It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and all the shutters had been closed to keep out the scorching midday heat and sun. We had just finished cleaning up the morning's dishes and decided to stay home to try out our new HD camera with all her bells and whistles. Shara, my lovely redheaded lover had positioned herself erotically on the pillowed floor and I was filming her fingering and manipulating her pussy. I was trying to maintain my desires so I could finish the ten minute shoot of her lost in heat and pleasure. I began to feel my own wetness and vulva swelling up and my breasts were ready for her kisses and sucking in total blissful abandon. I perched myself up on the pillow and began sucking her beautiful natural breasts and she soon invited me in on her wet and pulsating pussy. I was down on her, this beautiful, ravaging woman and I was the luckiest woman in the world. I had the most beautiful woman's pussy in my mouth and her gentle gyrations were in sync with her rhythmic moans.
I was wet from the bottom down and she begged me to lie on top of her,she wanted my pussy! The camera was rolling and recording all of this playtime and I wanted this moment to never end. I kissed every part of her inner thighs and was playing with her taut and supple breasts. She lifted her legs high above me so that I could have all of her in my hot and wet mouth. I did not hesitate to keep her juices from flowing in my mouth. She was eating me non stop and fingering every hole. I must have cum a hundred times and she kept saying delicious! We went on for a while and the new camera made a gentle clicking sound just as we had our screaming orgasms! We had fallen blissfully asl**p in each others' arms and woke to the midnight moon. Our day had shifted nicely and the weekend had not over yet!
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3 years ago
Nice story, Brandi. . .