Sexy Professor III

It was a long night of orgasms. Verna had fallen asl**p in my arms...

That morning we had showered together and loved each other more.. Verna was a dream come true..

I was falling in love.. She had the most beautiful body and most of all, the most beautiful heart and mind.

Verna had made breakfast and needed to meet a publisher that afternoon.

She had asked if wanted to stay the weekend.

I really had no plans and this was a great opportunity to love her more...

When Verna had gone, I had cleaned up the living room where we had made love for the first time.

Her clothes and mine were laying on the floor, unmoved.

I was getting wet again and my cunt was on fire...

I sat on the chair next to the fireplace and began fingering my hot and pulsating pussy,

Thoughts of Verna and the scent of her body had me coming all over the place.

I needed to finish up before Verna got back, but my desires were running wild...

I decided to go into Verna's bedroom and look for a robe, when I opened up her closet, there was a fucking machine lying on the bottom of it, a Sybian fucking machine...

I wondered how many times she got herself wet, fucking it... There were all different size cocks...

I took it out and turned it on... Before, I could put the rotating cock in my pussy, I was squirting all over it...

My nipples were hard and erect. I began sucking them as if they were Verna's.

An hour had passed since Verna had left and I wanted to fuck the machine all day.

After cleaning the machine and the cocks, I was contemplating this weekend of lovemaking would have.

Her home was lovely.

Every room was beautifully kept and furnished...

I had wondered how many lovers Verna had here, how many she loved, like she loved me last night..

I was not going to be possessive, Verna was too beautiful for that...

I wanted to love her unconditionally, not own her...

My favorite room was her study.

She had original paintings in one room and off to that room, was a small entranceway to the library and her desk.

This room seemed very private... I left it immediately..

I was more in love with her now and I wanted to shout it out to the world, but first, I needed to tell her..

I quietly shouted" Verna , I love you!"

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