Halloween night done right pt 2

When I saw Erin kiss Lindsey my penis was instantly hard again. Lindsey was 5 foot 8 130 pounds with a very athletic body from her soccer career at our school. She had large C almost D cup breasts and blonde hair complemented by her blue eyes. I got up and set out to add Lindsey to my newly started slut list.

She was dressed in tights and a very short dress she was supposed to be some kind of disco girl, but all it look like to me was a sluts cry for awakening. Lindsey like Erin was a virgin but her hymen had been broken by basketball a long time ago.

Anyway I got up and told lindsey to put her hands on the foot of the bed and bend over. She slowly did so, probably still in shock from being caught. I told her she was going to answer some questions and if she didn’t she was going to get the spanking of her life. I told Erin to get Lindsey’s tights off which she did hungrily. Lindsey’s pussy was dripping wet and Erin was looking at it lustfully. I told Erin to start eating her out when I asked a question and continue until she answered. Erin smirked with approval.

Me “ So Lindsey why were you here early?”
Lindsey “ I um ooooooooohhhhh shit” (erin was doing as she was told) “I came over early because Erin asked me to.”

Erin immediately looked at me and shook her head in disbelief.

WHACK!! I smacked Lindsey’s ass so hard it made the bed shake.

Me “ IF you lie again I will make it worse!! Now tell the truth!”
Lindsey “ ummmm ARGGG oh um I came to ask Erin if she needed any last minute supplies for the party!! honest.”

Me “ Why were you watching me and Erin fuck?”
LIndsey “ I dont know why......”

SMACK I hit her ass harder than before and she moaned with pleasure.

Lindsey “ Because I am a slut and I wanted your cock inside me... OOOO FUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!”

Erin had been going to town on Lindsey’s virgin pussy and Lindsey (a squirter as well) shot liquid all over her red headed friends face.

Me “ last question do you want me and Erin to fuck you right now? and If you do whenever I call you after this you will respond to my call ready to fuck understand?”

Lindsey “ I am begging you please fuck me silly I am your cum slut and I will pleasure you day or night anywhere anytime!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE”

I then laid her on the bed and stripped off her shirt and her breasts popped out, she wasn’t wearing a bra, the slut. I told her to spread her legs wide and right has she did I rammed my cock into her pussy.


SHe was lost in her pleasure I had awakened her inner slut.....
She took the reigns and flipped over on top of me to ride me cowgirl and Erin seeing her chance dangled her pussy right above my face and i started eating her out.

Orgasm after orgasm erupted from each girl and i almost got lost in the pleasure and remembered i had to pull out before i came.

I barley got out in time and both girls got on the floor mouths wide open and I came. I filled their mouths plus some and then we all passed out for an hour only waking up when Erins 30 minute warning alarm to the party when off. We all cleaned up and got presentable so that no one would know the fun we had already had.
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3 years ago
very hot. cant wait for part three.