Mistress Jodie-The Begining Part 1

I have described how I met Mistress Jodie the Pro Domme in a number of storys, she had giving me a quick explanation of how her ex husband and her had watched BDSM videos and tried it, but never giving me the complete story. Jodie was and is a letter carrier for the postal service and coming home from her job one day her husband had showed her 2 videos to watch after there evening meal. They had watched porn before and she was suprised when the scene opened with a naked redhead women hanging by her wrists while a large bald man in leather jeans tormented her. The man used a crop on the girls ass bound her breasts with thin rope and overall abused her both physicaly and verbaly. This did not excite Jodie, but when the next video played it showed the same couple except the bald man was hanging by his wrists while the redhead worked his ass with the crop. The man became hard and she slapped his hardon with the crop sofening it. The girl continued his punishments using many different tools on him during the rest of the video. By the end of the 2 videos she was so turned on that she took her husband in the bedroom and nearly ****d him for the rest of the evening. As they lay in bed they decided to try it themselves this weekend. Jodie was off for the next 3 days and after doing reserch on the internet decided what she needed to buy for there weekend. Going to a sex shop about 50 miles away she spent over $500 getting paddles, cuffs, crops, even picking up some butt plugs and dildos. That Saturday in order to determine who would be the sub that weekend a coin was tossed and Jodie won. Walking into the bathroom Jodie ordered him "strip and be on your knees when I return" This was the moment Mistress Jodie was born. When Jodie returned she was wearing black lace pantys and bra. Walking up to the kneeling man she asked "are you ready my little slave" yes Jodie he said. It is Mistress Jodie come bend over the end of the bed I will give you something to make you remember my name and she proceeded to spank him with a leather paddle until his ass was red. Stand up against the wall I have other toys for you. As he put his back to the wall he exposed his rock hard dick. "You must be enjoying this, lets see what else I have for you". Taking some thin soft rope she tied his cock and balls up tightly, but he grabbed her head trying to f***e himself in her mouth. No she yelled turning him around and locking his arms behind him in padded cuffs. Now I can work on you, taking fishing weights and hanging them from his bound jewels until there was nearly 12 oz hanging. He never sofened the entire time, finaly she removed the ropes and bent him over the bed again. Slipping a lubed finger in his ass she said "you always liked to be fingered while I suck you lets try this" removing a lubed medium butt plug she worked it slowly in until it was completely buried in him. Flipping him on his back his arms and legs were secured to the 4 bedposts. His raging cock was standing straight up and seemed to harden more as Jodie removed her bra and pantys and began rubbing her body on him. Please he begged, my balls hurt I need to cum so bad. If you are good I may help you Jodie said as she lowered her blond pussy over his mouth. As he licked up and down her swollen lips she began to grind into his face and he concentrated on her clit giving it the gentle bites she loved causing her to explode and drenched him in her juices. Please he begged I need to feel you tight pussy. Lowering her wet pussy to him she teased him finaly taking him his full length inside her as they both moaned. Using all of her will power Jodie raised herself removing him from her pussy. He begged again I need to fuck you pleassse. Oh Jodie said you said you wanted to feel it you did not mention fucking. Once again she lowed her slick box and soon they both shuddered in a mutual orgasm. Untying him they laid together cuddling as she whispered in his ear "it's my turn next time you better start planning my punishments"
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3 years ago
Fabulous as always
3 years ago
Very good and imaginative