My Lustful Fantasy

I’d often talked to Teresa, mainly on a Saturday evening after I’d had a drink, about the idea of her canoodling with another guy whilst I was there but she’d always dismissed the idea and gone funny on me. I’m not sure if I’d get involved and it end up like a manage-a-trios because then I’d be a part of ‘it’ and not a spectator. I think I’d go with Teresa’s wishes on that one, if it helped her. I don’t know as though I’d like her to have full penetrative sex but at the same time I can’t expect her to get all horny and ready and then draw the line and say NO! That’s far enough. If she felt comfortable and wanted it to go further that was something I was going to have to be prepared to live with and accept, (and I think I can, it is my fantasy after all. I have ran this through my head a thousand times over and over again), and then there’s the guy’s feelings, though Teresa would be honour bound to bring him to climaxation, squeeze his penis as it throbbed and ejaculate his warm load, that has got to make her feel good.
Then there is always going to be the danger that the guy is going to be bigger and better than me.

But she couldn’t understand it, despite the fact that it is quite a normal fantasy of men when they get to my age. Even though our relationship was strong, and we’d tried several different sexual things over the years, like taking photos, movies, writing stories, talking dirty, playing games, and more recently black condoms, of which I still have eight left. And even going to a swingers club, nothing had really happened beyond that, Tree had danced with someone at the club a long time ago, and while I still try and recall this to excite me, I couldn’t see them which wasn’t really part of the deal, was it???? Maybe if I had been a voyeur to this, the fixation would have diminished with time, that might be all I need and I wouldn’t be writing this.

I convinced the fact that I am the only guy she said she’s had sex with is troubling her here. Had she experienced sex with other guys previously I think she’d be more confident and consider it a bit more of a possibility?
Only recently she’d admitted to me that she wished she’d had sex with Dave when she’d had the chance, (a missed opportunity). That really surprised me and excited me at the same time, mainly because she won’t even watch DVD’s of wife sharing yet would happily admit to wishing she’d been to bed with someone else before me. (I didn’t mind, after all I had a novel about Tree & Dave printed) Still, I wonder if he is up for it now, Tree could easily bump into him at the Polish Church accidently on purpose and suggest they go for a drink, just for old times’ sake, so long as I’m kept in the loop I wouldn’t mind. I suppose I have a sado masicst side of wanting to be a cuckold husband but I think it is deeper than that I want to be jealous, I want to want Tree so bad but not be too sure I have her, a bit like the thrill of the chase, I need to know that she is with me because she wants to be with me as opposed to being with someone else, not just because she I’m here. And I’d like it to happen while we are still active and attractive enough for it to be believable not because we are desperate like one see’s in these old swinger videos where they have beards and moustaches and the men don’t look that good either.

I have always been more than satisfied when making love with Tree, she knows what I like and what gets me excited, I’m pretty simple really. I hope she feels the same but she doesn’t have anything to compare me to, if she did maybe I’d feel like I was enough for her.

Maybe if Tree picked a few photo’s of her and we posted them on an internet site we found together and see what response we got she might change her mind, or I might be satisfied that way we could pick and choose who to communicate with at a distance we could create a new e-mail account, and that way we would be in control of our destiny, that would be good doing that together it’s a starting point, and would be a bit of a turn on that other guys would see Tree dressed sexily; not nude and not necessarily from the front. May be we could approach it from that angle and see what comes back. Or if she wrote an in depth story as to how she might see an evening going with someone, I might not be there, but she confesses all, to belittle me, she needs to do some research on Cuckold.

