Empty My Balls!

Saturday morning was beautiful and the breezes coming through my bedroom window were cool and inviting. Next to me was a hunk of a man with a hung and heavy cock. I felt his hard cock up against my backside and a shiver of heat ran up my spine. I moved in position as this hunk was sl**ping like an angel. I turned around to see his cock shoot straight up as if it were reaching towards heaven.
My nipples began to protrude through the sheets and I wanted this heavenly cock in my watering,hot mouth. I did not want to wake him, I only wanted to suck until his balls were empty. I gently feathered the tip of this heavenly sausage with my tongue.
He barely moved but I could hear a pleasing hum and moan. I could feel my own wetness running down my thighs and I wanted to jump on this hardness and soak it and bathe it in my delicate, sweet juices. I moved my mouth up and down slowly enjoying every inch and vein of this man. My excitement grew un-cuntrolably and I found myself swallowing effortlessly. His balls were hard and hot too and I sucked on both without him moving a inch. They were deliciously musky and manly.
His cock swelled another inch and my mouth began to adjust the blow and suck.

His hand moved as I sat on my knees and they were sending the most gentle shocks between my legs and lips. He fingered my clit, my wet and hot cunt to an orgasmic crescendo. His cock was vibrating and wetting mouth more and more and I could feel his cum rising to the top and I wanted so much to take in all that his balls were housing. His cum shot was long and loaded and I was working his hot cum in my mouth and letting some of the load cream my tits.

As he fell back to sl**p and I was bathing in this man's cum I was thinking about the next time I would be sucking and fucking his heavenly cock and emptying his balls!
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3 years ago
Wonder what his dreams were like during this?? :)
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Love it