Mistress Jodie and the Female Masochist Part 2

Misteress Jodie aproached the tiny Vietamese slave hanging by her wrists from the ceiling and asked again what do you want slut. Please Misteress stab my tiny tits with you needles, I have been a very bad girl since I last saw you. You can confess later bitch she said as she swabbed the slaves tits with alcohol to sterilize them. Taking one needle she peirced sideways above her right nipple quickly following with one beneath aand one on either side. the moving to the other tit doing the same. The slave screaming with each needle piercing her skin. Standing back to admire her work she handed me 2 nipple clamps with small teeth in them which I quickly applied to each nipple. He hung limply from her shackles until Jodie gave her a few stokes on her already welp covered body. No sl**ping while I punish you bitch, Jodie said. Now tell be how you were a bad girl since I last saw you. I dated a man from my work Mistress she paused before saying and I tried my hand at dominating him. You did what Jodie screamed, how dare you try to be doninate to anyone, giving the girl another 5 lashes. What did you do Jodie enquired. In a trembling voice she said " I tied him up then I spanked him and then used a strap on his ass. 5 more lashes came as Jodie said I do not think you will ever learn your place. The needles were removed and she was lowered from the hoist and instructed to lay on the table face up. Jodie instructed me to get the hot wax candles as she removed her red leather shorts, use the wax on her thighs and pussy until this whore makes me cum she said as she lowered her pussy to the tiny girls face. As she licked her Mistress I dropped the wax from her knees to the top of her shaved pussy. I was on my third candle when Jodie shook and came twice at almost the same time. Climbing off of the slaves now slimy face she told her "Do you want to thank Master Bob for helping me today" Yes please Mistress any thing you wish. Get on your knees and begin sucking him she ordered. I sat on the table as she bent over and to my hard dick in her mouth. While this was happening Jodie had put a large strap on dildo and coming behind the girl rammed all 10" in the girls pussy. Jodie pounded her without mercy telling me not to cum in her mouth that would be a reward for a slave but to pull out and shoot on her face. As I was about to cum Jodie pulled out of the girls pussy and rammed it up the slaves asshole just as I began shooting all over the girls face. This plus her ass reaming set her off and she came 3 or 4 times rapidy. Jodie pull the rubber dick out of the girl leaned over looking at her cum stained face and said "you session is over Nikki did you enjoy yourself" Oh yes Jodie this is the best one yet" Bob will you please go to Nikkis car and get her bag while I start cleaning her up. she will be staying the night before returning home tomorrow. Once again Jodie had returned to her sweet loving self from the cruel domme she was just seconds before. After she had cleaned up and we had rubbed alovera gel in Nikis wounds she dressed in loose fitting shorts and blouse as not to harm her wounds. We made a simple meal of grilled steak and salad and good wine and discussed the day. After a restfull sl**p Nikki left the next morning giving Jodie a little smile. Jodie told me that she had told Nikki that if she wanted that on her next visit that she would show her the proper way to dominate a man. I wonder who she will use as the male slave.
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2 years ago
wow made me cum but it was really hard
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Ari, That story will be cumming soon
3 years ago
i would love for Nikki to dominate the writer, that would be a good story ;)