The Best Massage in Vegas

I was in Las Vegas in June and saw an ad in an Alternative paper for the best M4M massage in Vegas. I made an appointment for 1 that afternoon and was directed to a nice condo just off of the strip. The door was answered by a muscular white man about 35, he showed me around and described his diffent massages. I decided of "THE WORKS" and was dirrected to a shower room that he had a table shower in it. I undressed hanging my shorts and shirt up and layed on the padded mat. I noticed that conected to the hand shower was a Shower Shot enema device. He told me that The Works massage was both external and internal. He showered me and gave me the enema and after releasing the water washed me down again. Laying on the massage table he started on my back amd worked down to my legs teasing lightly down my ass cheeks I spread my legs to give him more room and he rubbed his finger slowly on my ballsack. He came around to the head of the table to start on my shoulders and he had taken his shorts off and was totaly nude with a 7-8" semi hard cock just inchs from my face I reached and squeezed it coming intantly hard. Taking his hard meat in my mouth I slowly sucked him for about 5 minutes. He took it out saying there would be plenty of time later. Working down to my butt again he poured oil in my crack and massaging it slowly up and down teasing my hole and finaly putting a finger in me slowly rubbing my prostate. I was in extacy and wanted to be fucked NOW. He pulled his finger out and told me to roll on my back. He told me he had a suprise and walked in the next room coming back with a mechanical fucking machine that had an 8" thick dildo on it. With a smile he asked "want to take a ride" I could not say yes fast enough and found myself with my legs lifted up by some cuffs on my ankles and a hoist on the ceiling. After lubing my ass up he brought the head of the dildo to my hole asking me one more time if I wanted to back out, no I said let me have it. The machine started slowly giving me time to get used to it. After a few minutes it was slowly going its entire length in and out of my ass. I did not know how long I could take it. Coming back to the table he started playing with my nipples, I leaned over and started sucking him again, he only lasted about 5 minutes until he exploded in my mouth. I swalloowed as much as possible but a large amount ran down my chin. He then started licking the side of my cock and I knew I could not last much longer. When I came the pounding in my ass caused me to shoot cum that landed on my stomache. I thought it was over but he said "let it keep fucking you and see what happens" Sure enough in a few minutes my softened cock slowy started to come back to life and with the help of his talented tounge I was rock hard again in 5 minutes. He slowly rolled a condom on me climbed on the table and lowered his ass on my pole facing me. The dildo pounding in my ass and a tight ass on my cock was more that I could take and after a little while whith him jacking we both came at nearly the same time. As my softening cock slid out of him he reached and turned off the machine. Looking at my watch I saw it was 4:30I had been there nearly 4 hours. We both showed and got dressed and were sitting in his living room having a drink to calm down when his door opened and a beautiful petite redhead in matching yellow shorts and halter walked in. He introduced her as his wife Kim and up until then I did not relize that I had not heard his name until she called him Brad. Brad then explained that they were both Bisexual and that Kim would join in a massage session if intersted. The next day the 3 of us did get together but that is another story.
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2 years ago
that has got tobe a great next story
3 years ago
I go to Vegas regularly and often fantasized about what it would be like to just meet up with someone there. An amazing experience obviously. Maybe one day i'll break out of my shyness enough to answer an ad like you did. Thanks for sharing. 5
3 years ago
very good story - more please
3 years ago
very good and do tell us , forget the what happems in vegas stays in vegas ,
3 years ago
Nice story cannot wait to hear about the the next session with Kim..!