And so, one day Tree comes home say’s nothing until we’re alone one evening and I’d had a couple of glasses of wine as I do, when she nontionately mentions that she saw Dave in Sainsbury’s while shopping with her mum yesterday and that afterwards they shared a cup of coffee, her mum had made an excuse to go and get something she’d forgotten to buy and while she was away they’d arranged to meet one day later the following week. Her mum always liked Dave. She didn’t say when they were going to meet but every time her phone rang or bleeped or that she said she had to go somewhere the thought of her meeting Dave was always in my mind especially after what she’d admitted to earlier.
Again I found this highly erotic in a sadistic kind of a way.
It wasn’t until I’d just about forgotten about the whole episode a couple of weeks later that she said that Dave had phoned her and asked her out one evening and that she had accepted.
She said that she needed closure. (Ha! After this long???)
She did have the decency to tell me that they were going for a drink after work the following Thursday at the Kings Corner.
The day duly came and on my way home from work I drove past the Kings Corner, I saw her car parked hurriedly skew whiff in the car park and knew that my wife was being entertained, wooed and possibly seduced by Dave inside. I raced home and needed to masturbate at the thought. It relieved my tension.

Tree came home about 8:00ish that evening, it was dark. She said the evening was OK and that it was nice to catch up and swap stories. Dave was divorced, no c***dren and had been on his own for eighteen months (that says something about him I thought). Tree said he was very polite and complementary towards her (so am I, I thought) and that he didn’t come on to her like a letch (perhaps not like me I thought. Maybe he’s gay?)
A few days afterward her phone rang in the kitchen, the name “Dave” appeared on the screen with a photo of a not too bad looking guy.
She quickly took the call and went upstairs to the bathroom, I crept behind her and listened but it was all in Polish and I didn’t understand any of it.
When she came out she explained.
“I said I’d go for a meal with him next Friday, it’s his works annual awards dinner, everyone is going with their wives or partners and he has no-one to go with”.

Whoa! So he borrows my wife for the evening?? Not that I had a say in this which again made me feel like I needed to try harder to keep my wife on the tracks so to speak. She wouldn’t be going to this ‘awards dinner’ if she didn’t want to I thought.

Nothing else was said about the night and it soon came round. That evening Tree got ready without talking much, we kept out of each other’s way. She wore a nice conservative outfit, the one she’d worn when we went to her awards dinner at the Roundhouse.

“Is he picking you up?” I asked
“No” she said “I thought it best if I met him there”.
“Where is it?” I enquired.
“On Pride Park” was the vague answer I got.
I didn’t pursue the matter.
She kissed me on the lips and left the house about 7:30pm.
“Don’t worry” she smiled “I love you”.
And with that she drove off.
I went to bed early that night in an effort to try and not think about what was going on.....or coming off! But found it difficult to sl**p. I must have drifted off because I was woken by the door opening.
It was 2:45am by the clock.
I pretended to be asl**p as she climbed into bed after being in the bathroom for 20 minutes.

The next morning I asked if she’d had a nice night and what time she got back.
“It was nice” she said, “Very formal and stuffy, we went for a drink after the dinner to unwind, which was nice. I got back later than I had expected at about 12:30am but you were fast asl**p”.
“I told him all about you and he would like to meet you. I think you’d both get on really well”
“Well we do share a common interest....YOU!” I replied trying to inject a bit of humour even though my stomach was doing summersaults.
Tree smiled and went about her Saturday morning jobs as usual.

A few weeks went by and Dave wasn’t mentioned. Even on a Saturday and the rare occasion when we made love Tree would call me “John” as opposed to “Dave” which all this seems to be falling into place now.

Just when I thought all this was behind her and that she realised she was married she mentioned that he’d phoned while she was a work, just to see how she was and that it was her that suggested they meet for a drink straight from work on Thursday and did I mind her going.
Like I had a choice?
It was easier to go along with this and it be out in the open than try and suppress it and her go behind my back. I still wasn’t sure whether Tree saw this as a chance for her to have sex or make love with him and it satisfy her curiosity.

