Edgar The Hot Mexican

Edgar was a tall handsome Mexican with broad shoulders thick black hair, handsome eyes and face a woman would die for. He was my waiter that evening, the last evening I would be in Cancun. Our cruise ship was set to sale at 10:00Am the next day. I must have summoned the waiter a hundred times just to look at this gorgeous man. He gazed at me with love in his eyes and I at his. I wanted Edgar. I was hot for Edgar, but was he hot for me? After paying for dinner my beaux and I left and all I could think about was Edgar. I wanted to dismiss my beaux, but he insisted that I would not sl**p alone and we were back in my room fucking hot, wet and wild. I thought about nothing except for Edgar, made me have multiple orgasm. I wanted him there more than anything. I wanted to get down on him and suck and play with his balls and run my fingers through his luscious black hair as he was enjoying my red hot twat. My beaux and I had finished and I was thirsty for some champagne. I called room service and they said it would be about fifteen minutes. I got into a cool shower and cleaned up from the heavy, wet sex. I was thinking about Edgar more and more and how much I wanted him. Did he desire me? Would he desire me?

As I was getting on my silk robe room service was at the door. Thirsty and still hot from my desires about Edgar I opened the door and there was Edgar standing there and I froze. I could not believe my eyes. I wanted him right then and there. My beaux was sl**ping. Edgar looked at me with fire in his eyes and I knew that he had the same desire. I did not want him to enter the room so, I asked I f I could take the champagne and glasses. Edgar announced that this was his last delivery and he would be going back to his apartment. I looked at him with a gaze that wanted an invitation. We just looked at each other for a few seconds then, he asked I f I would like to a drive along the beach? I was burning up and wanted him so, so I said sure just give me a minute. My beaux was out like a light and I know he would not have missed me in the morning. I dressed as fast and as quietly as I could and I was all thumbs. I found the prettiest dress, shoes and panties. I wanted Edgar to enjoy taking them off.

We left the parking garage for the beach, the moon was full and beaming down on the Gulf that was dancing with luminous dancing diamonds as my heart was racing. I wanted to get down on him, on his cock and balls right there as we were driving to that place along the beach. My nipples were charged and ready for his mouth to kiss and suck on them. Oh, how I wanted him right then and there. His mouth was beautiful with perfectly thick heart red shaped lips. His manly cleft chin and broad jaws would soon be resting on my wet and juicy pussy. I could feel the juice already. I was cumming. I wanted him to lick, suck and taste the sweetness.

I couldn't stand it any longer, so, I pulled my dress up to my pussy and began playing with it. He kept his eyes on the curvy road but could hear me moaning. Soon, darling soon. I'll be getting down on you, soon.
Oh, I came and almost squirted on the dashboard. I gently pulled down the straps to my dress and my tits were there for him all perky and hard for him to fondle and kiss, but he kept his eyes on the road. Up ahead were these snow white cottages and I knew we were almost there. I wanted to spread my legs and feel his hot cock pulsating in and out of my red hot cunt.

The cottage was quaint, clean and so inviting. Edgar wanted us to have some of that champagne, but all I wanted was to get him in bed.

He got into the shower and I followed him. His wet body resembled a precious marble . Edgar turned around and got down on his knees and began kissing my inner thighs while the water that was gently streaming down his face and back. He kissed my thighs so gently and all I could think about was his rock hard cock. From where I was standing his cock was big and swollen with love. I wanted that cock in my mouth, my ass then my cunt. His kisses were soon at my lips and I could feel the warmth of his mouth on my twat. He moaned and moaned and I was going out of mind with desire to please him. As Edgar was eating and kissing me my nipple were taut and hard. I was rubbing and sucking the edge of my nipples and the cum was squirting right out me. I could feel the warmth of my own juices while he was sucking them out. Edgar gently placed his fingers, one in my twat and the other up my ass while he was eating me. EWWW! fuck, man, Edgar!!! I wanted him to fuck me up the ass right there!!.

I came and his cock was still rock hard and swollen with love. He rinsed us bot off and the towels were waiting just outside the stall. I wrapped one around me and then him. His thick and long cock was
protruding. He came around me with a look in his eyes like he wanted to fuck me all night. He kissed me on the back of my neck that me shiver for more. H started ton kiss me allover and before I knew it we were making love on the bed. My legs were stretched as far a s they could go and his cock was pulsating my g spot and I was cumin like a whore on fire!!!

He was hard and oh, so gentle. Looking into each other's eyes, he kissed every inch of my taut breasts and then face. I wanted to stay here with him forever, but, my ship was leaving in the morning. I wanted to be here with him, in this room sucking and fucking always. As he moved in and out slowly, rhythmically I could feel him almost cumming, but he held on. I wanted to suck his luscious cock. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I whispered in Edgar's ear how much I wanted him in my mouth. He pulled out gently,slowly and was on his back fingering my pussy and playing with my clit. Felt so good, this hard cock and his fingering me. I sucked the head and slowly went down to the shaft. as I playing with his balls. Edgar began to thrust his cock gently in my mouth and I was squirting every where on his hand. He pulled my legs and body up over his and began eating me wildly and I sucked his cock past my vocal chords. I wanted to cum with him as he did with me. I couldn't hold back cumin any longer and neither could he.
What rhythmic fire and perfect movement. We are on a feverish high. We both rushed during the peaked crescendo and the trust of his cock made me cum and I swallowed every bit of his hot juice lubricating my chords. I pulled it out still cumming and ran the juices all over me and my face. Edgar the Hot Mexican was mine for the night, but I wanted him forever!!!!

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