Part Two Concluded: Teacher's Pet

Story Behind My Photo Album: “Teacher's Pet”. Part Two Continued.

Again I want to apologize for the manuscript inadvertently submitted Part Two which was the rough draft. The following is the rest of the story.

Previously, CC was getting Patrick prepared for his first annul penetration by gently licking, probing and lubricating the boy's ass hole. Since Charlie had no desire to get a girl pregnant, he had always used protection. Now, as he was going to fuck a boy for the first time, he carefully covered his large cut penis with a rubber, all while still enjoying eating the boy's pussy ass hole which he actually enjoyed more than a girl's vagina.

Although Patrick had desired to be penetrated before this, he had yet to be fucked. Now he was so ready, but was a bit worried that the pain might be more than he could handle. This was the right time, he thought. This big strong athletic man was so aggressive and powerful. He was in total control and Patrick loved it. The fact that CC had been so gentle in licking and kissing his soft smooth bubble butt had put the boy in the mood to be penetrated, even to be owned and possessed. But when the senior had spread his large baby cheeks and munched and probed his hole with his tongue, he wanted it so bad. He had even pleaded for the strong man to fuck him.

Charlie now pointed his covered penis at the small opening before him and slowly applied pressure. The boy gasped as the big head pierced the first annul ring and entered the boy's asshole. Although the immediate pain was intense, Patty boy did not scream, he just grit his teeth and held his breath. CC, sensing the pain retreated and applied more lube to now two fingers which were inserted gently. Moving his fingers around and in and out, he could feel the boy pussy relax a bit. This time he entered more slowly, the boy grabbing the pillow and bracing for more pain. But instead of retreating again, CC applied more pressure and went in deeper. Three inches, four now five inches in, he stopped, allowing Patty to adjust to the pressure and the pain. Finally, after a couple of minutes, he pushed in all the way, all seven and half inches were now inside this tight warm hole, CC's big low hangers now rested on the boy's much smaller testicles. Patrick titled his ass up, which made it easier to accept the new intruder to his most delicate area. Now Charlie held his sexual prize by the hips and slowly began to go in and out, slowly picking up the pace. Patrick felt the big man's cock stroking his prostrate gland, which felt so good. “Oh, yes sir, please fuck me!” Upon hearing the young blond's request, Charlie began to fuck in earnest. Patrick started to move his ass back in rhythm with the man's strong thrusts.
If this was gay sex, Patrick was now convinced he loved it, having his penis harden and his balls constrict as he just held the pillow tight.

After about ten minutes of fucking the beautiful blond k** doggy style, CC decided to improvise. This time nicely asking the boy to straddle his cock as he sat on the bed. Patrick gladly complied to the man's more loving tone and quickly sat on the the big cock as he faced his new lover. Charlie's hands instinctively grabbed onto the two soft white globes that now he felt belonged to him, his dick disappearing in the boy's willing ass. Patty put his arms around CC's neck and kissed him passionately, his tongue probing every part of his strong lover's mouth.

Charlie sensed it first. Something had changed which would forever change him. Was this real love? Had his many female conquests which he thought he had enjoyed been simply previews to the main act? Was this no long just sex and now was he experiencing love for the first time in his twenty one years? Too soon to tell, he better analyze this further, his scientific mind told him. His heart gave him a different message. He felt to free, so much at ease with himself. Although this boy he now controlled was absolutely beautiful to the eye, what did this new Patrick have to offer him besides his lovely smooth angelic face and body? That's when Charlie he would have to put his mind on neutral and really enjoy this experience. He would not be guilty of paralysis by analysis. That's it, he mused, this weekend is for enjoyment, period, he could think about it all later. Although Patrick was s*******n years old and a college freshman, he would turn eighteen in two months, no need to tell his man that he was u******e, as this might spoil everything. He wanted this man and now he had him. He was everything a boy could want. Strong, handsome, although his hair was thinning, he had a flair and an air of success about him. But he dare not hope too much. But he too for the first time was experiencing a man with whom he could easily fall in love. Charlie seemed to pick him up so easily and lower him down on his cock shooting sensations of pleasure through his whole body. Up and down, all he had to do was hold on, as his man moved his body with ease; up and down, then around, occasionally squeezing his ass cheeks.

