Venusian Whore

Oh, he was a debonair dick, a charmer with eyes as black as coal and a smile any man or woman would die for.

Rakesh, was a six foot tall Indian with a milky white complexion and jet black hair. His muscle tone was a sight for sore eyes .. He was exotically handsome.. Every inch of this man was a desirous temptation. He worked every nerve fiber in my body. The delight he gave me just looking at him was super dimensional. Every fiber, every particle of me wanted this man. He was my co-worker who sat opposite me in the news room.

I could see every aspect of him, to his stately profile and his intensive mind working on his next editorial. I fell in love with him, this brain and braun of a man. I wanted him. My body was wet for him. My tongue and my kisses went down on him like a Venusian whore.. I licked every inch of his balls and cock. I was day dreaming on a whim, because, I knew he was every woman's fantasy. If he were mine, there would be no other pussy claws on him.

I went off on another day dream and this guy, this handsome fucking guy, Rakesh, was eating me out. Every tissue, every juice of mine was his. My milk, my cum was feeding him like a pussy momma.

I ran into the restroom, locked the door and spread my legs as far apart as I could. I gingered my hot pussy. I fingered my clit like a butterfly flutters on the wild thistle.

Man, I was on a hot roll.

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