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I like anime, you know those japanese cartoons that are all the rage with those fringe types of society. I think it's great most of the time, I love the stories, I love the characters, and I love the art styles.

some of my favorites are:

Cowboy bebop, yes I'm one of those where this can't go anywhere but the top, It's great, I started watching it on adult swim and now I own the DVD's. It turned me on to getting a taste for jazz, and queens. I've identified deeply with different characters, and I love the thought of being a space cowboy.

"Trigun/Hellsing", with Trigun I love the cyber western setting, and I love Vash and Wolfwood. I love how Vash is a pacifist, and his body is filled with scars from all the abuse he's taken for his decision, it's a real atlas thing, and I love the humor and feigned clumsiness of his character, so devoid of pride and interested mostly in wellbeing and happiness, one of my favorite scenes is when wolfwood give the k**s some food, and Vash smiles earnestly, and Wolfwood's all happy seeing that he can still muster a genuine smile. I like Wolfwood for being a little grittier, his search for redemption is admirable, and seeing badasses with softspots, I dunno, even though it's fiction just the idea inspires a kind of hope for the real world. plus it's satifying to watch to two characters clash between the "betty sue" that Vash is and the gray area where Wolfwood has spent his life.
I put Hellsing in the same category because I think they're done by the same artist, and I like the artstyle for both. Hellsing has the vampire appeal which I like, but alot of vampire animes feel geared for women in a way that never feels appealing to me. I like integra in all her masculine female glory, walter for his old man badassery, Alucard for just the blatent badassery, to just be this true creature of the night annoyed by newcomer pests is just such a strong archtype it sings loudly to my soul. seras is such a sexy little noob, all green and idealistic just coming to terms with her new life, and even anderson who is one of my favorite villians.

"Baccano", which is an anime about a group of alchemists who acheive the grand panecea/philosiphers stone/ immortality, basically immortality. the setting is 1920's prohibition america, and it's super cool, it has black magic, 1920's era gangstery and it also has alot of neat characters, along with a few nifty philosophical concepts and some really neat monologues.

"Welcome to the NHK" which is about a "hikikomuri"(mispelled?) anyway its a Japanese slang term for, I guess life failures, people who cannot deal with the outside world, and end up as these homebodies. I liked it because it related to my own social anxiety, and honestly given what tends to be the nature of this site, could be a great show for alot of people on here. anyways it has a really cute love story element and alot of endearing friendship stuff, with enough pain to break your heart and then set you right again, assuming you have enough empathy left in your soul to be able to really relate to the characters.

"Gurren Laggen" wel you know "Row Row fight the powah" its cult classic for channers (4chan) and most hardcore anime enthusiasts. it has some like new agey type concepts and the first season runs on pure masculinity (kind literally). if your a person that can drop into an anime your almost garunted(I know that is mispelled) to love it. I can relate to what becomes the main character and its almost the****utic to watch him come into his own.

there are more but I'll leave it at this. Honestly I'm just writing stuff on here to show more of who I am as a person because my own shyness, and often times sexual desperation prevent me from expressing myself as well as i can in writing. not that my writing skills are awesome, but an intelligent person has the capacity to grasp alot about a person from reading something they wrote despite the content.

but anime, man i just have to say, as a media artform i would say its better food for your brain, more entertaining, and more complex than most western garbage. and by that i mean anything on tv. if i could kill things like jersey shore, teen mom, and more stuff and can't even bother to think about and replace it with anime, i think the positive effect on society would be worth any price.but the ignorant masses want their big macs and won't bother themselves adjusting to some brown rice and chicken currey. speaking of curry FLCL is really cool too. and howl's moving castle and everything Hayao Miyazaki has touched with his beautiful precious mind. btu my writing is getting more and more fractured and formless with every rattling of the keyboard so im gonna stop here, thank you for reading.
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