Mistress Jodie and the Female Masocist Part 1

I received a call from Jodie asking me if I would be avalable the next day to help with a female Masocist that was visiting explaining that she saw her about every six weeks and that her only limits were permamant marks and brown showers. She only came every six weeks to have time to recover from the severe session she received. I arrived early and Jodie explained that the women could handle heavy pain and that she used any excuse to give it to her. A little later she arrived and I was suprised to see that she was a very petite Vietnamese around 25 weighing less than 100 lb. She was wearing a light summer dress and her silky black hair was in a bun on her head. This is Master Bob, Jodie said, he will help me today. Bob this is Nikki but that name will not be used today she will be refered to as slut, slave, whore or whatever is appropriate. After Nikki had signed an injury release she was ordered to strip for inspection. She placed her dress, pantys and bra on a chair and stood staight with he hand behind her for Jodie to inspect. Slave what did I tell you to wear, my nice summer dress she said. Jodie slapped her face hard saying "then why did you wear pantys and why do you even own a bra for those tiny excuses for tits, your level of punishment just increased. The slave was secured over the spanking bench and Jodie said Bob I will prepare her enema why don't you lube her up, handing me a jar of Vick rub. I knew this would be a rough session, just by the start. Putting a rubber glove on I took a large ammount of the lube on my finger and rubbed it the entire length of her ass crack then shoving my finger in her tight rear door. She began to loosen some as I worked 2 more in her. Jodie returned with the enema bag and told me to begin her enema. I inserted the double bardex nozzle first enflating the inner ballon and then the outer. She would retain the water as long as Jodie wanted her to. I started the enema and the water flowed in her, she soon looked as if she was 5 months pregnant her belly sticking out from her tiny body. Her moaning and struggle became lowder and Jodie asked "does it burn? it must be the powdered ginger I put in the water." you will be released as soon as you your First whipping is finished. The bardex was removed from the bag and left hanging from the slaves ass as Jodie got a selection of paddles whips and canes for her spanking. You will get 25 Jodie said, yes Mistress please punish me the slave begged. Starting with the leather paddle she received 5 hard swats on each ass cheeks turning them a bright red. She then used a crop on her bright bottom giving her another 10 on her ass and upper thighs leaving 10 stripes on her. For the last 5 a cat was used on her back leaving more marks. The slave sighed thinking the beating was over. Jodie lifted the slaves tear stained face and said "now it is Master Bobs turn will you ask him for more punishment" Please Master hurt me I deserve it. Picking up the crop I said "I will determine what you deserve" giving her 15 hard ones on her thighs and butt following with 10 more on her back. The girl was a mass of welps from her knees to her shoulders. She was released and lead to the bathroom to expell her enema. You have 10 minutes before we start over, make the best of it Jodie said. While she was in the bathroom I asked if the girls tiny body could stand this much. Jodie said that this was just what the girl loved. When she returned she was cuffed and hoisted until her toes barely touched the floor. The tears had stopped and JOdie walked up to the girl and roughly shoved 3 fingers in the girls pussy. "look at the juices on her, this whore is having the time of her life" Pinching he nipples she said " time for some tit torture, but its hard to torture something you can't see" She was right they were little more that just nipples. I have something that will help Jodie said returning with a table that had a vacuum pump, attaching a cup to each nipple and then placing a third over her clit. The pump was started and soon her tits had grown to about a 32b and her clit was nearly an inch long. The vacuum to the clit was removed and Jodie put a clip on it as the slave howled. Now we work in these tiny things Jodie said as the cups were removed and pinched them hard. Come help me Bob she said as she took one nipple in her mouth and began biteing and chewing on it. I did the same as the slave moaned and tears ran down her face. We stopped and Jodie said what do you want now my little whore? In a meek whisper the slave said "the needles" I did not here you bitch speak up. I a louder voice she said "the needles please mistress stick the needles in my tiny tittys please make me bleed" Of course my little whore anything you want. Returning with a package if sterile 21ga needles she showed them to her placing them on the table next a a box of alcohol swabs. End of part 1
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cool good on you
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very good
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i like where this is going :)