My Sexy Aunt

My aunt is my mother's youngest s****r. She is divorced and never had any k**s with her asshole ex-husband. And, despite her being the best looking aunt, I never would have thought this would happen. But, what happened happened. And I don't regret it at all.

She was visiting me at my apartment when it happened. I was 19, she was 45. I had just recently moved out of my parents' place and was celebrating my liberation. My aunt was cool enough to attend my liberation party; cool enough to get the liquor for it. Needless to say, alcohol makes me horny.

After the party, she and I were the only ones that remained in the apartment. We were both tipsy and she asked me if she could stay the night to sl**p it off. I agreed and offered her my bed while I slept on the couch. She went into my room and closed thr door, but didn't close it completely.

As she fell asl**p, I was still awake and very horny. I tried to sl**p, but couldn't due to my raging hard-on. I decided to do something I had never done: I decided to jerk-off while watching my aunt sl**p.

I took my pants off and, trying to be as quiet as possible, creaked the door open. To my surprise, she was sl**ping in her bra and a thong. This instantly made my cock throb and I began to stroke it hard. I was close to cumming, when I suddenly took a step forward, making the floor creak loudly. This woke her up!

I was so embarassed to wake her up with no pants on, grabbing my hard cock. She asked me in a shocked voice what I was doing, but I didn't know how to answer. I simply stood there, and she told me to come over to her. I walked over to the bed, expecting her to get angry and tell me how wrong I was. To my surprise, she grabbed my cock and proceeded to suck it.

I couldn't believe it! I had never done anything this taboo before! But here was my aunt sucking my cock! And I loved it!

As her tongue rolled up and down my cock, I wondered whether I was going to cum in her mouth. But, I didn't want to cum yet! "I want to fuck you," I said without thinking. She stopped sucking and, looking at me, removed her bra and thong.

She laid herself out on my bed and beckoned me with her finger. I kissed her and rubbed my cock against her pussy. I could feel how wet it was, no doubt a result of the neglect she had during her marriage. I was about to thrust my cock into her, but stopped and said, "I don't have protection."

"That's okay," she replied, kissing me again. "If you feel the urge to cum, just pull out." With that in mind, I slid my cock into her. It was unlike any pussy I had felt. So wet, so hot, so wrong. I watched as her tits bounced up and down with every thrust. I saw the look on her face and felt her hand squeeze my shoulder as she orgasmed. She knew it was just as wrong as I did, and she loved it just as much.

With every thrust, I resisted the urge to cum. I was afraid of cumming in her pussy, but couldn't stop. Almost as if she sensed my concern, she told me to stop. Quivering and sweating, she said in a weak voice, "I want you in my ass."

I had never done anal before and was worried it would hurt her. But, she insisted, and before I knew it, she was on her hands and knees with her sexy ass waiting to be fucked. I started slowly, only to find that her ass seemed just as wet as her pussy. It felt amazing, just as much for her as for me.

She moaned with pleasure as my cock slid in and out of her ass. As I fucked her, I could feel her asshole tighten with every orgasm. I knew it was only a matter of time before I came. Again, as if she knew what I was thinking, she said, "I want you to cum in my ass."

That was all the incentive I needed. Shortly after she said it, I firmly grabbed her butt cheeks and made my final thrust. We both moaned together as I shot a load of cum deep in her ass. As I pulled out, I made another squirt, covering her asshole and pussy with cum. More cum dripped out her asshole as she fell forward in exhaustion. I fell on top of her, both of us worn out and dripping with sweat. We fell asl**p like that, waking up the next morning relatively surprised.

She left soon after, leaving me with stained sheets to wash. We have never spoken about it since, but I do notice that, whenever we do see eachother, she hugs me longer and closer than anyone else.
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1 year ago
4 years ago
Maybe there would be less family feuding if more people had sex with relatives.
4 years ago
hot naughty wonderful
4 years ago
Very nice story!!!!
4 years ago
That was an awesome story. Thanks.
4 years ago
Nothing like treating a nephew nicely
4 years ago
Oh wow pretty good.
4 years ago
I hope your able to get it on with her again , and just ask her and see where things go