Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico Part Three - T

This the rest of the story of the story, Part Three.
There is a lot more to this which I can write later if there is enough interest, please comment and let me know.

“Of course I am not alone, silly, am I Roger?” Miller placed his cell phone between him and Norris.
“No, you are not, Daddy Bear.” Roger's voice sounded soft, as if he was ten years younger. Which would still be older than the Big Bear.

“I am so happy for you Bhuda Bear” Sean said, smiling broadly.
“Roger only lives a few hours away and we plan on becoming lovers. I think I found the right guy this time. I am so glad that muscular Spic left. All he had was a big dick, nothing else to offer. I could never settle down with a dirty Rican whore.”
Antonio, who could hear the conversation just held his breath and squeezed his boy and smiled at the rude insult.
“Princess, I hope you stay safe, don't pick up diseases from the skinny darky OK?
Don't worry you will get to meet my beautiful lover when you return, you know he changed his plans so we can return on the same plane. The only problem with my little cutey is that he lives in fucking Jersey. But nobody can perfect.” Roger was a bit offended, but he was used to teasing from New Yorkers.
William holding his nude formerly straight married man by the waist and Roger's head resting on Miller's hairy chest.
“Oh darling boy, I think the Bear is in love. So you see, I'm the one that got lucky on this Spring Break in Puerto Rico, my sweet princess.”

“No, Bhuda, I am the luckiest guy in this whole fucking world.”
Antonio, liking what he heard, held his love in the bed, kissed him, his dick twitching inside its new home.
“You think you could get used to my 10 inches, Mi Amor?”
“Oh Papi. I don't think that after adjusting to this monster cock, another man could ever please me ever again.”

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4 years ago
4 years ago
i hope u write a lot more stories like this one :)
4 years ago
Beautiful series with photos to match. Thank you so much. I love all your work. Well done Billy. You bring pleasure for the joy of it. A truly giving guy. x
4 years ago
such a beautiful story, i love how affectionately they speak of each other. its really adorable. once again i appologise for the lateness of my reviews and i hope to read more of your beautiful works.
4 years ago
great Billy ty again for taking up your spare time in writing such a story. can't wait for the next Story to come along. Take care, luv & wishes Peter xxx