Dr. Jekyll and Slutty Erica Hyde

My name is Doctor Henry Jekyll. For years I’ve been studying the female body trying to understand it’s every need from having sex with random women to having sex with my own wife. Yet, I was no closer to finding anything to understand it. Finally I thought I found a solution to the problem. My answer was a big huge cock. Women love huge cock. So I took to my lab to create serum that will give an average man or less average man a huge cock. After a year of research and testing, I thought I had finally had the serum perfected. I was so wrong! As I mixed the two components together and they turned to a purple liquid. I drank the liquid. I thought it would take effect instantly but it did not. After about 30 seconds. I felt a sharp pain in my balls and cock. Then a sharp heavy pain in my chest, I felt my waist beginning to tighten. I didn’t know what was going on with my body. I began to rip off my close and saw that my body was turning into a female’s body. My bone structure was changing in my face to a female. My hair was changing color and growing. I went from a light brown hair to black. I went from a buzz cut to my hair being short but just past my ears to line up with my female jaw line. My eyes went from a dark brown to a very sexual blueish grey. My Male chest began to grow and round out and push out. I started to grow tits. They became a 34D- my waist finally stopped tightening and I had a 24 waist. My ass became really tight and firm It was a 36. So my measurements became 34 d- 24-36. I looked down to see my cock. It just kept shrinking and finally it disappeared and a pussy was there. Finally everything stopped hurting and I had a nice long look at myself. I said out loud. “I really know how to change into a girl I’m fucking hot.” I started to rub my pussy and sat in a chair and began to rub my pussy. I could feel the pleasure I was getting from this. I spit in my hand and lubed it up and began rubbing it harder and harder. I could feel my body tingling with pleasure. My nipples were getting really hard! I took my other hand as I rubbed my pussy and tugged on them. I started to know what it felt like to be a women. It felt amazing. When my body finally came I felt all relaxed and calm. After about twenty minutes of rubbing my pussy I Passed out.

I woke to find myself naked and changed to a man. I needed to further my study. That day I went out and bought 3 different size dildos. A small 4 inch long and 1 and half inches wide pink one. A standard sizes penis shaped and colored dildo about 6 inches long and 2 and half inches wide. The final one was a big shiny black 12 inches long and 3 and half inches wide cock shaped dildo. I went down to my lab and made another batch of the serum. This time I injected the serum into my arm. To see if it changed the outcome. The only difference is the Transformation went quicker and less painful. As I laid on my couch in my lab. I grabbed my pink one. I looked it over and then began to lick the tip. I could feel myself wanting it. So I slowly ran it down to my big tits and circled my nipples. I could feel them get hard. I began to rub my pussy with my other hand. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I slowly brought the pink dildo down to my pussy and rubbed it up and down on my pussy I loved the way it felt on my clit. Finally I brought the pink dildo to my lips and licked and spit all on it. Then brought it down to my pussy and stuck it in. I let out a moan and could feel the dildo inside me. It stretched my pussy just enough to make me like it. I started to pull it in and out of my pussy. As I could feel my body about to cum I started to go faster and faster with it till I came. I let out a massive scream of female pleasure. I could not stop breathing heavy. I took the pink one out of my pussy and licked my pussy juicy off it and put it on the couch. Next I grabbed The average penis dildo. I was kind of nervous as it was much bigger then the pink one. I didn’t waste time with this one. I took it in my mouth and spit all over it. I slowly inserted it in my pussy as I could feel it stretch my pussy. It hurt at first but after a few seconds of slowly pushing that into my pussy and feeling the fake balls on my clit. Every muscle in my body was tighten. I loved the way the balls felt on my clit. I started to push the balls on my clit I could feel the dildo moving inside me as I pressed the balls on my clit. I started to cum from the sensation of this dildo in my pussy moving around from me pressing those fake balls on my clit. I was moaning loud and luckily I locked my lab door or my assistant would have walked in and seen what I’ve become. As I came with this dildo in my pussy I let it go and as I came hard it shot out of my pussy! I was so light headed and breathing really heavy. I put my Hands on my stomach. I could feel my muscles shaking. I looked over and saw the final dildo. I smiled and grabbed it. I tried to fit it in my mouth and couldn’t. So I spit all over it. I was glad I bought some lube as I didn’t have enough spit to cover it all. As soon as I finished lubing it up I shoved it into my pussy! It hurt like crazy I screamed again but not from pain, but from pleasure. As I pushed that black dildo deep into my pussy I could feel it go deeper then the other two dildos. I loved it I put one hand on my stomach. I swear I could feel it moving up my body from the inside. Finally I came quick with this big cock. I pulled it out and said never again. I looked back at my other two dildos and thought to myself. Why not. I took my average dildo and stuck it in my pussy. I took my little pink dildo and stuck it in my ass. I loved having both my holes filled. I felt amazing as my body came from the dildo dp. Finally I passed out again.