To be fare she wasn’t late back that afternoon, and openly said that they had a nice time and that since they last met he’d met a woman that he liked; but it was early days.
“I think he was after some advice on what women want” she said
“He was a bit out of practice in the art of dating”.
“Could of fooled me” I replied.
Tree just smiled. “I thought you always liked the idea of me being with someone else”, she countered.
“Err... yes but it would be nice if I were present some of the time”.
“Nothing’s happened, silly” she assured me, “Would it bother you if anything had happened?”
“Like what?”
“Like I’d kissed him goodnight???”
“No, so long as you tell me these things I can cope, quite sexy really. Why have you?” I questioned.
“Just the once and it was only a peck, there was nothing in it. It was to give him confidence more than anything.”
“Mmmm oky doky I can live with that, so long as you show me loving too.”
To which she gave me a lovely kiss and said “Good!” and squeezed my balls.

It was Tree’s birthday the following week; the big FIVE O. She didn’t look it though, and was still very slim and could be extremely sexy when she dressed up on Saturday’s.

We celebrated the actual day, a Saturday, which was nice because the weekend had started now, so to speak. It was great we all woke up together and had a great time and Tree opened her pressies with the c***dren and me that morning in bed.

That night the c***dren were going to my mums, the caravan season had ended and it was a chance for them to spoil the c***dren, though Zosia was fifteen and had been to Italy earlier in the year. Oliver was at Heanor Gate and had settled in and doing really well. What a difference a year makes.

I got ready first, as usual and came down in my Tuxedo and started to cook dinner while it was Tree’s turn in the bathroom. I was cooking an old favourite stuffed fillet of beef. I always doubled the quantities which meant that we’d have a dinner in the week readymade.

After an hour Tree came down in her Red Plunge Dress and stockings. She looked fantastic; and smelt even better with Rock & Rose perfume on this was one of my favourite outfits. She also had her heels on and the chrome choker, which rally finished the outfit off nicely.

Whose birthday is this I thought.

I was still halfway through cooking the meal; it was going great as it was something I’d done before.

I poured Tree a glass of white wine and ordered her out the kitchen.

I’d lit scented candles in the lounge and normal ones in the conservatory where we were going to eat. The place was warm and Smooth radio was on the boogie box.
The setting was nice.
But it was hot in the kitchen and I had the window and blind open but I was just about coping it was nearly 9:00pm which was early for us when there was a knock at the door.
Tree didn’t hear it so after the second knock I went to the door.
It was a guy I didn’t recognise so we stood facing each other for what seemed ages after a while he introduced himself,
“Hi, sorry to bother you, you must be Steve” he said “I’m Dave, Is Teresa in?”
I invited him in, and walked him through into the candle lit conservatory where Teresa was sitting at the Table expecting her dinner.
He wasn’t bad looking, I could appreciate what Teresa found attractive about him, he was smart and was wearing a trendy body fitted shirt, untucked, and smart skinny jeans.

“Someone to see you” I said and Dave stood from behind me.
“Hi ya, I hope you don’t mind I’ve bought your birthday present round it’s nothing much, just a bottle of your favourite Polish Vodka.” (This was different from the one I’d bought). He said stepping forward to greet a stunned Teresa as she struggled with herself as to what part of her exposed flesh to try and cover up.
Not sure if she was embarrassed or a case of over acting in an attempt to be modest.

“Wow! You look gorgeous” he complimented and kissed her on the cheek.
She acted like this wasn’t the first time they’d kissed; as she had openly admitted a week or two previous.

In an effort to break the awkwardness of catching us unawares he said
“Anyway I better be off, I can see you were planning a romantic evening together.”

“There’s no need to rush off” Tree offered.
“Not at all” I confirmed, “There’s plenty of food for all of us, and we always double the quantities don’t we?”
Tree nodded in agreement.
“Sit down!” Tree ordered, and Dave sat my place right opposite Tree.
”I’ll get some wine, dinner will only be a few more minutes” I offered and disappeared to the kitchen.
I returned with the wine, another glass for me (as Dave had mine now) and also set myself a place at the end of table.
This worked to my advantage as I could see both Teresa and Dave without moving my head too much.
After pouring the drinks I went back to the kitchen to dish up the romantic dinner for three.
On my return the two of them were both deep in conversation, Tree seemed to have forgotten what she was wearing and was listening to Dave intensely.
I leaned forward and placed their meals on their respective table mats like a referee separating two boxers from a clinch.

