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When I'm not horny

sometimes i surf this site with the intention of fapping, but then i just see something that i have to click out of curiousity. it turns into a whole "if you give a mouse a cookie" type ordeal of clicking through links and links. often i'll click on a picture, because i'm like, no there's no way that's somebodies thing, and then i'll see like 18 comments, and have to click on the profile of each comment poster just to get a profile on who touched their dick to this. also sometimes i can't tell if those comment posters just don't care because its the internet or if they would try to "scoop that... Continue»
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[Story] Stuff about me (anime)

I like anime, you know those japanese cartoons that are all the rage with those fringe types of society. I think it's great most of the time, I love the stories, I love the characters, and I love the art styles.

some of my favorites are:

Cowboy bebop, yes I'm one of those where this can't go anywhere but the top, It's great, I started watching it on adult swim and now I own the DVD's. It turned me on to getting a taste for jazz, and queens. I've identified deeply with different characters, and I love the thought of being a space cowboy.

"Trigun/Hellsing", with Trigun I love the cyber... Continue»
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