Jodie At The Beachhouse Part 1

This is a re write of a story I posted last month that was somehow deleted.

Jodie and I had planned on a visit to the beach a few hours from were we lived. She wanted me to dominate her leaving her dominitrix role at home. I had agreed reluctently and had rented a small beachhouse for the weekend and Jodie had taken the following week off. We arrived at the beachhouse and after getting the keys from the renter we changed and took a walk along the shore. Jodie had been teasing me and finaly took me behind a small snd dune and took her bikini bottom off for a quicky. We were just getting dressed when a college age couple on bikes rode by honking there squeeze horns at us. We waved as I zipped my short up and laughed as we went to the house to go to the downtown area for the evening. We had a nice seafood dinner and were walking down the street checking the shops out. I had stopped to look in one window when I looked up Jodie as talking to 2 college age men. What are you doing Jodie I asked. I am talking to these hansome young men she said, looking at them she said he get jelious when I flirt. My reply was 40. Please Bob I am sorry she replyed. Tell them what happens when you misbehave. I can not she said. 75 was my reply. Alright but please only 40 se said. It will be 100 if you do not startnow I said. She faced the 2 boys and said "when I flirt Iam punished with a spanking on by bare butt" Thats right I said I you see us tomorrow come talk to us I will make her show your rer red ass. We wnt back the house and Jodie was as wet nd turned on as I had ever seen. We had a fun night but agreed that the following day would be her day of submission. We had a light breakfast and took a short walk. A couple near us tried to not look when I asked if she was ready for her spanking. Yes sir she said I have been a bad girl. The did look when I gave her a wet slap on her bikini bottom.At the beachhouse I got some of the toy out and an giving her a kiss asked if she was sure she wanted this. I want it Bob I love and trust you. Bending her ver the arm of a couch I used my hand to spank her cute little bottom red and then switching to the leather paddle I paddled her more causing her to yelp and scream a little. Stopping for now I reach between her thighs and felt her dripping pussy. You are enjoying this I said putting a pair of padded cuffs on her and raising her on a rope through an eye bolt in the ceiling(we may not have been the first to do this here) I took a crop and asked would you like me to stop my love. No Bob I want as much as I can stand. I used the crop on het tits until they were red then putting some nipple clamps on as she moaned in pain and pleasure. I then cropped her butt and upper thighs leaving many red marks on her. When I felt she could take no more I used the crop on her soaked pussy and concentrated on her swollen clit. This brought her to a thundering climax and she slumped in the cuffs. I quickly took her down and laying her on the bed kissed and tending to her marks. Jodie looked ant me and said Bob that realy hurt, it was the best time I have ever had with you. We relaxed the rest of the day until going back to the downtown later.
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