Visit to a Domme-My Suprise

I had seen an ad for a pro domme in my city and after a number of emails arranged to have a session with her the following day. I had filled out a questionaire on the different fetishes I was into, and was told to arrive 20 early to dicuss them with her. I arrived at her house which was in quiet subdivision less than a mile from where I lived. I was let in and she was dressed in black leather bikini panty and a leather bustiea wearing red high heals that showed of her tan firm legs. She looked familier but I could not remember were I had seen her. She looked over my questionaire and said "foot and leg worship, medical play, dildo training, golden showers, possibly f***ed bi I knew you were a horny man from the bulge I saw in your pants when we spoke in front of your house last week MR Carter" Mr Carter, I had not given her my last name and then I realized it it was Jodie my mail carrier, I was used to seeing her in no makeup wearing her postal uniform of blue shorts and shirt not a leather bikini. Jodie I said in a questioning voice. Yes she said but is Mistress Jodie when you are here do you understand? Yes Mistress Jodie I said. I was instructed to strip so she could inspect me. Standing naked in front of my mail carrier made my dick start to harden her pinching my nipples hefting my balls and squeezing my dick did not help any. My pre cum was dripping out and Jodie took some on her fingers and brought it to my lips, lick it she said which I did without a pause leaving her index finger in my mouth and acting like she was fucking my mouth with it. Teasing me with her riding crop she looked me in the eye and said we are going to have fun today arn't we Bob? Yes Jodie, whack whack she had hit my dick with her riding crop It Mistress Jodie here remember. I was led to a spanking bench and was bent over it. I will give you a good spanking to remember my name she said as she took a soft leather paddle and begain paddling me IT HURT but not to the extreme after about 50 she stopped and I was instructed to lay face up on a padded table. You were instructed to give yourself several cleaning enemas now I will drain your bladder as she showed me a catheter which she quickly lubed and began threading in my pee hole. It was an odd feeling but not unpleasent, I was amazed that over a foot of it had gone into me but when it hit my bladder it was like I was pissing the hardest I ever had. This was why she had placed a urinal over the other end of the catheter, it filled almost to the top. Removing the catheter she said now I can use this without worrrying about an accident. Using thin rope my dick and balls were first tied and seperated and then clothpins were clipped to anywhere she could put them. Jodie then climbed on the table sitting on me wth her beautiful legs on either side of my head. Taking her high heals off she started rubbing her feet on my head and face ordering me to lick and worship her toes. Aparently this excited her as she began to moan while I licked and tounged them. She stopped me and getting off the table she quickly removed the clothspins and rope the bl**d rushing back to that area was very painful. You have handled you punishment good so far your not through yet and I was led back to the spanking bench and instructed to keep my eye to the front and not look back. A few minutes later and I felt her gloved and lubed fingers on my ass hole. Jodie slowly worked until she had 3 in my ass and worked them in and out. Walking around to the front of the bench she showed me a large but not huge dildo dhe had strapped on. Mistress Jodie asked me "when you looked at my round ass when I brought your mail did you ever think you would like to pull my shorts down and fuck my ass?" Yes Mistress I did, she laugted and said "but it your ass thats going to get fucked today" Going behind me I felt the head of her rubbed cock slowly enter my ass, read she asked if I was ready. I said yes she drove the entire 7 1/2 inch in one stroke. The pain was blinding but she did not move for nearly a minute then began a steady increasinly fuck of me. The pain quickly became pleasure and the dildo hitting my prostate made it feel like I was going to cum any second. Jodie seanced this and stopped fucking taking the dildo out with a noticable pop. She led me into a large shower that probably could have held 6 people. Laying me down she said since I had preformed well that I would get a golden shower and that I could touch myself whe she peed on me. Removing her leather bikini and straddling my chest a slow tricke of pee came out of her trimmed blonde pussy hitting my chest I was stoking my hard dick as hard as I could her yellow stream ending before I could cum. Jodie then put her sopping pussy on my mouth and said lick it clean. Seconds after my tounge started licking her I came shooting a huge load some even hitting her back. I do not know if it was the cum hitting her or my tounge but she quivered and came on my face. After a shower I met her and we talked for a while promising that this would not be the last time I saw her. We both agreed that when I was here she was Mistress Jodie, but anywere else she was Jodie my mail carrier. Jodie even told me she had another slave that was interested n f***ed Bisexuality and that we may try it if I was interested. More to come.
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wow i came again now i'm going to rest before i read your next story
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Great story!
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great tale
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Great stories here
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