Jodie And Bobs Long Talk

I had met Jodie as a Pro Domme about 2 years earlier. For the last year we had become very close as friends and were seeing each other socialy. A few days earlier Jodie had told me how her ex husband had introduced her to domination and that he was the only person she had ever trusted to dominate her until she caught him with the maid getting a dildo rammed in his ass. I was the only person to ever know about the divorce and it was very emotional day for her she asked me to be be her Master that night. I turned her down telling her she was to exotionaly spent to do that that day but we would talk about it a few days later. Today was the day to talk. Jodie explained that I was the only other person besides her ex that she had ever trusted enough to control her body. She said she accasionaly enjoyed the pain even somewhat severe pain and that she wanted me to control her. I told Jodie that I would do anything for her, but I did not know if I could hurt someone I loved. Saying this I had a catch in my voice and noticing it Jodie asked if something was wrong. I hesitated before I told her that she was that only women in nearly 10 years that I had told I loved, since my wife Gina had died. Bob I have wanted to hear you say that to me for the last 4 months and was afraid if I told you of my love you may leave, giving me long kiss. We decided that I would try to take the dominate roll but wanted it special telling her that I would rent a beach house for the weekend. I knew most of the things she liked but found out that she did not like humiliation, but that some public embarrasment really turned her on. She also liked to be spanked with the leather paddle and crop loving the red marks the crop left on her butt and upper thighs for a few days. She excused herself to the bathroom and I hoped she come back naked as the talk had me turned on. When Jodie came into the room I was suprised she was was wearing her Postal Service uniform. Do you have to go in to work today I asked I thought it was your day off. I am off do you remember the first time I dominated you? I teased you when I wore my strapon, I asked you if when I delivered your mail did you ever look at my ass and think that you would like to pull my shorts off and fuck my ass then laughed and said your would get fucked on that day. Will you please do that for me my love? Kissing her and cupping her small round ass cheeks our groins ground into each other. Her shirt was soon gone and I nursed on her rock hard nipples lowering her to the floor. I unsnapped her shorts and throwing them aside I saw that she was as turned on as I was. I gave her kisses from her knees to her belly button, then concentrating on her blond pussy she soon quivered as her body rocked in multiple orgasms. After a few minutes rest I rolled her on her stomach spreading her legs wide and kissed her creamy white cheeks(I just love the contrast between her deeply tanned legs and the paleness of her ass). Spreading her ass apart I licked all up and down her crack zeroing in on her tight hole. She was moaning as I rimmed her and came as I put my tounge in as deep as I could. I located some lube began slowly working it in her. Jodie was on her knees with her head down and ass up as I slowly put the head of my dick in leaving it with out moving since she had let out a scream when I started. I started to take it out but she backed up to keep it in her. Bob, give it all to me please andI slowly put my entire lenghth in her tightest of places. After she was used to it I slowly began going in and out increasing the speed until all you could here was my hips slapping on her butt and the occasional cry or grunt. I knew I would not last long and finaly with one last thrust I emptied by balls giving Jodie a sperm enema. Laying in each others arms I looked at her face and could see where the tears had been running down. At this time I hated myself and asked Jodie why she had not stopped me with a big grin she said "I told you I enjoyed the pain, sometimes it becomes pleasure" Sitting around the pool later she ased if I liked taking her viginity explaining that I was the first to ever fuck her ass. I thought that since she was in her 30's that surely I would not have been the first but I was. She said she had been using her different butt plugs to get ready, having wanted me to take her ass for a month. Jodie even said that she had worn one the day before all day while walking her mail route, having to stop 4 times during the day to masturbate it turned her on so much. Going back in the house she pointed to the huge wet stain on the carpet "you do get to shampoo that since you caused it" and we both laughed.

We had our get together at the beach house the next month, I will tell you about that later.
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3 years ago
Great and loving story.
3 years ago
very nice cant wait for what happens next :)
3 years ago
I can't wait to read what happened at the beach house
3 years ago
Needs spell checking
3 years ago
very good