Mistress Jodie Shows Nikki the Ropes

And she showed her the cuffs paddle crop dildos and all of her "toys"

Im one of my storys I told how Mistress Jodie had asked me to help her dominate a women who was a true Masochist Nikki could take any type of pain and punishment and beg for more. Nikki had admitted to trying to dominate one of her coworkers and was severly punished for it. After she left Jodie told me that she had told Nikki that she would show her the correct way to dominate a man the next time she visited if she wanted. That day had arrived and I was to be the training tool. When I arrived Jodie was in my favorite outfit, red leather shorts and a matching reg bra. Nikki who is a very small Vietnamese women wore black bikini bottoms and a loose knit top that her small breasts were visable through. Bob, you remember Nikki, Jodie said, I am going to teach her some of my skills today. Yes Mistress, please sow her you best. Strip so I can see what you have said Nikki. After I was naked Mistress Jodie instructed Nikki how to examine a subbefore a session. Pinch his nipples and see what his responce is. As she pinced me my dick started to respond and Nikki said look his little wee wee is getting hard. She then fondled my balls and slowly stroked me to my full length. Look hes leaking already, Nikki said. Handing her a crop Jodie said what do you do when a man gets hard without permisson. In answer Nikki took the crop and using the end slapper hit the head of my dick 3 times making it deflate. I was then placed on an exam table with my feet in stirrups. Nikki put a glove on and Jodie told her to check as see if my hole was clean becaused it would be used later. Nikki lubed upp andput one then a second of her tiny fingers in me making me get hard again. I had taken a series of enemas earlier so I was clean and empty. He looks clean to my Nikki said and Jodie then asked if she new about a mans protate. I have heard of it but do not know much Nikki said. Put your fingers in his ass and reach upward, do you feal a knot abut the size of a walnut? Yes Mistress it feels hard. Slowly stroke it like you are rubbing your clit. Afer a few minutes I was leeking like a sieve with the cm/precum mixture pooling on my stomach. It you realy want to frustrate a slave you can keep this up and milk all of his cum out without him orgasming, it drives them nots, but we will not go that today. Jodie wispered something in Nikkis ear and she removed her glove a scooped the cum mixture off of my stomach and said "clean up your mess slave" and I licked it all off of her cute fingers. Next Jodie asked if Nikki had ever fucked a mans dick. Many times she said. No I am sure you have been fucked many times but younever have fucked a dick. The then produced a set of medical sounds and explained, these go down the peehole and you actually fuck him with them. Swabbing the head of my dick with alcohol Jodie lubed up a 5mm she inserted in in my peehole and slowly it went nearly its full length in me. Nikkis eyes widened "i did not know it would go in that far" Nikki came over and they exchanged places Nikki slowy moving the sound in and out of me. They continued this working up to a 9mm which is the most I have ever taken. I was taken off the table and secured over one of the spanking bench. I know you are an expert on the receiving end of spankings but how are you at giving them? I think I am a quick learner Mistress Nikki said. Giving her a leather paddle, a suede flogger and a light crop Jodie said "you will have to go easy on him, men can not take pain as well as women thats why we have the babys" Nikki began the ass blistering and after 25 with each my butt and upper thighs were aching. That enough Jodie said most men are pussys anyway. Jodie added since we have him bent over we may as well you some strapons on his ass pussy. Jodie came back wearing a medium strap on while carrying one even larger. After some more wispering Nikki came around to the front removed her bikini bottoms and told me while Mistress Jodie is fucking you you will eat my pussy she will keep fucking you until I cum understand. Yes Nikki I said, she slapped my face and said "it Mistress NIkki do not forget again". Sh grabbed my head and f***ed it into her shaved crotch I began licking as Jodie began a steady pounding of my ass. After the last few hours Nikki was wet and sweating and I licked her from top to bottom finally concentrating on her clit which brought her to a shuddering climax. I was strapped to the bench but my arms were free and I had to grab Nikkis ass to keep her from collapsing. Jodie withdrew from me sitting her down to let her relax before her turn at my hole. Nikki strapped her tool on as Jodie dropped her leather shorts and I began working on her trimmed blonde snatch. Nikki stepped behing me and inserted her much larger fake dick in me and put all 9" in one steady push. The pain was bad but the earlier streching I had received helped and soon I was close to coming from the steady pounding. Jodie began shuddering and as I did with Nikki I had to hold her up until her climax was over. The large tool came out of me with a wet plop and I was removed from the spanking bench and allowed to stretched my arms and legs to get the circulation going. Jodie said he looks so sweaty I think we should help shower him off. We all went into the huge shower and I layed down. He has been a good slave today don't you think we should let him cum Jodie said. No said Nikki lets pee on him and send him home frustrated. Slapping Nikkis face Jodie said you are still my sub and what I say is law. I was going to let him do it himself, but it has now become your job. I will let you give him you piss but then you will take care of his thobbing cock. Nikki strattled me and peed on my chest going down and concentrating on my dick. Jodie said "now that you are through get down in the piss and pleasure Bob" Nikki got down and began a slow hand job but Jodie told her "do not use your hands, you can choose which of your3 holes you want to use" She reached over for the shower gel and lubed my dick up, to my suprise she faced away from me and lowered her tiny asshole and once the head was in she sat down hard taking it all at once screaming the whole time. Knowing how she loved pain this began to make since as she lower and raised on my pole. I was concentrated on giving her a good ass reaming when I felt Jodies hot stream hit my chest. The tight ass and the golden shower were more than I could take and I soon shot a load of sperm in Nikkis ass setting off he orgasm. We all layed on the floor to rest and then we showered together. Sitting in the living room having a drink Nikki said that she enjoyed being in charge for a change but that she like to submit although she was open to being a domme occaisally.
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very good
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i really enjoyed that, i would like to read more please