Kandi's Knobs

Mondays are always difficult becaue the weekends have been filled with hot and passionate love making! On my way to work thinking about the busty red head I ate all weekend. This one was hot and passionate her red carpet was neatly shaven and enough hair to excite my lips to a heated crescendo. We slept, we ate, sixty- nine was the main fair and best of all we her strap on was a perfect fit in my hot and wet pussy! pork was too far off in my mind and I was already planning another weekend with favorite pussy cat! We had decided to go the Bahamas a four day weekend with lots of aqua blue waters and white sandy beaches. Her hot,juicy and responsive pussy was all I could think about this Monday morning. It was electrifying and sent shivers all over my body and made my nipples taut and perky. I was cumming in my underwear and wanted to stop on the side of the road to masturbate this powerful feeling! She had won me over, this beautiful dark auburn lustful powerhouse. I wanted her more than anything and my clitoral pulse was raging with desire. I stopped on the side of the busy morning road and began to finger my raging, wet pussy. I wanted Kandi's pussy, her wet and wild gyrations muffing my lips. I fingered and played with an erotic rage and the car windows had steamed and dimmed the oncoming early five AM lights. The surrounding mountains and the glistening snow atop them were a cooling backdrop for the heat generating my masturbating movements and moans. Just above the stop lane was a beautiful virgin, snowy cliff. I could see a the full moon over head and the light of her shone right through the steamy windows. It was all I needed to bring myself to an orgasm, but i restrained myself from this wondrous beauty. Kandi''s breasts and her beautiful green eyes were all I could imagine as they looked up at me moaning in a pleasurable nuance. Her light musky scent had filled my senses beyond control. I was cumming such hot, luscious juices. I screamed for her, KANDI, KANDI!!!!!! My phone was alerting me to text message and it was Kandi, she had awoken from a dream of me eating her and she wanted to meet for dinner at her place and just bring along some Merlot. I was elated that I would see her beautiful breasts again. I would be sucking and caressing them soon and listening to Kandi's moan>
Dinner was all I thought about, her dinner, her luscious lips and pussy!
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2 years ago
what a great story!!! It made me wet
3 years ago
Great story thanks for sharing!!