Photo Album:Teacher's Pet, Part Two

Dr. C. Chambers Post, grew up in a religious Roman Catholic home in a working class neiborhood in Queens, NY. As a young man, he knew he was different from the other boys in his school. But with a strong religious mother and distant transit worker father, he felt it best to keep his sexual predilictions to himself. He was tall, 6'2", handsome, young man with a well built body. As a 17 yo high school senior, he enjoyed being persued by the young ladies in their circle of friends. His two older b*****rs had followed their father in the transit buisness, where if they worked hard for 25 years, they could retire with a good pension and full health benifits for life. However, Charlie wanted more in life rather than follow his older siblings in their mediocre lives. So he applied and was accepted at Stamford. He was leaving for California to make his own mark on his own terms. He had excellent grades with a mind for math and science and he was sure he would succeed. So Charlie Post became C. Chambers Post, oh so proper with three names.

The proper Mr. Post dated beautiful coeds at Stanford, but his eyes betrayed his real desires and that was cute slim gay boys. However, he had a hard time overcoming his Irish Cathic guilt. All Sodomites would end up in Hell, so the priests preached, his mother nodding in agreement. But finally as a senior he finally allowed him to return the admiring look at a pretty 17yo freshman that had been cruising him as he walked shirtless towards his apartment which he shared with two other senior hunks. He pulled the boy to an empty basement and ordered the boy to his knees, the boy obediently complied with his command. This boy had the pleasure of giving Charlie his first blow job. That was it. No woman had ever pleased him in this way. The boy was so eager to please and took his time enjoying every part of the proper Mr. Post's privates. As Charlie's balls constricted and he was reaching orgasm, the k** massaged his testicles and began to swallow every drop of cum. Charlie's knees buckled as he experienced his first totally pleasurable blow job. However, this boy was not finished. His mouth left the now limp cock and moved to his balls, licking under the low hangers to that sensitive area, tasting all the salty swet and sniffing that manly musk of this shirtless conguest. These new pleasures caused Charly to get another erection. This time the thin blond cutey used his tongue stroking the pisslit as he sucked, occasionally biting gently on the cock head as he took the whole 7.5" cock into his throat. Post came again in just ten minutes, almost as powerfully as before. Wow! Great!

That was it. His first gay experience out of the way, C. Chambers would continue to live as a respected member of the heterosexual community. He would marry a proper girl from a respected, connected f****y and become fabulously wealthy. But just in case, he took the boys number.

Charlie had put the whole gay thing out of his mind which was now focused on what to do after graduation. He had a 3.85 Grade Point Average (GPA) which had put him close to the top in his class. He would have a BS degree from the equivalent of Havard on the West Coast and he had carefully groomed his imagage to denote a proper upbringing, which would dismiss his real working class roots. He had been recruited by a major East Coast company, but prefered keeping a distance from his plebian f****y. He could just imagine his friends being exposed to his dad and b*****rs as they would laugh historicly at there trading farts. Oh no, C. Chambers or now CC as some budies called him, would be want to die before destroying his painfully constructed persona. In fact he had gone so far as to join the Episcapal Church, where he found many of the same proper people. He also enjoyed the open mindedness an attitude of their priests and laity. In fact, many of the leaders of this church were openly gay and perfectly accepted in their community. He knew his mother, who insisted on a call every week or would plague him with guilt, would have suffered a premature heart attack if she ever found out her little Charlie had given up on the only true church and the only path to salvation. But there was something missing.

A few weeks before graduation, he found out his two roomates were taking their gals to on a camping trip and he would be alone for the entire weekend. It had been weeks that Charlie had uncorked the bottle of his true sexuality and the genie refused to return to the bottle. Finally, after wrestling with himself he called that sweet blond Patrick, damn another Irishman, he thought. Of course the boy was free that weekend. The idea of converting a straight guy was more than a gay boy could hope for, especially a hot, muscular hung senior.

Saturday morning CC woke up nude with Patrick wrapped around his body like a sweet c***d. As he looked at the boy with long curly blond hair smooth trim body and a now limp small penis, he reached down and felt the boys soft smooth hairless bubble ass. He massaged the two globes as they stuck out so temptingly from his tiny waist. The boy moaned softly, still asl**p. It felt so right. He then realized that he could not deny himself his true identy any longer, nomatter what people would think. If he was going to make it, he must make it on his true self, a proud gay man. Of course this would not include his meticulously polished image which he now considered to be his own identity which would not imprison him to his parental social limitations. He remembered showering with the boy before heading to bed. Patrict so willingly letting CC to carefully scrub his butt, even soaping and fastidulously cleaning his rectal area. Patrick realized that he enjoyed the man being in complete control, in fact, being dominated was a huge turn on for him.

