My very first time

James was hot. Tall, muscular, blonde hair and green eyes. We were good friends and met up a lot. We decided to go swimming one day in our summer break, cause it was hot and we had nothing else to do. We got to the pool and we were the only ones there. We swam for an hour and the whole time all I could think about was him. How hot he was, his perfect body. I wanted him so bad.
Afterwards, he had a shower. I discreetly watched him as he massaged his body. I even got to see his perfect dick - 6 inches flaccid, circumsized with a perfect trimmed bush above it. He invited me to come and shower with him - I said no, and that I was gonna shower at home. But the truth was I was so horny just by looking at him I had a boner and didn't want him to find out I was gay.
Once we were both dressed, he invited me back to his place. His house was empty as his s****r was at a sl**pover and his mum and step-dad were on their honeymoon. We got to his room and started talking, when the subject of girls came up. "If you could fuck any girl, who would it be?" He asked me. This threw me. Who? I said the first name that came in to my head. "Ciara..." I replied. "What about you?"
"Easy. Megan Fox."

"What would you do to her?" I asked jokingly, secretly hoping he would describe to me each detail so I could pretend it was us. He stared at me blankly before shouting "This!" and pinned me on my back to his bed and started dry humping me. And the whole time I felt him, hard. Was he gay? No... He can't be.
Once he finished he lay next to me and we laughed. We then looked into each others eyes and it clicked. We kissed. It was the best, his lips were smooth and perfect. I unbuttoned his shirt whilst he rubbed my bulge through my jeans. He rolled on top of me and removed his trousers and pants - his dick was huge! 9 inches, maybe more, rock hard and juicy. I wanted it. He pulled down my trousers and revealed my boner - 7 inches and pulsing, ready. He got straight to work on it with his mouth. James sucked the head and swirled his tongue around it while playing with my balls and massaged my ass crack at the same time. I couldn't help myself, it was heaven! I groaned loud as I ran my fingers through his smooth hair and pushed his mouth down on my cock. He took every inch.
He deep throated me for at least five minutes before wanking me off and making me explode all over my chest. He was a pro. I was still laying on my back so I moved my feet up flat on the bed, by my ass, and stared him straight in the eyes. He knew what to do. He spat on his hand and jerked to lube himself up, before slowly entering me inch by inch. It was so painful but I loved it. Now I know that having an 8 inch dick as the first dick size to ever have fuck you probably wasn't the smartest, but damn it was. He was slowly fucking me, gyrating round and round whilst slowly moving in and out. I stuck two of my fingers into his mouth and made him suck them, before sticking them deep in his smooth, hairless ass. He flinched for a second but I could tell he loved it, as he kept on pounding me harder and harder.

We went on for ages, in different positions, he lasted at least an hour. He pulled him self out of me after a solid 5 minutes of doggy style and I sucked him until he poured his cum down my throat. It was warm and tasted salty but I loved it. I wanted him forever. We lay down next to each other, me in his arms while still massaging his huge balls I fell asl**p in his arms.
I woke up with him over me, kissing me passionately and feeling my abs - which were nowhere near as toned as his. It got steamy again and we had it off in the shower. I was in love.

Ahem....granted that was almost two years ago and the infamous “love bug” has had its fun with me more than once since then, it was still a sweet experience.
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1 year ago
great story, hope you are going to continue it as a serial
3 years ago
I like your story.
You could have given more details and have made it even hotter.
Please continue writing
3 years ago
very hot thanks
3 years ago
not bad - I couldn't get the image of Megan Fox's ugly as spoon thumbs outa my head though :P
3 years ago
not too bad
3 years ago
Very hot story!
3 years ago
Damn, very hot story! Please write more
3 years ago
3 years ago