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I'm:Nige, 49
From:Near Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Occupation:Naturist, Exhibitionist, A person who loves to get naked.
Education:High School graduate
Star sign:Virgo
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Body type:Stocky
Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Hair length:Very short
Hair color:Other
Eye color:Brown
About Me

A Special Sexy Lady..... http://xhamster.com/user/wetfingers2

A New Year and so a New Updated Profile.

I’m a complete voyeur and exhibitionist and nothing turns me on more than getting naked outdoors knowing I may be pleasing someone else! Who may be watching?
I knew from a young age that I liked to be naked outdoors I can remember always wanting to take my clothes off when playing in the back yard My mother would always have to come and dress me for me to undress when she went back indoors, so I’ve carried on over the years.

I class myself Bi-Sexual I have Feeling for both Males & Female, but trend to go for males when out and about at know hotspots around the M25 in car parks or woods or anywhere that I feel would be a good place to get naked.
I have no hang up’s when out doing what I do.

Oh and I'm into all kinds of sex, no matter how weird, in fact the weirder the better ;) some that we are not able to show here on Xhamster and in General in the UK

Yes I have Fantasies don't we all, and I’ve acted on them more than once, but there are still some I want to do, some I have talked about on here with those on my Friends list

Most things turn me on when it comes to porn, but not.....

Child Abuse I will report any body that has what I feel is underage pictures or videos.

Call me strange but........
I love nipples does not matter what Male or Female I love to suckle on them......Think It's because I was never Breast feed when I was younger.....which brings me onto.
Pregnant Woman with Child your Body is Devine, You bring life into this world and gives me joy admiring your gorgeous body.
Now we all love to watch porn and if and when we get a chance we act on what we feel…..

Ladies...I will never call you a Slut, Whore, Bitch... You may be on a porn website but you are human you have feeling so unless you ask to be call a slut, whore or Bitch you will be treated as a Lady.

Guys, I never know what to call you.

I’ve been called a Slut and a Whore for what I do, it does not bother me.

I hope you have found my Profile Interesting and don’t be shy I don’t bite unless you ask me too,

Ask me anything and I will answer it.

New Pictures will be added as the year goes along and the weather here in the UK warms up but that does not mean I will wait for the weather to get better before going out and getting NAKED

Making an A to Z list of the things I've done when it comes to Sex.

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Just Other things I like to show.

I Just Love Her.

The Next Picture is Hot.

The Gorgeous One.....Melissa Ashley or Anne Howe I just Love that Girl I get Hard every time I see a Picture or Video of Her.

So Who Want to Fill this Space with some pictures.


Just a few things that gets me hard.

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11 hours ago
Thanks for your comments !!
1 day ago
VERY hot, thanks for the add!
1 day ago
Many thanks for your comment
2 days ago
I am so excited, and its because of YOU, my best friend on xHamster "The Man Nigel" Xxxxx. (◦'⌣'◦)
2 days ago
Don't know why you look on me but I am proud to be chosen.
2 days ago
Hi, thanks for your friend invite which I have accepted with pleasure :).

I am asking all new friends to please consider viewing my Xmas video (I know it's a bit late now, but it's still fun!) and to please leave a comment on the video page - it would be much appreciated :)


5 days ago
Thanks for the invite! Intriguing profile!
5 days ago
thanks for kind comments
5 days ago
Thanks for the invite. Wonderful profile
6 days ago
We need to talk on email. Love your profile
7 days ago
Looking forward to videos too! :-)
7 days ago
Thanks for the kind comments
9 days ago
Thank you for the invite.
9 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
10 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
10 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
10 days ago
Thanks for accepting Chris, love your profile. x
10 days ago

thanks for your friend-request!

12 days ago
Thanks for your friendship xxx
13 days ago
I get wet all with your comment, I like that you enjoy looking at my naked body in the mountains
13 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
13 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
14 days ago
thanks for the invite xxxx
14 days ago
Great pics on your profile!
14 days ago
Thanks for adding me as a friend
14 days ago
Love your profile, you seem to be a very interesting person, I totally agree with the things you say about calling women names, to me it's definitely a no no, love the things that turn you on, me too
14 days ago
You never know I may at some point come to Romania for a visit and know friends would be a lot easier to get around, but I will leave it up to you if you wish to be friends. x
14 days ago
why do you want to be friends? do you think that we will meet sometime? this is a very strong reason for us to be friends with somebody from this site
16 days ago
Sure would love that, shame so far away. xx
16 days ago
I would love to have you join me in a car park and suck lots of cocks together. Ummmm
16 days ago
Thank you for your invitation.