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You may have seen my avatar now and again, skulking around various big titty videos and pics. To those who don't know me personally, I'm known simply as "Boob Guy". I am completely obsessed with tits. Big, small, real, fake, floppy, firm, jiggly, bouncy, milky soft, fuckable boobies. I love everything about them. I love sucking on them, groping them, sticking my big cock between them and riding them until I drain my balls all over them. And I've made it my goal to see and fuck as many boobs as I possibly can.

Greetings, bitches! Last week's video was some hot stuff, but this time I'm pulling from the archive of personal favorites. Speaking of favorites, this video features a woman who's almost entirely responsible for my love of monstrous fake tits, Daphne Rosen! No joke there either. I actually had the opportunity to take advantage of Daphne's escort services a few years ago, giving me full access to all the blowjobs, titfucking, and cock-riding money can buy. And as I blew my nut juice all over her golden globes for a second time, there was no such thing as buyer's remorse that day. But even before I was lucky enough to fuck her, Daphne was always my favorite pornstar during my years as a well-hung teenage boy. Lucky for me, new scenes like this come out of the woodwork to remind me of just how much I love this woman. Here she plays a slightly manic doctor trying her best to help her patient through his sexual woes. I usually have more to write here, but by doing so I'd spoil the entire scene. Let's just say there's a special twist at the end I wouldn't ruin for anything. But to sum up, her body looks amazing as ever, her performance is bubbly and adorable, and the fucking is top-notch. Enjoy!

Don't bounce just yet! There's plenty more to see!

What started as a contest to highlight my top ten favorite pairs of tits on my friends list, I quickly realized that my love of big, bouncy, juicy boobies was too much for just ten spots to handle! So allow me to introduce my Wall of Fame! Where any woman with a luscious pair of melons will be plastered all over my page and given the BoobGuy Official Seal of Approval! ... Of course that's usually me blowing a huge load to their pics! Whether it's by my request or theirs, these ladies have earned a rightful place on the wall!

Want to be featured here yourself? Just shoot me a message or write on my wall and I'll get right on it!


You're going to want to member this username, guys... "MajaMagic44M." She's not only a big-bust model and amateur pornstar, she's got the biggest pair of titties to grace the Wall of Fame so far at a WHOPPING 44 M-cup! Let me rephrase that once more so it sinks in... 44... motherfucking... M-cups! That is some staggering, jaw-dropping size and I'm a lucky guy for her agreeing to be added to the wall! Just like a few of the girls below, another point goes to Germany for cranking out some of the bustiest amateurs I've had the pleasure of meeting. I mean seriously, when your boobs are big enough to cause your face to go out of focus in a picture then you've got two massive tickets to the big time!


I rarely invite any ladies to be friends simply because their tits are so gorgeous that they need to be on the wall, but this time I definitely had to make an exception. xHamster's own "urslutgcup" here was not only nice enough to give me immediate permission to use her big, beautiful boobs for my page, but also upped the ante by writing my username on them as a tribute. Between that and her latest videos I've been having a hell of a time getting through writing this because I keep going back to jerk my cock to her. But here's the real kicker: this lovely pair of bouncy knockers and perfect little nipples are attached to a very submissive woman. So if you've got a penchant for domination you know where to turn. That's when I'm done having my fun, of course (wink)! Now if you'll excuse me, back to her page I go!


This lovely lady not only has a gorgeous set of tits, but loves to add a little flair to her nipples with various styles of jewelry. They certainly do grow them big in Texas though, because Ms. Shutterfly here isn't just a pretty face. From the second I dove into her photos I knew she had to be on this list. She exudes sexuality and makes love to the camera as she snaps shots of those big, juicy boobs. If you check out her galleries, you'll also find her covering that sexy body in an array of different outfits that only help to accentuate the jewelry showing through her tops. A well-deserved entry!

(Name Withheld)

The next sexy lady was happy to be a part of the list, but preferred to remain anonymous strictly to protect her personal identity. Luckily I had permission to use one of her pictures because... well, LOOK at those things! Nice and round, great size, big stiff nipples. They're what you might call the "ideal" pair of titties for the discerning gentleman. But the best part is, behind those big boobs is an insatiably kinky MILF. I've talked extensively with this young lady, and believe me, hearing some of her fantasies is enough to force all the blood flow directly to your dick. Couple that with that insanely gorgeous body and you've got ball-draining material.


