Halloween night done right pt 1

It was on Halloween night that I learned of my abilities to please a woman and this is the story of how I found out.

Erin was a beautiful redhead from my school. 5foot 5 with a very slender frame complimented by 34 c breasts and an ass that made every guy go instantly hard. She was a knockout!! I was 6foot 2 slim but althletic with my muscles starting to devolp nicely. Needless to say she was out of my league or so I thought....

She invited me to her Halloween party which I thought was odd considering we never talked much. I accepted and set out to get a costume, I ended up being a cowboy. I was really excited about the Party especially since Erin asked me to come over 2 hours early to help her with something. When I arrived her house was set up perfectly with decorations and food being Prepared I didnt see why she needed me.... I soon found out.....

She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to dance so I agreed knowing that my dancing was average at best. She turned on a very erotic song and started grinding on me almost instantly. My dick was starting to swell because not only did she have an ass tO marvel at she was dressed as a cowgirl, one of my fetishes. My dick was soon rock hard and pressuring so hard on my jeans I thought it would rip thrOugh. She gave me a seductive look and asked if I needed some help with that. This is where our dialogue begins:

Erin " lets go upstairs I want to show you my room"

Me "ok sounds good!!" I thought of her naked and was getting super excited.

After we got up stairs she closed her door behind me and whispered "do you want me? Because I want you to be my first!"

All I could do was nod and she was instantly pulling of all my clothes revealing my 7 and a half inch cock. She started lustfully at it but before she could make another move I striped her naked and layed her down on the bed. Her pussy was clean shaven and soaking wet and her nipples were erect, she was mine. I took my dick and playfully outlined the enterence to her vagina. She started moaning and the begged for me to fuck her like and a****l.

Erin " I need you inside me please I am your slut and will do anything for you.

I smirked. I told her to ride my cock like a horse and with put another word she had flipped over on top of me and was going to town on my cock cowgirl style. It wasn't long before her first oragsm erupted, and I found out she was a squirter which I would have fun with later. Her huge breasts were bouncing up and down and I was struggling to keep from cuming. Her pussy was so tight and a perfect fit for my first time. Orgasms continually shot through her body and right as
I was about to cum she came again and slipped off my cock exhausted. However I was going to make her realize how much of a slut she was. I made her suck my cock and taste her sweet nectar. Possessed by some inner desire she soon had me shooting my load all over her face And breasts. We were exhausted. All the sudden I was shocked to full attention. Erin's best friend Lindsey had walked to the party early and seen me and Erin fucking. She was standing in the entrance
Of the room with her hand in her pants scared by our realization of her presence the Erin got up kissed her softly and lead her to the bed.....
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Yes would you like it?
3 years ago
Very good. Is there a second part?