Story Behind Teacher's Pet

(Pic One)
When the two seniors were asked by their Chemistry Professor to stay after class, Bob and Cindy were a bit concerned. They had taken an important exam in this required course and a failure might jeopardise their ability to graduate. Mr. Post, in a stoic manner handed them both their exams and when they looked they saw they their grade was "F". Oh No! Cindy would use her beautiful breasts on this handsome older man to try to get him to change the grade. Unbeknown to Cindy Dr.Post was gay and really liked the boys.
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Cindy was pissed. All of her sweetness and females charms got her nowhere. So she snarled at Bob and gave him the middle finger.
(Pic Three)
Bob thought, "Damn, I am fucked." But he had to do something, after all of the work and expense, it was unimaginable not to graduate with his class. So he went up to his teacher, got up close, put his arm arount Mr. Post's shoulder and begged, "Please, please Mr. Post, I can't fail Organic Chemistry. I will do anything you want, anything."
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Dr. Eugene Post was a very successful chemist who had secured lucritive patents and only kept his job teaching at the college because at 38yo, his taste for men was young and cute. As a Top, the fucker, he loved young smooth asses and a tight ass hole. Although he had recently moved in a new,young,smooth, blond freshmen into his magnificent home overlooking the ocean, Post always had an eye for new young conquests. The professor had watched Bob all symester, always sitting with his gal Cindy, not paying as much attention to class as he should have. But now Bob was offering himself. MMMMMM what to do? So he got up, put his arm around Bob's shoulder and explained what might be done to help in this crisis.
It took no time for Bob to decide that he had no choice, he would have to endure the older man's sexual desires. After all, how bad could it be? He could just forget it happened and the teacher was in no position to let anyone know.
(Pic Five)
"Bend over now! Bob followed the barked order and bent over the desk. It was no problem to expose this boy's ass. Thank God for oversized jeans the boys wear now, Post thought, as he inspected his new smooth full and soft yet firm prize.
Bob found the teacher's facination with his butt somewhat strange, but he figured that once he begain his medical career, he could just consider this just another sacrifice. As Post kissed, licked all around his ass, Bob was enjoying the attention, saying to himself: "Why can't Cindy do this to me?" Then the horny professor spread his cheeks and licked his anus. "Oh, wow!" Bob moaned. His asshole twitched with please as Post licked deeper, opening the hole to what would be his deflowering.
(Pic Six)
Bob smiled and looked back to watch the chemist feel and gently caress his now open and stimulated buttocks. Post was very satisfied with this boy's ass, how smooth, soft, tender and yet virgin ass.
(Pic Seven)
When Post and Bob began to play, Bob thought it would go down quickly, this is why he was so willing to go along with what would have been an unthinkable encounter on his part. But when he was ordered to get on his knees and suck the teacher's big cock, he gagged at the idea. No way would he be a "cock sucking fag." However, a gentle reminder of the cost of noncompliance, f***ed him to finally accept his role.
(Pic Eight)
So he closed his eyes and began to suck. It wasn't until he started to taste the salty precum that he almost walked out, thereby kissing his brilliant medical career goodbye.
(Pic Nine)
Now that Bob's rectum was stimulated and partialy opened by all the licking, kissing and sucking, it was time for him to feel Post's dick enter this sensitive and painful part of his body. Post pushed and his dickhead broke through Bob's anal ring, causing excruciating pain. Bob yelled, but no one could hear him, as the class was held in a remote part of the science building. The professor stopped, allowing Bob to adjust to this new experience. Slowly the pain subsided and Post pushed again until his cock was all the way inside the former ass virgin's hole. Bob imagined his insides were being ripped, but time allowed him to adjust again and the pain slowly subsided.
(Pic Ten)
It was time to change positions. Bob was told to get on his back on the desk, and he obeyed, Post raising one leg and noticing that this boys ass hole now had gapped. So Post penetrated him again, this time more gently and Bob could feel the teachers dick massaging that special spot, his prostrate gland. This started to feel somewhat pleasurable and Bob started to get an erection.

(Pic Eleven)
With this unusual feeling deep inside his body, Bob started to masterbate, his dick stimulated as never before.
(Pic Twelve)
Now that this boy was cooperating, Post took him from behind again and Bob started moving his ass in rythm with the thrusts.
(Pic Thirteen)
Now it was time for the finish. Post got behind Bob on the desk and Bob lifted his leg and started to enjoy the deep hard thrusts as both their sweat started to mingle. Bob came first, having the most intense orgasm he could remember. When Dr. Post was ready, he removed his rubber and blew his load all over Bob's back.
With that they kissed and Post told Bob he could make up the exam later. Bob said he kinda enjoyed their sex but had to work out some issues. Post thought how nice it would be to have a Teacher's Pet at school and not just at home.
They cleaned up at the lab next to the classroom and Bob went to meet Cindy and Post got into his Porche and drove home.

End of Part One.
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My cock is hard and won't go down after reading this!!!
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Fucking hot story. Get me really hard. :)
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very good. it totally turned me on
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Sorry my mistake about unfinished Part 2.
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cute...well got turned me on.. i like older women..
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very well done..can't wait for part 2
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mmm more please