Girlfriend and I Part 2

I came to town and was haning out with my friend and we went to walmart and my girlfried Kristy was there. we lived in different towns so we didnt see each other alot. My friend saw her first but before he was done telling me she yelled my name and ran over and gave me a hug. so we started walking around and talking and she was leading us and after we walked for about 10 minutes we stopped and i looked up and we were in the thong section and i looked at yher and she said "i just thought you would like a show" and i smiled and she started picking out the smallest thongs she could find. And then we snuck into the changing room and she started giving me a show and lap dance and we started making out and i was getting very hard and she felt it rubbing up against her sexy ass. and she looked at me and smiled and said "im so wet right now. im still a virgin cause you didnt fuck me last time. i want to lose my virginity right now" so we started takeing off my cloths cause she was already naked then someone knock on the door and we had to get dressed very quickly. then we snuck out but i was still extemely hard and she was soaking wet. so we went and told our friends we were going to drive around a bit so we leave and head to her house and we're rubbing each others thighs all the way there. and as soon as we got there we were kissing and we went inside kissing and as soon as the door closed we started talking off our clothes. and we were heading to her room and as soon as we got to her door she stopped kissing me and looked in her room then back at me and said "lets do it in my parents room instead" (she lived with her parents at that time) and smiled and i thought it was so hot so she led me to their room and i layed her on the bed and started pulling down her panties and she were taking off her bra and rubbing my arms and running her hands through my hair. and i kissed her all the way down her body and kissed her pussy and started licking it. and she started saying "oh oh god eat my pussy bow eat my pussy" and i licked her clit and she moaned so loud i thought the neighbors would hear. and she started bucking her hips and then she said "im cumming im cumming " and she grabbed my head and shoved it deep in her pussy and arched her back and cummed so hard. then i kissed all the way back up her body and said now for the fun part and pulled down my boxers. and i slowly slid my throbbing cock into her tight pussy and she screamed as i popped her cherry and then i started going in and out faster and faster. and she was screaming the whole time and we were rocking the bed. then she cummed again and i couldnt hold it any longer and i pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and she quickly leaned up and started jerking me off and i moaned and said im cumming baby and i cummed all over her face. when i finished she giggled and said "i love the feel of your cum all over my face it turns me on even more" and we did it two more times
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