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BoobGuy's Top Ten Friend List Boobs Contest

What's up, guys? BoobGuy here, and over the next week I'll be going over the entirety of my friend list to seek out my all-time favorite racks in a special top 10 list... Well top 20 if we're counting each boob. Of course this list isn't to say every lovely lady doesn't have an amazing pair of tits, but rather to bring special attention to those with just a little something extra!

The contestants will be chosen based on size and shape, but also if they have that certain jaw-dropping factor that makes you do a double-take. But there are a few ground rules I'll be setting in the spirit of
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Posted by BoobGuy1987 3 months ago  |  4

BoobGuy Reviews: MissesC Getting on Top

Title: "MissesC Getting on Top"
Featuring: MissesC
Uploaded by: "missesc52"

Greetings, my pervy friends. BoobGuy here with another review that all of my fellow big boob lovers are definitely going to go crazy for. This is another one of those situations where this isn't going to be a "normal" review like the others. In fact, the video in question I specifically requested permission to review by the creator and uploader, MissesC. As I've previously done before, I won'... Continue»
Posted by BoobGuy1987 1 year ago  |  2