By the time I had returned with mine they had started.
I sat down and started to say Grace...
“For What We Are About to Receive May the Lord..........”
Well that got their attention.
“Only joking” I said “What are you talking about?” in an attempt to get included.

“I was telling Thereska that I was emigrating next month and this might be the last time we might see each other” he explained, “ After my marriage break up there was little here to stop me taking an opportunity as senior buyer with work at our office in Poland. Being able to speak the language I was the obvious choice.”
“So that’s why you got in touch with Tereska (trying to sound Polish)” I said
“No it was by accident that we bumped into each other while both shopping at Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago. But at the risk of sounding obnoxious I’m glad I did.”

This explanation only endorsed that Tree had been telling the truth.

“A chance encounter then?” I offered
“Yes” they said together in unison

“So Dave” I inquired, “Why do you think you & Tereska split up?”
“I don’t know really, it was a long time ago” I guess, “Knowing then what I know now I’d do things differently”
“I’m sure we’d all like the power of hindsight” I said
“Toooo right” he smiled back “Just look at her now” he gestured with a nod towards my wife, whilst taking another mouthful of steak.
I could see him trying to look at her chest every time he went for his glass.
The dress only just covering her nipples and that was when she had her elbows in and was eating, every time she took a sip of wine one of her boobs would be exposed in full view of his gaze.
Tree was oblivious to this probably because she was so interested in what Dave had to say and the fact that he was sitting opposite her.
“So, Dave what would you have done differently all them years ago?! I asked.
“I think I’d have looked after her, appreciated her a lot more than I did, showed her alot more affection.” He answered. “Probably alot of things.2
“Well you did take her to Wembley to see The Pope didn’t you?” I smiled.
“What about you Tree? What would you have done differently?” I quizzed.

We both looked at her, the candle flames flickered and the shadows danced over her smooth exposed flesh, the soft golden glow reflecting straight back at Dave.

“I might not have been so prudent” she sheepishly whispered.
“Pardon?” Dave and I said in stereo.
“I might not have been so moral strict with myself, it would have been nice to experience closeness with people that I had known at the time. Knowing what I know now.” She explained.
“Are you saying you wished you’d had sex with Dave when you had the chance?” I replied.
It was a brave statement.
“I might have done, it all depends on how the circumstances were at the time, and there might have been a couple of occasions when I might have given in.” Tree tried to defend her confession.
Dave sat back in amazement.
“Well if you’d looked like you do now I think I’d have got the message.” Dave declared.
“I’ll clear the table” Tree offered and leaned forward pushing her chair back as she got up.
Her dress just fell away, her chest just dangling in front of Dave.
Anything Tree did to cover up would have made matters worse.
“Well hope you like the view? ”
“Beautiful” Dave answered looking at me as if to see if I’d noticed him starring.
“Forget the table Tree; I’ll do it there must be loads you and Dave want to talk about. The Kitchen Fairy will probably do the rest.” I joked.

When I returned to the lounge after sorting the pots out, Tree was sitting cross legged on the settee, the flesh of her thigh just visible above her stocking top and the hem of her dress. I think she’d given up caring now and was looking and acting alot more relaxed as the evening progressed.
All the remotes and a couple of cushions had been pushed to the opposite end from where she was sitting.
Dave was in the chair opposite.
“That’s my seat Dave if you don’t mind.” I stated.
“I’m sorry” he said vacating the place, but not really sure where he was going to go.
He looked round. The only place was next to Tereska.
“You’re OK there.” I nodded as I sat down, “Don’t be frightened, she doesn’t bite unless excited.”
He sat down as if ordered to.
Tree saw that he was a bit nervous and encouraged him, “Come on Dave sit here.” Patting the leather.

“Nowadays it’s not difficult to stay in touch when people are on the other side of the world, what with the internet, e-mails and web-cams etc.” I said in an effort to relax everyone really. “And I suppose you’ll be back for the odd visit won’t you Dave, especially if work is paying?”
“Doubtful really, it’s on the understanding that I DO make Poland my home base.”
“Mmmm that’s a shame” I said consolingly. “You being a part of Tereska’s life just disappearing like that. You weren’t k**ding this really could be the last time you actually see each other then?”

