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She had him when he was tipsey (as told to me by

I am a divorced mother of three, all of them out on their own, now. I am 5'3" and 129 lbs with a very good figure for my age. My 24 y/o son came to visit and went out on the town and came home d***k. he spent the weekend in town and went out drinking and came home very d***k and passed out. I undressed him and was surprised when I found a celtic tattoo just above his got him undressed and on the bed and saw the tattoo and was trying to see what it was of....I gently moved his penis out of the way and it started swelling, he was laying there passed out on the bed naked and getting... Continue»
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f******n Frat boys fucked me in one day.

A friend of mine called last week and said there were a dozen college boys on there way to Florida for a week of partying. He said he had set up for a friend to gang bang them but at the last minute it fell through and he had no way to contact the boys to cancel. He asked me if I would be willing to bang them the next day. He has know me for years and knows I play and do gang bangs. It has been a while since I have done a large group that young, so, I was excited at the idea and agreed. I met them at the agreed upon spot and spent the entire day fucking 14 frat boys over and over as well as g... Continue»
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[Story] I was my Husband's hooker

It was 1986 and I was 21 and had been married for less than a year when my husband, Steve, came to me with a problem. Steve owned a painting business and had a crew of 6 mMexicans working for him painitng a new apartment complex here in town. Steve told me that if he could finish the contract a weeek early, he would get a huge bonus. He had promised his crew that if they finished early, he would rent a hotel room, buy them a few cases of beer and whiskey, and hire them a hooker for a party. Well.... They had finished it early, he was going to get the bonus, but not for a few weeks. Problem wa... Continue»
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[Story] I was my Husband's hooker

Era 1986 y yo tenía 21 años y había estado casado por menos de un año cuando mi marido, Steve, vino a mí con un problema. Steve tenía un negocio de pintura y tenía una tripulación de 6 mMexicans trabajando para él painitng un nuevo complejo de apartamentos aquí en la ciudad. Steve me dijo que si él pudiera terminar el contrato de un weeek temprano, iba a conseguir una ventaja enorme. Le había prometido a su tripulación que si se terminó temprano, iba a alquilar una habitación de hotel, los compran unos pocos casos de cerveza y whisky, y contratar a una prostituta para una fiesta. Bueno .... Se... Continue»
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[Story] I did a gang bang for my daughter's friends..

Yes, my did a strip and gang bang for my daughters college freinds after she set it in motion, unknowingly. This will need some backstory, so forgive me.
I was married to Steve at 19 and began swinging with my husband at 20. He loved to see me sahred with others and video taped a lot of what I did when we played. For years there was a box of video tapes in the back of my closet after we divorced with 10-12 years worth of my sexual exploits on them. Then I went back to college in my 30's and met Mike. We hit it off and had fun and great sex and I eventually told him about my swinging past a... Continue»
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