This set of fat juggs has slowly become my go-to pair for when I need to pop out a quick load. One glance and I'm hard as a rock and stroking within seconds. This dark-skinned beauty with the rockin' tits is Francesca, a self proclaimed whore with a specialty in handjobs, a gun fetish and a particular ability to leave my balls empty by the end of a session. Just look at those beautiful boobies. Firm and heavy, nice round areolas and nipples. I'm jerking my cock right now as I write this because I keep checking back at her pictures in between sentences. But before I shoot another load to these beautiful tits, I recommend checking out her website (www.francescasfantasies.com) if her xHamster content just isn't enough to fill your hunger for this Spanish slut!


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce the first luscious pair of officially fake boobs to the Wall of Fame. Susie here is a Barbie doll, plain and simple. Plastic titties, a perfect big butt, long blonde hair, model good looks. But unlike that cocktease Barbie, Susie isn't afraid to show off her scientifically crafted body under all that "fashion" bullshit. She is nothing short of a goddess in front of the camera and was going on this list no matter what happened. Her tits look amazing and are accentuated by her tiny little frame. I can only imagine how tight she must be!


Have you ever seen breasts so big and perfectly immaculate in every picture that you can't help but drop your pants and have at it? Every time... I shit you not... Every single time I happen upon this girl's page I have to cum. Her tits are just fucking unbelievable. They're massive and weighty, her nips are always hard, her areolas are a perfect size. I take just one look and I can't help myself. I'm usually good about this, but I also can't tell if her tits are natural or fake. That's the sign of perfection! When you blur the line so well that you can no longer tell the difference you've got an insane set of titties.


Hailing all the way from Germany, I was lucky enough to have Sabrina here message me and allow me access to her pictures. I took one look at those big naturals and it took no time at all to add her right to the list. I love these kinds of breasts! Big, milky white and soft to the touch. They look perfect for giving a world class titfuck, and you can probably guess they've squeezed their share of cocks. It's huge pairs of titten like these that are enough to make me want to take a trip across the world and stick my bratwurst between her buns. Thank you so much for bringing these beautiful tits to my attention!


The titanic titties you see before you are part of the busty blonde package of "jewelsandgold." She's got everything you could want in a woman: A cute face, kinky attitude, jumbo juggs and a big fat ass! And just like "girldd" above, she's yet another German girl added to the list. Not quite sure what they're feeding girls in Germany, but I'm about to book a trip to reap the benefits. It's very rare that two pairs of tits from the same country are enough to make me consider booking a flight, but you can't look at these boobs and seriously tell me I'm wrong. I've shot so many loads to this girl I've lost count. So I may as well add to that number right now!


This beautiful set of knockers is a longtime favorite of mine. The night I came across "latinabigtits" on this site, I mentioned I had a heavy cumshot. So naturally she was more than happy to jump on her webcam and play with her enormous naturals for me until I shot my load for her. Needless to say, we helped each other out nicely. Since then I've returned to her page every so often to remind myself of the orgasm she was responsible for. Tons of great pictures, two booby-bouncing videos and more than enough to satiate any boob man's appetite.


If you see this woman, please alert your nearest porno director immediately. Goes by Melinda or her alias, "blupr" and can be easily identified by her enormous titties and perky nipples. She can frequently be seen with a cock in her mouth, pussy or asshole, and is usually covered in cum. She poses a serious threat to those wearing tight jeans looking to hide their boners, and is considered stacked and sexy. If seen, we advise you to remain calm, quickly blow your load and use caution at all times.... But seriously, those are some big fucking titties!


You see these tits here? Notice how they're so perfectly full and round and white with those little hard nipples that feel so good to rub your cock on? Now you see that cumshot that was blasted onto the right one? Let this set the scene for every time I happen upon this couple's page and can't resist pumping out my own load to these lovely double airbags. We are all lucky enough to be graced with frequent photos of this woman's glorious twins, and there's no shortage of other dirty shots on her page. So check her out and don't forget to thank her when you bust your nut!


Gentlemen, ready those cocks for the big-boobed oral goddess known as "msblo!" She not only has an insatiable lust for sucking on a big slab of man meat, she's got an insane pair of hooters with those perky little nipples you want to just nibble and suck for hours. Want to get in good with this lovely lady? Just pull up one of her pics and pop out a load or two in tribute. What better way to satisfy a woman with such a craving for sucking the cum out of balls until they're totally empty? I may even get in on that action and hopefully get some one-on-one time to test out those blowjob skills... *wink wink*.