After about 3 months of dildo playing and fingering myself I made the decision to go out into the world and see what will happen to me. After my assistant had left for the night I went back down to my Lab. I got naked and set up a dress of my wife’s that she use to wear to get me to fuck her after a date. Unfortunately my wife left me after about a month into my sexual discovery. So I took my serum and as I stood there naked I knew I had to come up with a name. so I choice the name Erica Hyde! It sounds erotic and really slutty! As I put on the dress it was super tight! My ass felt like it was hanging out. My tits were all mashed together looking super sexy! I loved that I had big Tits. I told myself I was going to let the first person who hit on me fuck me that night! As I got to the club. It was full of men and a lot of them were eyeing me from all over the place. As I made my way to the bar It was crowded. I felt so many guys touching and grabbing at my ass and my tits. I felt myself get horny! It felt great. When I finally got to the Bar and the Bartender said. Damn baby you hot! What can I get you? I smiled and pushed my tits out and leaned over and asked for a drink that will match my tits. He smiles and goes I got something for you! He hands me back an orangeish yellow colored drink. I ask what it is? He tells me it’s a Sex on the beach. I smile and sip the drink and lick the straw as he stares at me. I say how about sex in the bathroom. His eyes widen and he nods. He tells the other bartender he’ll be back in ten, maybe 5. He comes from behind the bar and grabs me by the arm and takes me into the clubs bathroom. Luckily there was no line for the men’s room. As we went into the Men’s room there was only 3 stalls and two were being used. We look at each other and say what the hell. We go into the third stall and I undo his Pants. His cock just pops out of his zipper. It hits me right in the eye. We both laugh and I begin to suck on his cock. I take it all the way down to his balls and come up for air. He is surprised and loves it. He puts his hands on the back of my head and guides me down on his cock. I gag with each time going down on it. He is loving it. After a few my times of taking it down I take his cock out of my mouth and start stroking it and tell him I can’t do it anymore or I’m going to puke. He smiles and says it’s ok and helps me up. He lifts up my dress and pulls down the top. To unleash my big fucking tits. He stares at them in shock like he can’t believe he is doing this. I asked him if he was going to fuck, suck on my tits or bail. He shakes his heads and starts to suck on my tits. As I stroke his hard cock. Still wet from my deep throat blowjob. I love the way he sucked my tits as he sucked on them he licked them with his tongue. I let out little moans as he did this. Finally the stall next to us said fuck her already!!! We both laughed and said ok he was like get that pussy! I sat him on the toilet and then sat on his cock. It felt so hard and went so deep into my pussy ! was going to scream loud! He grabbed my mouth to muffle the scream. As I bounced up and down on his cock my big tits bounced up and down on his cock. After about 5 times of going up and down on his cock. He said he was going to cum. I got off his cock and got down on my knees and stuck his cock back in my mouth. As I sucked on the head of his cock I stroked him off into my mouth. I could feel him cumming in my mouth. His cock was spasming with each load unleashed in my mouth. Finally he stopped and I let go of his cock and he put away his cock. I then made the mistake of swallowing his load. As it was thick and very potent. I couldn’t hold it down. So I pushed him out of the stall and throw up in the toilet. We both laughed and he said are you going to be alright? I have to get back to work? I waved him that it was ok. After he left I got up off the floor and realized I didn’t cum but it was still amazing! I looked at myself in the mirror as I pushed up the top part of my dress and pulled down the bottom part of my dress. My make up was a little runny but still looked good! As I finally got myself together. I noticed in the mirror behind me there were the two guys from the other stalls. They smiled and I smiled back and I asked if they wanted a taste. They walked toward me and I said no not here, Follow me.