Tree had been quiet for a while now, I’m not sure why, but could have at a guess that she was running various scenarios of how the evening might end, through her brain.

“Hey Tree, I bet Dave needs to be getting home, have you seen the time it’s twenty-to -twelve.” I suggested.
“There’s no rush. I’ll get you another drink? Like you said “this could be the last time....” Teresa interrupted.
It was like she didn’t want the night to end, at least not just yet.
Tree got a fresh bottle and poured us all a drink.
I went to the loo, to make some room, as one dose.
I can be so uncouth sometimes.
We settled back down.
Tree appeared to be sitting closer to Dave this time, maybe it was my wishful thinking????
More small talk about the weather in Poland and the food.
“So Dave if Tereska was to kiss you Bye-Bye for the very last time tonight what would go through your mind; Honestly?” I offered as bait.
“Honestly, knowing now what I know now, even though you are standing there, all things being equal, and at the risk of getting thumped by you or Tereska, this being my last chance ever, I think that whilst we kissed I wouldn’t be able to help myself and would have to reach inside her loosely fitted dress and try and feel her boobs. I had better go; I have said too much, thanks for the dinner and the wonderful evening.”
“That’s just what I expected from any red bl**ded guy, Dave, it’s a compliment” I tried to assure him at the same standing up and blocking his way out.
Tree stood up and spoke directly to him.
“Steve knows I regret not having had sex with you Dave, for one reason or another, be it that I would be better at love making for Steve or me finding something very special with you. Oh if I could turn back time..........”
“Isn’t that a Cher song” I interrupted”
“Me too” He said, “I went about it the wrong way back then”
Tree stood on her tip-toes and kissed him encouragingly. Her naked parts were next to him.
It was then when I saw his right hand reach inside her dress and caress her flesh. He softy stroked up her side until his thumb and fingers cupped her left boob, Tree never flinched.
This was it; I’d pushed them both to the point of no return.
His other hand had a gentle squeeze of her arse as her dress rode up.
She didn’t pull away.
They slumped onto the settee together as if joined at the pelvis, still kissing. Her dress all a misfit.
Tree looked at me knowingly as if to say “You know where this might end up, are you comfortable with it?”
I winked back and nodded.
She knew me.
Dave looked at me out the corner of his eye as if to question Is this Ok. Could he relax and go for it.
I smiled without giving him the’ fist up go for it son ‘image, but he knew I was cool with it so far.
And he carried on kissing and feeling my wife.
I found this the biggest turn on; my penis was so hard it was hurting me.
My wife, who I loved with all my heart, was with another guy, I wanted her to stop but at the same time carry on, tease and punish me, make me grateful to be married to her.
She raised her hips towards Dave offering herself.
He took the offer and gently stroked her inner thigh.
It wasn’t until I saw her raise herself more towards him that I realised she wasn’t just doing this for me, I had lost control and Teresa was dictating the pace now.
She smiled at me as if to say “you wanted this there’s no turning back now.”
I t would be hypocritical of me to complain.
Dave’s hands were all over her.
Her dress fell from her shoulders and just hung around her waist
He whispered something in her ear, I didn’t catch it, it sounded Polish.
The atmosphere was hot.
She replied, that too sounded Polish.
It might have been “Chciałbym żebyś jebac mnie teraz”.
Dave wrestled with the ragged dress until it fell over her knees and onto the floor.
There she lay, only her sexy knickers, stockings and high heels on.
He was still dressed and sat back to pull off his shirt and take time to look at lay beneath him.
Tree took this opportunity to undo his belt and fly and slid his jeans over his bum.
As he turned to put his shirt down I could see that through his boxers he had an enormous hard on.
“We don’t need these” Tree said and pulled them over his cock, it sprung back very erect and firm pointing towards the ceiling.
She started stroking it with one hand and cupping his balls in the other.
“Suck it for me” he whispered hesitantly, wondering if that was the right thing to say, “Please.” And he straddled her chest.