On the subject of ladies who cause my dick to erupt in a messy cum geyser, that honorary award goes to this mega-boobed Missouri girl. She's armed with some mean blowjob skills, a big round ass that made me temporarily rethink my position as a master of tits, and a come hither stare that lets you know she needs your load all over her face. But we're not here for all that. This is all about those big, heavy balloons she manages to stuff under what I can only assume are insanely tight tops. Those monstrous naturals, mixed with those curves and an amazing ability for dirty talk (I can personally attest to this), she'll leave your nuts empty. I guarantee it.


What could I possibly say about Ms. KittyKat here that isn't already said through her picture galleries? I mean... holy shit.... No, seriously, holy FUCKING shit!! Not even a second thought crossed my mind about adding this rack when I first saw her. Not only does this beauty treat us to some amazing sexy pics of her tits and ass, but we get some video footage of her bouncing her boobies for us as well! You want to talk fuckable tits? Look no further! I try to remain as professional as possible in these situations, but I fully admit, Ms. KittyKat, that I would absolutely wreck that body ;D. All personal fantasies aside, this list wouldn't have been the same without you here, and I look forward to seeing whatever you post next!


This is it, folks. Every pair of tits on this list is nothing short of spectacular in size, shape and wow-factor... But the first time I laid eyes on these things all those months ago, I damn near lost my mind. Luvsthbbws is one half of a couple here on xHamster, and I've had the opportunity to speak with both her and her husband quite a bit. While they're both very cool and down-to-earth people, I find myself coming back to their profile constantly for one thing... Well two things. Two big... MASSIVE... bouncy... cock-hardening things. I know I said it before, but... look at those fucking things! They're enormous! My dick would get lost between those and I'd never care to find it! And to make it all even better, she's gorgous! Look at that face and that beautiful smile! The size is perfect, the shape is perfect, her nipples and areolas are flawless, I just can't gush enough here. I truly believe her husband might be the luckiest man on the face of this planet. So to the woman that has made me shoot more cum than possibly any pornstar I can think of, you have more than earned a top slot!

Below are some of my favorite massive titties from the world of porn!

(Spontaneous Xtasy)

(Taylor Stevens)


(SaRenna Lee)

(Tigerr Benson)

(Fath Nelson)

(Amy Anderssen)

(Daphne Rosen)

(Nadine Jansen)

(Miosotis Claribel)

(September Carrino)

(Summer Sinn)

(Hitomi Tanaka)

(Leanne Crow)

(Milena Velba)

(Lolo Ferrari)


(SaRenna Lee again... What? She's my favorite!)

I also love some seriously nasty hentai and futanari!

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Very nice profile ! Thanks for your work
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great work - thx
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New Sexylabo's Video !
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Hey thanks for the add. Great stuff.
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Oh I specifically need yours, baby. I never get enough of those tits!
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Just "some" huh...LOL
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thanks for accepting, great stuff!
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One of my favorite profiles :D
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Great page Just block the asshole
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Hahaha, everyone do me a favor if you visit me page. Please report fatboy1718, the poster right below this one. He just seems to go around the site spreading hateful and derogatory comments so the less people like that we have here the better.
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It was more because things were structured in a shitty way and all over the place. Now I have my intro, the Video of the Week, the Wall of Fame and the big tit pics where they're easier to navigate.
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I wouldn't exactly say streamlined, Still takes a pretty long time to get to bottom of this page just fyi :x
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Page looks good. Well done.
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Love the new girls
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Thanks for the invite! Amazing selection
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what an awesome page gets me soo hard
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Believe me when i say, i'm jealous you got to be with her! could only imagine what the sex was like hahaha, so lucky! she's one of my favorites but c'mon, to keep it real that face though...
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Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent work sir. What a profile!
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Great profile
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Hot profile. I can't stop thinking about boobs. getting a group of xhamsters together to Skype would be fun....let me know.
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Thanks for adding me.
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Great profile :)
I would love to jerk off with you on skype!
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You gonna make me cum, baby? ;) More than usual I mean lol.
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Did someone say " blow".....mmmmm???
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Good eye! Not sure how I spaced on that. The quality of the video made it hard to tell.
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Is she Leanne Crow the girl in your video of the week?
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damn such a hot profile, love big heavy tits.. got me hard as a rock
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She does have a marvelous rack!

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