The three of us exit the bar and I have one staring at my tits with his arm at my waist. The other is grabbing and looking at my ass. As we are walking downtown at night I find an alley where no one can see us. We go down it and they both ask me to suck their cocks. I get on my knees and the pull out there cocks. I start to stroke the white guy first as his cock came out first. It’s a really nice size cock. He f***es my head on it for about 5 times. He then pulls me off and the other guy who I think is Spanish puts his cock in my mouth nice and slow. Then jams it down my throat. I gag and he face fucks me for about 10 thrusts. Suddenly I’m sitting there with two cock staring me in the face. The white guy grabs my head and makes me suck his cock again. The Spanish guy goes behind me and lifts me up. As I’m still sucking on the other guys cock. He pulls up my dress up and sticks his cock deep into my pussy! With every thrust of his cock into my pussy, the white guys cock goes deeper down my throat. Finally I use my hand and hold the white guy by his hip as the Spanish guy grabs me by my hips and thrust his cock deep in my pussy! This cock is really nice. With each thrust I go down on the white guy but because of where my hands are it not choking me to death. Finally the Spanish guy stops and they switch. Neither of then walk around, they just pull their cocks out of the holes they are in and spin me around. The Spanish guy tells the white guy to hold on before he puts it in my pussy. He then takes his cock and face fucks me again. I gag harder and harder with each thrust. Finally I push him off me and spit out all the spit in my mouth. Now the white guy grabs me by my shoulders and thrust his cock into my asshole!! I scream really loud. The Spanish guy sticks his cock in my mouth and tells me to shut up. That he doesn’t want any cops thinking they’re r****g me. I nod my head as I suck on his cock. I try to grab his hips with my hands but he grabs my hands and places them on my head. I have no way to stop his cock from going all the way down my throat from the white guy fucking me in the ass! Suddenly I feel my body tingling. And with each thrust in my ass and mouth My body is closer to cumming. Finally I climax really hard! I squirt all over the white guys cock which makes him cum. The other guy is so far down my throat I think he is in my stomch. He cums too. When both guys finish they pull up their pants and help me up and get my dress on straight. I tell them thank you and we go our own ways. I was so tired from the having three guys I went to my room and took off the dress and went to bed naked as I always do when I wake I am a man again.

The next morning I woke to my assistant Tony opening my d****s in my bedroom. As he turned to look at me. He was shocked and said, Ma’am I’m sorry where is Dr. Jekyll? Before I answered I’m Dr. Jekyll. I touched my chest and realized I was still a woman. I then told him I was Dr. jekylls test subject from last night and my name was Erica Hyde. He understood and said are you the one we have been hearing in the lab at night. I smiled and said yeah. I then said I only came up here for a few hours of sl**p while Henry was still in the lab. Tony nodded and left. As soon as he left I let out a moan and wondered why I didn’t turn back. I looked in the mirror and saw I still was a full sexy female. I then ran to the lab completely naked. When I got to the lab I then began to do some research on why I didn’t change back. The serum should have no side effects. After about a month of being a woman. I realized why I could not turn back into a man. With how much of the serum I used it altered my DNA. With switching that chromosome from y to x over and over again. My Dna couldn’t take it anymore. With the last transformation It completely went to female dna which is two x chromosomes. Where men have an x and y. So with my answer complete. I thought it would be time to sign over my fortune to my new female self. With in just a few days that was done. Finally I had to tell someone what has happened. SO I brought my assistant Tony down to my lab and I told him everything. I told how it all started. How many times I masturbated as a female and how many times I had sex with random men as a female. I turned away and told him he could leave are stay on as my assistant still. He finally came up to me and touched me on the shoulder and said well doc you know how to make a perfect woman. How about.. I turned in shock and told him. Tony. You’re a really nice guy but I don’t think it’s going to work. With us being friends and all. He raised one eyebrow and smiled and then said, shut up bitch and suck my dick!