Tree could only obey his wish and took it in her mouth. She sucked him for all she was worth while he tickled her boobs.
After about five minutes she pulled away and took a deep breath.
“Your turn to return the favour.” She ordered, and gently pushed his head between her legs.
He started to kiss her thighs softly, letting his tongue drag over her damp knickers as he switched from one leg to the other each time Trees back would arch and a little sigh of pleasure accompanied the switch over.
Dave tenderly but his fingertips over her knickers and slowly slid them down over her stocking tops, past her knees and over her ankles and onto the carpet and returned to kissing the newly exposed skin.
I knew this would make Tree excited and she’d probably have at least one orgasm. Her sighs and moans of ecstasy got louder.
Just recently she has become a loud whilst making love.
I could see her body shake as the spasms shot through her.
The beads of sweat on both their body’s reflecting in the dreamy romantic candle light.
They’d probably forgotten all about me and never even knew that I existed.
Dave was lapping up all of Teresa’s juices as she kept coming over and over again, credit to him he stayed down there for ages.
I then heard her say “I think I’m ready for you now Dave.”
He kneeled up and positioned the head of his hard cock at the entrance to Trees pussy, and began to sensitively rub it up and down against her wet clitoris. Stimulating her nerve endings
Her knees were moving about with excitement trapping his ribcage then releasing him only to trap him a milli-second later.
And without a condom on she guided him inside centimetre by centimetre, not too fast, she wanted to savour this moment. After a while they were one.
Her first boyfriend was deep inside my wife; after twenty-five years of wondering what he felt like she now knew. And it was goooood.
“Don’t rush go slow.” She conducted the pace, “That’s nice, It feels lovely, So full”
She looked me straight in the eye and smiled.
I’m not sure if it was a ‘thank-you smile’ or a ‘this feels wonderful smile.’ But it was a smile.
“Yes Yes Yes” Tree commanded, “Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop!” words I’d heard before now being spoken to someone else. “That’s good, keep going, yes yes, FUCK ME FUCK ME” she quietly shouted at him.
His tempo quickened and I could hear his scot rum slam against her as he thrust his cock as deep as he could inside her, then slowed and then quickened again.
He was teasing her now, and she was helpless in this state.
I watched silently as he screwed Teresa in front of me, pounding into her for all he was worth.
The sound of his body slapping against hers echoed in my ears as his shaft penetrated her soaking vagina.
The pace quickened and I knew he couldn’t last much longer and sure enough it wasn’t long before Tree pushed him out and gripped his manhood.
He shot his warm love all over her tummy, it just kept Cumming and Cumming and Cumming like he’d been saving it up for 25 years.
Everyone is different I thought but he was what they call a heavy Cumer.
Would I ever be able to measure up again?
But sometimes, like this it’s good that there are differences and that everything is not the same, it’s what makes people different.
Like a true gentleman Dave handed Tree the box of tissues by the side of the settee.
She got up and went for a shower.
Whilst she was upstairs Dave got dressed and thanked me for allowing him to realise a wish.
“Well it looks as if all three of us have had a night to remember.” I answered.
We shook hands and he left.
By the time Tree came down he’d been long gone.
Quite a fitting end I thought.
We often talk about that night; Tree often re-lives the moment while we have sex.
The only thing is I cum too soon when she starts talking dirty.
Dave, Tree and I keep in touch via the odd e-mail now and again; we swap photos which again is a real turn on.
Tree asked me how I felt when she was making love with Dave.
“I suppose I would rather you had done it with someone you didn’t have any feelings for but then again I accept that I need you to be comfortable with it” I replied.
“What about you, how did you feel?”
“It was fantastic, it felt great having someone different from you inside me it felt so different, and knowing you were there too watching me. I would definitely consider it again.
Maybe in a multi storey car park with you watching from a distance???”

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