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One message from me to a very sexy woman on here

I hear something.
Must be my imagination.
pssst....psssst...come to...come to me..
Ok. Now I definitely heard something.
What could it be?
Who are you and what do you want from me?
Look up here.

Looking up I saw the one of the most beautiful sights ever there on the screen. There it was.
This lovely hairy pussy with so much pink flesh in it to make any one crazy on just looking at it.
But how can I hear it talking. That is impossible.
Don't worry about that sweetheart,just go with it.
Focus on me. Don't you like what you see.
Oh,yes. I like it. I love it. I want to touch it and taste it.
So what is stopping you? Come on already.
I did not need that much convincing cause I was hard and so horny. How could I not give in.
Here I come. And there I went. I needed this. Such a sweet pussy within these amazing thighs. I was overwhelmed. There was no time for teasing or fooling around. I needed to put my tongue in that tasty pink flesh. And how well it responded. It was so wet. And so sweet. I would want this for breakfast,lunch,dinner and desert. And her red knob was one of the tastiest things I ever put in my mouth.
Lick me darling,lick me darling.
And I did. I licked and licked this sweet clitoris. This was so nice. Licking and licking and licking. Yes,darling,no talking just licking and licking. I noticed the pussy shifting upwards and some moist dripping out of it. And very distant I heard this sexiest moan ever. How the pussy started to shake. And then it stopped.
Oooooh,thanks darling just what I needed. And there I saw you smiling at me pulling me towards you and saying we are far from finished. We only getting started.

Then I woke up. It was all a dream. But there it was on the screen the most loveliest pussy ever.
Posted by Bobolover 2 years ago
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