He then f***ed me on my knees and whipped out his cock. I was so surprised by this it shocked me. He then put his cock in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head and started to face fuck me. I gagged with every thrust. It was so hard I had drool coming out of my mouth. Every once in awhile He would take it out and I would try to say something but he then would just shove it back into my mouth. He never gave me a chance to say I was gagging too hard he just kept thrusting it down my throat. I finally stopped fighting it and went with it. It became easier to take his cock down my throat. I loved the way his cock would hit the back of my throat, I could feel his cock opening my throat. He finally grabbed my throat as he was fucking me and said I feel my cock sliding down your tight tiny throat you slut!. I shook my head yes! He then asked me if I wanted him to stop. I again shook my head yes. He then said not yet. Then with one big ram down my throat. His balls were against my chin! I was gagging really hard. I had tears running down my face. He finally let me up and went over to my table where I had all my tubes and glass beakers. He pushed them off the table to the other side of the table they broke as they hit the ground! I yelled those cost money! He then told me to shut up and buy new ones and put me on the table laying on my back. He then went down to my pussy and started to lick it like crazy. He would suck on my clit and lick it in his mouth with his tongue this felt amazing! I started to play with my tits while he held me by my hips why he licked and stuck his tongue in my pussy! I could feel myself about to climax as I climaxed my body started to shake and I started to moan like crazy! I didn’t have to hide my moaning for the first time! It felt amazing and he finally let go of my hips and stuck his finger in my pussy ramming them in and out!. I loved it and could feel another climax coming! I told him I was about to cum. He said its ok you can cum. I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth you science whore! When I came he had his mouth all over my pussy! after I came he got up and then with his cock in his hand he slapped it on my pussy and it was sensitive and I moaned. He laughed and then said here we go. He shoved his extremely large cock in my pussy. It felt just like the big black dildo. With each push into my pussy from his cock. It felt great and it felt like he was going deeper in me. I took both my hands and placed them on my stomach and pressed down a little bit. I could feel his cock inside me. It felt awesome! I then took one of my hands and rubbed my clit while I used the other to play with my tits as they were jiggling everywhere. Finally I was about to cum for a third time. As my body climaxed my pussy pushed out his cock. He then said that’s one strong pussy. He laughed and I was breathing really heavy and loose. He then took me off the table and bent me over it and fucked me from behind really hard! I couldn’t stop moaning. I just kept screaming. He even grabbed me by my hair and pulled it back pushing my head up and pushing out my tits. He then let go of my hip with the other hand and grabbed my big tits and just held one and pulled me back on his cock from pulling my hair! I loved it! I couldn’t stop . finally for a fourth time I came again! This time He pulled out! I yelled keep fucking me. Still climaxing he did, he fucked me hard and rough to the point that I had two climax one right after another. It felt so good I screamed I’ve died and gone to heaven!!!! Keep fucking me you mother fucker!!!. With that he just rammed as hard as possible. His balls were hitting my clit. They felt as if he was slapping my clit with his hand. Finally he pulled out of my pussy and my body just laid limp on the table. I turned around and sat on the table and told him I want his cum inside me!!! He then came close to me and fucked me on the table. I buried his head in my tits as he kissed bit and sucked on my tits. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me. I pulled his head out of my tits and told him in his eyes I want him to cum in my pussy! His face changed from other thoughts to I need to cum. He told me he was going to cum an asked me where I wanted his cum. I told him to cum in my mouth. He pulled out and I got on my knees and began to stroke his cock off and he then made me stop stroking it and he stroked it and he grabbed my head and tilted it back and stuck his cock in my mouth and came! This was no little cum. It was a huge monster load of cum in my mouth. I held every drop in there. He then told me to swallow it. It was thicker and more potent then the others. This time I swallowed it with no problem. He asked me how it tasted and I said like pineapple. He was like right. He then told me to clean off his cock which I did and he then said I’ll be back tomorrow for my testing in the lab Dr Hyde! He then left and I was all alone in my lab. I looked around and realized I love being a woman! I get some amazing things!!! Then realized I need a shower because I had cum in my hair and dripping from my pussy! I thought to myself I hope I don’t get pregnant.

The End

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