Nosey Neigbour!

When I was much younger (18 I believe) I had this married woman living next to me. She wasn't exactly a pretty woman. And she was actually quite an annoying and nosey neighbour. You know the type. Always gossiping behind your back. Then one day I was looking out the window where I had a view of of our own garden and hers. She set up the bench with a towel so that she could tan. When I saw her in her bikini I did not know what I saw. So she wasn't pretty in the face but damn had she got a body on her. Somehow her clothes kept it revealed. Her ass was really something. And those breasts. Those were the kind that no matter what you had to look at them even knowing you could get hurt because of it. Of course I spied on her. Especially when she took her top of. The way she rubbed herself in was enough to get me a hard on. Since it was Summer. I knew she would sunbathe more often. Naturally I made sure I could spy on her some more.

One day however she caught me spying. And she was the type to shout at you but I never heard anything, In stead she remained lying there completely ignoring me thankfully. Days have passed and I met her on the street. You could tell there was something different about her. Her attitude was gone and she actually smiled at me. I thought WTF. She asked me if I fancied a coke. Now this may seem odd. But before she went nosey and annoying we were actually good neighbours and since her son and I were c***dhood friends it wasn't uncommon for me to be invited in her house. Usually other f****y members were around but this time she said were on a fishing trip and she did not feel like going. I was kinda thirsty so I thought why not. And inside of course I was hoping to find out what she wanted. Cause that was very obvious.She wanted something.
After some small talk she referred to the time I saw her sunbathing. I took one big zip of my coke cause I thought this was going to be awkward. She said she was surprised but very excited to know that I looked at her that way. She admitted thinking of me looking at her and that she could not get it out of her head. It was on her mind throughout the day and the evening. In fact she said she fantasized about it in bed and masturbated to it. While she was telling me this she put her hand on my leg. And she gently rubbed it. Slowly going upwards to the crotch area. Since it was a hot summer I was wearing shorts and it only took seconds for my dick to get hard. I was gasping for air. The way she touched me was making me extremely horny.(All this in a period when I just lost my virginity to this gorgeous mature woman and since then was almost horny all the time.) I could not believe this was happening to me. She did not say anything. She simply pulled down my pants and took my dick in her hands. She smiled cause I guess she enjoyed her having this effect on me. Then she said what a lovely cock you have. She started jerking. And the way she looked made me even harder. I had no clue that it was possible to get so hard. She then took me by my hand and said to go upstairs so that we could get comfortable. You don't have to tell me that twice. So I jumped up and followed her and I loved it she didn't let go of my hand. In a way it was very sweet.

Walking behind her all I was getting crazy. The things I wanted to do with her.
Only a few moments that I got scared because of my lack of experience. Finally in her room she removed my red T-shirt and my red shorts (it was a set,what can I do). She then began removing her own clothes. Very quickly. Now we were both naked. Her pussy was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in my life. It was a full bush of dark blonde hair. I could not stop looking at it.Then she turned around to close the door and I could get a good look at her ass. Just as amazing as her pussy and boobs.They were quite round and firm from what I could tell. At the time I felt so overwhelmed I did not know what to do. Luckily I did not have to. She took control. She took my hands and put them on those lovely boobs of her. Her boobs really were something. I couldn't resist and starting squeezing them. And she encouraged me. Her nipples were hard as well and she steered my head towards them. But she did not say anything. So I began sucking her nipples. And she moaned. It was the first time ever I hear her moan. And let me tell you. I wanted her to hear her moan a lot more. Then she gently steered my head towards her lips and started kissing me. Now I already kissed some times but it wasn't nearly as good as this was. She knew how to use that tongue of hers. And the look in her eyes was all telling. All this while my dick was so hard. She told me to lie on the bed and that she would take care of my extremely hard dick. She started to jerk me off again but harder but in a way that it was nice and not painful. But she took breaks so that I could enjoy it more. Then she opened up her mouth and took my dick in her mouth. OMG,how she knew how to suck. She did it gently and actually sucked. No teasing on her part. Simply sucking. Now this was too much for me and I ejaculated. Never seen so much sperm before. It was all on her face. It amazed me to see that she did not wipe it off her face. In stead she used her finger to lick it all up. And those eyes. You would think she was eating the most delicious ice cream. Now I know that sperm doesn't taste (yes yes I tasted my own sperm) like anything. So it was a wonderful sight. Now this alone would have been enough for me. But soon she took my dick again and started jerking. In no time it was hard again. She laughed and said to me I am not done with you yet darling. This was the first time she said darling to me. And the way she looked at me was full of joy. I never had seen her like this and I could not have imagined her this way until I saw her like this. Don't worry darling I will take care of you again shortly but now I want you to do something to me. I want you to touch my pussy. Again something like that you don't have to tell me twice. So when she laid on her back and spread her legs I could take a better look at it. Now I saw her lips as well. They were so red and wet. My god,she was so wet. I clumsily put my finger in her cunt but she did not mind. She loved every minute of me touching her even it was clumsy. All that dark blonde hair and wetness. It felt so great to put my finger in slit. Horny as I was I could not resist tasting it so I licked my finger of her wetness. Crazy enough it tasted quite sweet.And then this red knob looking at me and saying lick me. No way I was not licking that red knob. Her clitoris was simply begging for it. So I wasted no time and I started licking and it even tasted sweeter this way. She started moaning louder and louder. And I licked and licked. I tried to look up while licking to check if I was doing it right and she really was enjoying it. She said such the sweetest things to me. And then she started shaking and trembling and one big moan. WOW,I made her cum. I felt really great about that and she did also. Because now she started kissing me again.Now she laid me on my back and started sucking me again. I would never get tired of this. She seemed to be enjoying herself as well which made it feel even better. Now she got on top of me and carefully sat down on my hard cock and went up and down. While she was a mature woman and not exactly tight it was the greatest sensation ever. Even better than the first times I had sex. She went up and down and there were the moans again. While she was riding me I kept touching her boobs. Then she turned so I could see her amazing ass again. Then she said I want you to fuck me from behind. She positioned herself with her ass towards me. This alone would have been enough to made me get off. But I calmed down a bit. She helped me inserting my cock into her. I could not believe it. This was even better than her riding on top of me. I began slowly and then faster and faster. Oh,the sensation. And her moans, I loved those moans of her. In and out,in and out. She said you can come inside me darling,don't worry. So go ahead. Just after she said it I came. She turned around and kissed me. I was exhausted. Then we took a shower together and kept kissing. We dressed and kissed again. Now it occurred to me that because she was married that I would not be with her again. But then she assured me that she wanted to keep seeing me and that we would find ways to be together like we did. And we did a few times. But we made those few moments together count.

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3 years ago
I'm guessing that the reason she started out so bitchy was cause she needed sex and wasn't getting enough at home.
3 years ago
What a great neighbor