After several minutes in this position, CC felt the boys anus big to twitch wildly, this only added to the pleasure of his first male fuck. What he didn't know was the Patrick was losing control. His cock was harder than it ever had been, his balls were tightening, and for the first time Patty came uncontrollably and without penile stimulation. His little four inch cock shot its first glob of cum on CC's chest, followed by five further shots all producing in Patty an orgasm of unbelievable pleasure. Patty yelled out loud so whomever was awake in nearby apartments could have heard his screeches of joy. Charlie was not far behind as began to shoot copious amounts of semen into the rubber. Their bodies spent and full of sweat, they fell into the bed, still embracing and kissing passionately. It was at this time that Charlie noticed the boy's beautiful eyes. A sky blue without a speck of cloud, so fuckused on him and him allone. The eye lashes were white blond unusually long and curled upwards. The perfectly tailored blond eye brows which were natural not tampered with, like a girls would be. The beautiful features and the long blond hair, wavy and full which fell almost to his shoulders. He saw the white alibaster skin, with only the occasional freckle and the soft thin unmuscular limbs. The only part of the boy's body which seemed somewhat large were the two ass cheeks which felt to soft as an infant's booty. Charlie at that time saw what he had been too blind to previously see, an absolutely beautiful boy that could be his for the taking.

“Was that your first time getting fucked?” Charlie asked the boy that was now awake, holding on to his man. “Yes it was. I hope you don't mind that I am not experienced.” Patty looked so seriously when he said that, it caused the man to laugh, a laugh that was not mocking but understanding as he retorted, “That was my first time too with another man.” With that they both laughed and decided it was time to shower and eat and then of course fuck again.

After the romantic weekend with Patrick, Charlie continued to excel in his studies graduating with honors with a degree in science. He was offered a fellowship at Stamford University. He had several friends that worked in the Mudd Chemistry Building, one very pretty secretary that recommended him to her boss for a prized fellowship. There are many foundations that will award fellowships to gifted graduate students that desire to pursue a career in an area of interest to that foudation. One fellowship which became available was for a career in bio-chemistry. This would give the gifted and charming Charlie a clear path towards a PhD in a lucrative field of science which suited him perfectly. It took him all of three years to achieve this lofty goal. With the foundation providing him with enough money to have his own apartment and fancy sports car, he continued to date Patrick. However, after Patty boy graduated, he moved to Southern California to accept a job at a design studio. Although their romance continued for several months, Patrick soon attracted another handsome man, a sexy, muscular Mexican papi who owned the design studio.
Now little Charlie was the real Dr. C Chambers Post. Using his brilliant mind and utilizing his capitalistic instincts, CC was able to get lucrative patents which within two years made him independently wealthy. His first purchase was to buy a tract of land that became available with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, high above with few neighbors, giving him the privacy which his sexual pursuits required. He accepted a position at the undergraduate school teaching organic chemistry, which put him in close contact with those fresh young undergraduates entering the large campus. CC always had an eye out for that cute boy just starting his college studies, his gaydar, a intrinsic sense of other gay men, was developed. A glance, a simple look, the occasional meeting of the eyes spoke volumes as to another man's interests. But deep inside, he felt alone. He had not been able to replace Patrick, his first male love. Maybe he would never be able to replace him. Perhaps, this is the way love works. But he dare not stop trying.

After CC turned 38yo he decided to shave off the remaining thinning light brown hair and go bald. He also started going to the gym religiously four times a week. The new look was a hit with both the single females and most importantly with the males on campus. Life had been good to Charlie, as he focused on his teaching, research and his upward social development. He was “A” list for sure on all the proper social functions. Even on campus, Dr. Post was well known and respected. Yet, there was something missing. He had accomplished everything he thought would make him happy. He had plenty of money, a magnificent home with panoramic views, the perfect sports car, social and professional prominence; but, he still had something missing. And then something happened.

