He fucked me So hard I came again and just let him keep fucking me again. Yvonne was ready to take over but I told her no. she needed to watch this. The monster fucked me Harder with each long thrust. As I Had a really hard Climax My pussy was shaking all over his cock. With that he came again! I pulled myself off and was about to kiss Yvonne as she walked over, but he wasn’t done yet! He grabbed Yvonne and started fucking her really hard! So hard his whole did was going inside her that she was screaming that he was hitting her guts. He just kept pounding her pussy! As I laid there watching her take this amazing pounding I noticed her hair started to stand and it started to have white streaks on the side of them. Finally she screamed so loud because she came! The monster then came inside of her! As he did cum for a third time, he finally back off of her and sat on the ground. His cock was finally going limp. I went over to he and kissed her and then fingered her pussy and had his and her cum on my fingers and I licked it all off. I told her that she was the Bride of the monster! The next day when I woke I saw Yvonne and the monster going at it again. I then knew my job here was done! I left them both as he was fucking her on the lab table and I began my walk back to the village. When I got there if they asked me where Yvonne was I was just going to say she became some ones fuck bride!

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5 months ago
loved this story! well done
6 months ago
Brandi, dear...
Could you imagine me taking the role of Yvonne in this scenario? My tight ass-cunt would be stretched almost beyond belief by this monster's magnificent cock...and his cum would flood my womb!! Kinky, huh? ...Susie