First Time CD In Public

Just got back from a Adult Bookstore with an arcade. Prior to going I had decided to dress in garter belt and hose, short mini skirt, bra and panties, with a see thru top. Put my sweat pants and t-shirt on over it all. Walked out of the hotel and into the car. Drove into the parking lot there were only a few cars there. Went in and proceeded to the arcade. Found a booth went in and locked the door. Put the card into the machine and found a hot she-male video. Took my sweats and t-shirt off leaving me in my outfit.

I must say that my heart was pounding and could feel my head throbbing. Excitment I had not felt in years. I stepped foprward and unlocked the door to my booth and waited. Within a couple minutes the door opened and in stepped a middle aged gentlemen. He immediately locked the door and took all of his clothes off, dropped to his knees and started to suck on my man clit. What a job he was doing long deep throat motions. All the while jerking his 7" cock.
After a few minutes, he stopped sucking and turned me around. The next thing I felt was his tongue lapping around and in my ass. I must admit this may have been the first time I have had it done to me. This went on for a while, and I guess it was a mutual agreement, we both composed ourselves and dressed back to what we came in with.
We agreed to meet again there tomorrow afternoon, but I will not be dressed.

I will tell you all that this is not the last time I dress and go out. I will have to wear clothes over, because there is no way I could be considered "passable"(even if it was in a dark room).
PS- I should mention I am a mwm,65yo, and just found CD in the last few years.

Again, this was such a rush, I can't wait to get ovr the the coast and the adult theater. I will dress and then remove the outer clothes. CAN NOT wait.
90% (25/3)
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4 months ago
Thank you for sharing your experience. Play safe, have fun, & share more when you do! ;)
6 months ago
Great story and a real turn on. This would be something I would love to do sometime. What a RUSH!
I look forward to your next story
9 months ago
yes, dressed in an arcade can be a ultimately wild experience
11 months ago
love the story
1 year ago
luv your story..
1 year ago
yeh its a real turn on
1 year ago
To find a CD in a dark arcade is a great turnon, whether or not she is passable. After her cock is exposed that becomes the focus of play.
1 year ago
Love the story and hope you enjoy what turns us on!
2 years ago
That took a lot of guts, kudos
2 years ago
It is such a bitch to find out so late in life! Thanks
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
nice story!
2 years ago
you nughty little sissy. i love your storie
2 years ago
well its a start great story hope you write what happened the next day thanks
2 years ago
Great to hear to you made it out to play. It is always HARDEST to make the first move to this. Wait till you start getting guys off and feeding on their cum...;-)