In bed Patrick was so happy when CC kissed him passionately on the lips, maybe this guy really liked him and wasn't just using him to get off as his older b*****r had done when he was just 12 yo. Jack, who was 5 years older, would f***e Patrick to blow him when his girl was not arround. This took place for a couple of years until Jack finally moved out and moved in with his now pregnant girl friend. Patrick always knew he was gay, his almost feminine beauty betraying his futile attempts at masculinity. In high school, he hung out with girls, almost all the time. Patrick was tired of being called fag, sissy, cock sucker, by the straight boys who when noone was around would want Patty to service them. Patrick was not good at sports, but had a great sence of style. He also had a good mind and got straight "A" in high school. This was another reason the boys would mock him out of sheer jealousy. Now that he was in college he still found himself looking at the straight athletes with their great bodies all sweaty after practice. But he was too scared to approach anyone, remembering how brutal guys could be in high school. This is why he was shocked when one of the admired men on campus looked back at him and smiled. Maybe CC really was that man of his dreams after all. But then again he remembered the gay national anthem: "Maybe This Time."

CC was really turned on by this smooth pretty boy. The boy kissed his body as if he was drooling over Michelangelo's Kind David. Maybe this boy's worship is what he was looking for in a guy. Charlie flexed his pecs as the boy licked and revered his body. His abs displayed its six pack, as the boy continued his adoration. Then down the right leg, not missing a major muscle, the boy continued the idol worship until he got to his feet. Patrick carefully took each toe in his mouth and sucked and licked as if he had just been served a prized desert at Le Cirque in New York. His journey back up the left leg was painfully slow, as now CC's cock was leaking precum, so Charlie barked, "Get to my fucking cock, faggot!" "Yes, Dr. Post, whatever you say, sir," Patrick stated softly. MMMM Dr. Post, CC liked that a lot. Maybe he would go for his PhD. Patty quickly started to savor the precum as if tasting that sinfully decadent and delicious Sache Torte in Vienna. The boy moaned softly as he finished the last of the secretions, and then going down to CC's balls. Each testicle was carefully swirled in his mouth shooting sharp sensations in CC's brain. Now the man was ready for the next previously just imagined step. He would fuck this pretty blond, blue eyed boy toy in the ass.

"I want you to go doggy style, Patty boy," CC instructed. "Yeah thats it, k**. Now stick that pretty ass up, come on bitch, head down on the pillow," the boss continued. And there it was, his own bitch boy ass to do as he pleased. It was larger than he had orginally imagined, as the boy wore larger loose fitting jeans which gripped his hips way below the waistline, showing his boxer shorts. I guess this is how the "wana be" rappers wore there pants. Now his prize was willingly served up to him by his obedient boy. It felt like a baby's bottom, so soft and hairless, he kissed it as if he was adoring his new gift. Both cheeks received the horny man's adoration, as the bottom boy moaned softly in a preadolescent voice, as if he had yet to reach puberty. Finally, he spread the boys cheeks wide to see a titely clamped anus, as if this boy had never been penetrated. Oh wow, he thought, I am going to deflower this c***d. Well, even if he wasn't a virgin, he would imagine he was, as he was even more turned on now. CC went to work on this male cunt, first kissing then licking softly. "Oh, yeah, MMMMMM, that feels so good, sir," the boy trying to feign masculinity spoke with his deepest voice. Now CC began to suck which caused the anus to open slightly, with that his tongue probed deeper. The boy was now feeling crazy with the desire to be fucked. "Please, please fuck me Sir!" The boy continued to beg as CC's tongue probed even deeper. While still tonguing the boy pussy, CC got a rubber and placed it on his dick. He then took special lube and aplied it
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5 months ago
great story,tts so beliveabl
3 years ago
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3 years ago
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4 years ago
Thaz hot when a lil older dude (TEACHER! OR DADDDY TYPE!) wants a younger skinny smoooth kinda feminine lil dude!
4 years ago
Sorry, my mistake. As you can tell I mistakenly sent it in without even finishing a sentence. How stupid is that? I will be finishing the story soon.