With the beginning of the new school year, Post was very busy preparing for the new Fall semester. He had one introductory course which was a breeze to teach because it would be freshmen with not much interest or background in chemistry. He went over his notes, reviewing the roster of new students that had signed up for his class, 12 men and only 4 females. Finally, Charlie looked up and saw all the students, they looked so young. He swore to himself that either he was getting older or they were getting younger looking. Some looked as if they belonged in first year high school chemistry. However, one young man caught his eye. He looked down and started to call out the names, matching the face to the name. All he needed was to once attach a name to a face, purposely memorize each student so he could call their names out without looking down at his roster. The third boy on the right was Sean, he would surely keep his eye on him. After class, several students came up to ask questions, but Sean was not one of them. When he finally got home, he poured a glass of red wine and started thinking about
Sean. He pulled out a photograph of Patrick and that was it. They both looked like b*****rs. Sean was slightly taller about 5'10” and a bit broader, but they were both natural blonds with blue eyes and beautiful features. I wonder if he is, MMMMMM well, I am sure I will find out, he told himself. Next class he decided to make eye contact with the beautiful Mr. Crawford. Sure enough, their eyes met just once during the lecture and they both knew. Charlie's heart pounded the whole hour. He excused himself once to take a drink of cold water which he kept near his desk. At the end of the class the only one to come forward to talk to the professor was the shy Mr. Crawford.

“Dr. Post, sir, I hope I am not taking too much of your time,” Sean said nervously. “Of course not,” Post responded. “What can I do for you Mr. Crawford?” “Well, I have chemistry as a required course, but I must confess that I am afraid I will fall behind the class. In high school I worked my ass off just to get a C.” Sean looked down somewhat dejected. “I tell you what,” Charlie said as he put his big arm around Sean's shoulder. “I will be happy to tutor you if you promise to work hard on this subject.” Sean really enjoyed this big strong hunk of a man holding his shoulder so tight. He looked up with the brightest smile, “Oh thank you Sir. I promise I won't disappoint you. I will give it my all.” With that Sean left with his thoughts about this very interesting teacher.

At just eighteen years old, Sean was not sure of his sexuality. Although he had dated girls in high school and enjoyed sex with girls, he was afraid that he might be also attracted to guys. Unlike Patrick, Sean came from a prosperous home in San Francisco. His father was a prominent medical doctor and his mother was a professional musician. Sean was their only c***d but was not spoiled. He was loved by both his parents who would be very accepting if he chose the gay lifestyle. The only thing that troubled Sean was that he was expected to also become a medical doctor and practice with his dad. Sean had done well at his private school graduating with a 3.8 GPA. The only problem was he had a mental block with chemistry and less of one with biology. The only way to get into medical school was to overcome these blocks so when he had eye contact with his teacher, he sensed that maybe he could help him if he could get on his good side. The good Dr. Post had other ideas. That night he pictured Sean in his bed nude and as he stroked his hard cock, he shot his load remembering the boy from years ago begging to be fucked.

Two weeks into the course, Sean came up to the teacher after class and said that he had fallen behind and was not able to keep the information straight in his head. “I tell you what we can do, Sean. Why don't you come over to my house for dinner Friday evening around 7 and we can go over everything, OK?” “Oh yeah sure, thank you Dr. Post.” They traded cell phone numbers and Sean got directions. All Charlie told him was to dress casually and bring his books.

Charlie must have changed three times before he picked some casual white linen loose fitting trousers, a crisp starched white shirt open collar, and a pair of cordovan loafers, with no socks. He bought a bottle of red wine which the wine store suggested for just 15 bucks. As he arrived in his new BMW, he was impressed by the impressive sprawling ranch with the most spectacular view he had ever seen. Obviously, this teacher lived far beyond the salary of a college professor.

The two men relaxed before dinner sharing the bottle of wine that Sean had brought both seated on a large white leather sofa facing a floor to ceiling picture window looking onto the Pacific. “How long have you lived here, Dr. Post?” the boy asked. “I bought this property five years ago and a friend designed this house for me and I finally completed it last year.” I think you would love the pool and hot tub, let me show you Sean.” The older man took the boy down the path from the main house and showed him the large pool and to the side was a warm hot tub. “I think you would enjoy spending time in the evening relaxing in this hot tub after a busy day.” “Wow would I,” the boy smiled.

“I hope you are hungry, Sean, my cook Maria has spent all evening making my favorite Mexican dishes. Let us go back to the house and get started.” With that Charlie took Sean by the arm and guided his guest back up to the house and over to a large dining room. They sat at a large rectangular marble table with modern tan leather chairs. Maria outdid herself serving hot but not too spicy food in six courses. Sean had never eaten such good home made Mexican food before and tried not to make a pig of himself. CC smiled as he enjoyed the boy eating each dish and gushing praise as if he had never eaten excellent food before. The truth was that both of his parents lived very busy lives and the closest thing Sean had ever tasted to Mexican food was Taco Bell.

