Porn Director's Story Part One

How often,I would direct a movie and think about my sweet lover at home..

She was a buxom beauty from Amsterdam..

We met on a film set, she was a writer and set director at the time..

She had been with the porn industry since graduating film school.

I did not pursue her for a while, I was a bit shy and reluctant...

I was afraid that she was not a lesbian and the rejection would have devastated me and I had fallen in love with her, my beautiful, devoted Anna.

I was editing a film at home one weekend and received a call from Anna. She sounded frantic and asked if I would not mind her coming by to show me a letter she had received from a former porn studio executive...

I was elated that Anna, my potential lover was coming to my home...

I am a very feminine lesbian. and i wanted to look beautiful for Anna...

The anticipation of her coming to my home made me wet and horny, but Anna was only minutes away and would be arriving within minutes.

I was finishing up the last piece of film, so, I could spend some time with Anna and her letter..

I thought about going out to lunch, but I wanted to spend some quality time with her.

She was one woman I could definitely spend a lifetime with.

My imagination had gone wild thinking about pleasing her.. Her buxom breasts were lovely and had often imagined them in my mouth, while I was fucking her; while she was riding my huge strap on dildo and her breasts were moving up and down within my tongue's reach...

Eating her out and having her long legs d****d on my shoulders had me spinning wet..

I had to contain myself, after all, I was a professional.

The doorbell rang and I became so excited by the sexual fantasies I was having.

I was so very far away from the immediate reality.

I nervously opened the door and Anna was as beautiful as I imagined...

My heart was pounding and my voice was cracking with a bit of anxiety.

As she walked passed me through the foyer, she looked delicious...

Every inch of her curves swayed rhythmically.

Her body was lean and firm in all the right places...

I wanted to eat her right there.

I wanted her pussy, while she was moaning more for my tongue.

As she sat down on the sofa, I had offered her a drink, Anna crossed her long, beautifully tanned legs as if she too, had thoughts of eating me...Teasing me with subtle moans.

I could see her perfect cleavage in her flowered summer dress. I wanted those breasts in my mouth.. I wanted to undress her right there...

I was trying to contain myself at the bar. I had my back to her...I didn't want to give her any hints of my lusty imagination.

She became quiet and pensive and when I turned around with the freshly made drinks, she was naked.

Her lovely body was stretched out on the sofa and her beautiful, wanting eyes were desiring me..

Her legs were in the air and she stretched them, as if she wanted me to eat her out...

I dropped the drinks from sheer excitement and the ice cubes had melted from the heat in my hands.

"Anna! " I went over to her and kissed her lips. I began to caress her breasts. Oh, how I desired them.

She was hot, her entire body was on fire and wanted me...

She unbuttoned my blouse and began fondling my nipples... Her kisses were gentle and teasing..

My nipples were hard, her mouth and tongue knew just what to do.

I looked in her eyes, they were sparkling from the heat.

I was melting inside them.

I touched her inner thighs and I could feel the heat coming off from her pussy.

I wanted to kiss every inch of her, as my clit and cunt were pulsating with desire.

I was hot and no movie I had ever directed, had me this hot and horny.

Anna was submissive as she seemed in love. My temperature was rising...

She was it. I had waited a long time for Anna..

I suggested 69 and we began eating each other out.

Just having her tongue fuck me, was enough for an orgasm.

I wanted to stay the whole mile with her..

I wanted to please every inch of Anna..

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1 year ago
Lovely lez sexy story.
I'd love to read more!