Tied by my wife to be whipped by her lover....

We met him in at a dinner club. I returned from the rest room to find him sitting with my wife. I introduced myself and I was shocked! He told me he and my wife had been discussing "our" sex life and they concluded that he would return home with us. He said the reason was simple. She agreed that she would like to experiment with the feeling of his large black cock. And so I agreed.

For close to an hour we enjoyed drinks and talked...as I returned from the kitchen I was pleased to see them "making out"...

Then she said to me "we have agreed we both want you to watch us...and we want you to be tied..bound and helpless while you watch!

Then she brought the steel handcuffs...cuffing my hands behind my back.
It was humiliating to watch him with her. To see first hand how much pleasure she received from a cock so much larger than mine. It did turn me on incredibly however. After they had finished he told her to leave me tied. She sat and watched as he turned me face down with my legs spread and ass pointing up. With my hands cuffed tightly I could do nothing. Fear shot through my body. Hearing her laughing I turned my head to see him with a belt. The sexuality was gone from the scenario. I knew things were out of control. He used the belt on my ass and upper legs. He told me it was my "punishment" for a frustrated wife. The belt hurt immensely as he whipped me hard....I almost passed out from the pain!. He continued using the belt for what seemed like eternity, and then it stopped. I was so glad..but then I felt it.."oh no" he was pushing against me...and then severe sharp pain of being stretched. I screamed as he used his cock on Me!..fucking me hard and without mercy.
Strangely I did notice my cock...it was rock hard..then he told me "tell me you want me"..It was like a d**g...I could hear myself screaming "please please fuck my ass"!!God, fuck my ass!

It has been almost 6 months since this happened but it seems like yesterday. The scenario has left me confused. I am well aware of how I desired him. At times I fantasize he arrives unexpectedly. My wife instantly obeys him and drops to her knees. Then I am bent over the table....screaming as his cock fucks me brutally. I also understand what true "punishment" is. It is clearly a severe whipping for no other reason than to cause severe pain for no more than the amusement of others.

Although this is a long story, I felt the need to tell it...especially while watching the blonde as she is bent over.

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