Lips, Tits and Fisting

Claudette and I has a wonderful evening with six guys and the gang bang, but Claudette wanted more from me, her lover and confidant.

We had been lovers for seven months now and Claudette had never sucked so much cock as she did the night before.

I asked her if she would be willing to do another gang bang, but this time with more woman than men and her eyes lit up...

'Sure" Claudette replied, but I want only to eat you out and fist you...

I was delighted that Claudette was Ok with our open relationship and my thirst for male sexual encounters.

As we were discussing the next party, Claudette unzipped her jeans to expose her beautifully shaped hips, her naturally red pubic hairs she doted on and cut to perfection. I loved her semi hairy pussy. It was such a beautiful color in the sunlight. I loved the way it tickled my lips and face when I was eating her.

I was wet just looking at her beautiful face and porcelain skin.. Claudette was stunning..

I leaned over to play with her breasts as she began fondling my breasts, pulled my blouse up, so she could lick and suck my nipples.

I was hers without question, as she was mine. We were the perfect lovers.

Claudette gently fondled my breasts as she was deliciously sucking my nipples... Her humming had me lying on the floor with my legs spread apart for her fingers and fist...

I loved when Claudette would finger my twat and make it wet so she could gently fuck me with her beautiful, delicate hand. My twat always responded and loved her gentle hand moving in and out. I loved this woman so much, that I had forgotten about the ass poundings and the massive blow jobs I gave the night before.

Her pussy was squirting on my hand as I was massaging her lips and the opening to her luscious, wet, hot twat.

She wanted my fist, my gently pounding fist, but our position would not make it so...

I suggested we move to the L shaped sofa and I would fist her while we do sixty-nine..

Her long and silky legs were a delight d****d on my shoulders. I came just feeling them next to my skin..

"I had to have done something right in my life to have deserved such a goddess," whispering to myself.

All kinds of thoughts would run in my head as this lovely woman was eating and fisting me, but the thought of us ever parting never crossed my mind.

Claudette was always more anxious and worried about such things and I always re- assured her it would never, ever come to pass.

We sucked and fisted well into the weekend morning and slept through the rainy Saturday afternoon..

I love you my sweet and delicious Claudette, I do...

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