Mistress Jodie

In my last story I wrote about how when visiting a Prodom Mistress I found that she was my mail carrier. Embarrasment at first but led to an intence session. I had seen Jodie a few times in the last week while she walked her route but we had not spoken. The next day I heard a knock at my door, it was Jodie with a package. Hi please sign here, she was all business, no indication we had had a hot BDSM session last than 2 weeks before. Just before leaving she asked if I would visit her house later saying this was not to be a session but to discuss some things. I arrived at her house about 7 and Jodie greeted me in casual cloths barefoot. We had a drink and talked about how we both had gotten in the BDSM lifestyle. I had had a former girlfriend whe liked to take the dominate roll and I found that I enjoyed submitting since I had a high stress job and liked to give up the boss roll away from work. Jodie said her ex husband had showed her movies of dominate women and they had tried it themselfs. After 5 years of marriage they had amassed a large collection of "toys" After ther divorce she had needed extra income and had turned pro a few times a month to help with the bills carfully screening her clients. Jodie then got to the point she had asked me over. In my questionaire I had indicated that I was bisexual and may want to partisipatei n "f***ed" bi sessions. Jodie asked me if I would like to help her if she had simular requests or even when she had a couple visit. I said that I would like to help but would need a few days notice before hand. Jodie then said she had an appointment the following weekend with an out of town client and would like my help explaining that I may be dominated by her or I could be "f***ed" to preform with the other slave. I agreed and was told to be at her house at 3 saturday afternoon. I arrived before the other man did and Mistress Jodie told me to strip to my leather jockstrap and wait in the next room until she came to get me. I heard her customer come in and she shouted at him to strip, using a much harsher tone than she had with me. I heard what I recognized as a hard spanking. The beating went on for over 5 minutes when I heard the clicking of her high heals coming to get me. I was brought in the room and was suprised to see a slender man tied over one of the spanking benchs with red stripes from the cane on his back, butt, and upper thighs. Slave Thomas this is another of my pets he will observe but may join our fun later is that ok with you? A mumbled yes through his ball gag and a nod of his head showed his approval. I was placed in a chair and my wrists secured so I could not touch myself. Thomas was releaced and told to crawl over to me. Mistress Jodie said Thomas show Bob that you thank him for being here with a proper greeting. Thomas got on his knees and pulled my jock down and began worshiping my quickly hardening cock. I was soon moaning and Mistress Jodie pulled him away leaving me frustrated. Thomas was strapped face up on the padded table and Mistress Jodie produced violet wand shocker and looked at me and said "he's such a pain slut" and started lightly moving it up and down his body the popping from the wand nearly as loud as his yelps and moans working down to his hard cock she used the rake shaped device to scratch his shaved balls then touching the end of his dripping dick. Thomas started shaking and Mistress Jodie stopped telling him You can not cum yet I want to watch the 2 of you perform for me. Untying him and letting me out of the chair we both stood in front of her. Would you 2 like to put a show on for me, it will be nothing the 2 of you have not done before. Yes Mistress Jodie we both said. Good I want you both to get on the floor and begin a slow 69 of each other and this is a contest whoever comes first will be the looser. The looser will be bent over the bench and fucked by the winner. Mistress the walked over a picked up a medium dildo and a bottle of lube as we went to work on each other. We could both see her and wondered which of us would get the dildo in our ass. To our suprise she pulled her red leather shorts off and lubing the dildo up she began slowly fucking her self with it. This had made me so horny I just had to be fucked and it seems both of your dicks are busy Mistress Jodie said. I knew that neither of us would last long watching the fake dick sliding in out of of the blond pussy. She came with a scream and kept pounding her pussy until she cam a second and third time almost emediatly, dropping the dildo on the floor. I felt Thomas dick start to twitch and his cum shot into my throat. I swallowed as much as possible but some leaked out onto my face. Thomas, you have lost, stop sucking Mistess said as she walked over to us. Bob you have done good restraining yourself I will reward you with a drink to wash the cum down she said as she squatted over my mouth flooding me with her golden nectar. After We had rested a few minutes Thomas was bent over the bench. I put a condom on and walking to the bent over ass reaching for a bottle lube. No Mistress Jodie said Thomas could not control himself you will dry fuck him. Lucky there was a small amount of lube on the condom but it was still very tight going in. I began slowly going in and out, No she said give it him hard, make him feel the pain. I started going harder and gave him all I had for about the next 5 minutes. Do you need some help Bob and I felt the leather paddle hitting my ass, I could not take it any longer and filled the condom with my sperm. Thomas was hard again, but the cruel mistress told him you can not cum again you lost the contest perhaps the next time I see you I will let you climax go clean up and leave. After he left Mistress Jodie and I showered and met back in her sitting area. She was no longer Mistress Jodie, she was back to plain Jodie. It is amazing that she can go from her sweet self to a complete dominate bitch and back again in this short of time. Bob that was the hottest session I have ever had, if you are willing to help me out accasionaly I will give you free sessions and even a pecentage of what they pay me Jodie said as she slid a sealed envelope to me. I put it in my pocket un opened and as she told me goodbye at the door giving me a hug and quickly kissing me suprising me to no end. When I got home I opend the envelope there was a sheet of paper with the word THANKS wrapped around 5 $100 bills. If this was a small percentage I can only wonder what Thomas had payed. Jodie and I still get together and participated a number of time with other slaves and even a few couples.
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please share some more of your exploits :)