High school Incognito Dick Sucking

Here is a story from high school...I had been dating my then girlfriend for about 3 months. I used to go to her house after school to fool around because her parents were never home from work. We were fooling around, as usual, when her dad came home from work early, luckily we got our clothes on before he actually walked in. Regardless I was still hard as a rock and I told her I needed to get off...problem was her dad came home early to do work around the house and he was going to be in and out of the house all afternoon. To get around it, she had me watch her dad through the window as he worked outside while she sucked my cock. Whenever he would start toward the house I would stop her and we would move to another room where I could see him better. We ended up moving room to room while she sucked me off and I watched her dad on lookout. It was such a turn on have her suck me off while I watched her clueless dad walk around non the wiser. I dont think I have came that hard since! :)
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