After dinner, Maria picked up the dishes, ran the dish washer and as instructed left for home. Now the two men were alone in the living room enjoying a French Cognac in large brandy sniffers. To Charlie's surprise Sean sat very close to him, so it was natural for him to put his left arm around the boy's shoulder. In the past, Charlie would have made a move on the boy and the next step would be the bedroom. But this was not like that. This was more subtle, more relaxed, more cerebral, perhaps more mature. Their mutual anticipation to this evening would not and could not be hurried. This social interaction had its own dynamics and they would take their time.
Unlike Patrick, Sean had short blond hair and was distinctly more masculine. He was soft spoken but had a normal voice with no trace of femininity. Sean was also more athletic as he had played high school rugby and had also been on the swimming team. Although the boy was also beautiful, with clear blue eyes, and lovely features, no one would guess he was obviously gay.

CC decided to open up the subject and flat out asked Sean if he was gay. The boy responded honestly looking at the man with teary eyes, “I am not sure, but I think I am gay, although I have never had a gay experience.” “Well, I am gay,” the teacher confessed. “I have known since I was a student right here at this school.” Post then slowly told his story about his discovery and then further confessed that he also was very attracted to the boy. Patrick smiled, “I kind of knew it from when we first made eye contact in class. I could not help but coming to you with my problem in the hopes of getting closer to you Dr. Post and that is the truth.” Charlie then looked directly at Patrick and said, “In class, I am Dr. Post, but if we are here or if we go out socially you can call me CC or Charlie, although I prefer CC.”

“Another thing, Sean,” the professor continued “although I should not date undergraduate students due to professional conduct regulations and although I am, as I said, very attracted to you, I promised I would help you. I am not sure whether I said that for selfish reasons or not, but if you chose not to sl**p with me and I am not your type, I will help you none the less. No strings attached.” The boy then put his arms around the man and kissed him on the neck. “Thank you CC, that is so kind of you. But one of the reasons I asked you to help me is that I am afraid that I am just as attracted to you as you are to me.”

The two men held each other and kissed then laughed and continued to talk, sharing their lives in intimate details. CC could not remember a more pleasurable evening, as they finished two more glasses of cognac. They both could not stop sharing with each other until they noticed that the sun must be rising as the sky grew brighter. When Charlie looked at his watch it was almost seven o'clock in the morning. CC could not believe he had had more fun with all his clothes still on.

“Well boy, you have a choice. You can go home or you can sl**p here if you want. If you decide to stay, you can either sl**p here on the couch or you can sl**p with me on my bed.”
“Are you k**ding me?” the boy laughed, “I want you next to me for as long as you let me.”
“Well, we better shower first and then hit the sack, unless something else pops up.” the teacher quipped.

In the shower they each admired their bodies. Sean loved the tall muscular older man and CC equally admired the boys trim smooth body and soft yet muscular buns, paying special attention to Sean tight hairless boy hole. They never got soft but decided to save the lovemaking for the bedroom. In the future these two men would make love in the kitchen, dining room table and outside in the pool and hot tub. No room or closet was spared as they used their imaginations to prepare scenes, including **** scenes that would end up in passionate lovemaking. This was better than sex and it never got old.

Unfortunately, the proper Dr. C. Chambers Post could not help keeping an eye open to other good looking men on campus, such as the senior in Part One of this story. But as you can see in the other pictures in the “Teacher's Pet” album on this webpage, CC came home to his boy that was eagerly waiting for his man to come home. His willing blond boy that would fulfill his life as no one else could.

In time Sean's parents accepted their relationship ship and they would spend their holidays together as a f****y. Sean flourished, excelling in all his courses and was able to be accepted to medical school.

The End.
PS There will be other stories to follow. Please leave your comments to this story, as they motivate me to continue to write.
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lead me to a far away land.
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You're talented! You have a flair! I loved it!Gripping,(no pun intended, but upon reflection and the state I'm in at this very moment, which is hard and I have a firm GRIP on my cock that's spurting all over my abs and chest lol!) sexually charged and very HOT! I am a fan and avidly await more!!
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Good ending! You got me hard and thinkin!!!
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