Before The f****y Comes Home

Before the f****y Comes Home

*** This is 99% true event that happened VERY recent***

Job searching can stressful and irritating.... Let me rephrase that. Job search IS stressful and irritating!

For the past few weeks I have been searching for a second job, to help pay some of the bills that have been quickly piling up. After experiencing more "NO's" then "YES's" for the past few months, eventually it took a toll on me. I really needed a break.... A SEX break....

I was feeling really horny today, hornier then usual. I really didn't want to use my hand and the urge for someone to really suck me off was strong. I haven't had a BJ in for I don't know how long, all I knew was that I had to get some RIGHT NOW.

I usually don't do hook up sites for many reasons, one for all the crazy people out there and two guys are just too picky and want a GQ stud that they know will never find.

Today, I decided to post on Craigslist and see what I could find. I looked down the list to see who was and near my area and it figured that all the guys in my area were all... lets just say.... "A bunch of Queens living in Porn world of flawless, extremely HOT men, who can fuck and suck all night."

I was actually ready to give up until I saw a post that said, "Nice Looking bear hosting- 43" He was about 15 minutes from me. Here are few excerpts from his post:

"Hey guys!
Nice looking masc married bearish guy here with a really FAT rod and stiff as can be ready to explode. I'm 43, 6', 220, br/bl, short beard, hairy, discrete and dd free. Stop by on your way home from work, come in my garage and I'll drop my pants for you.
You work on my fat stick till it blows wherever you like. Then you go."

Now usually I don't go for Straight married men only because they are attached and majority of them have families. But it was something about the post that really got me interested in him (maybe because he was an older daddy bear).

So I made contact with him through email and I even sent a photo just to see if he was interested. Within 10 minutes he responded in short sentences, "I'm interested. Don't have much time. I'm_________. How Long?"

At first I was confused at what the rush was but then he told me that his f****y was going to be home soon and we had till 8:15. It was 7:20. I was turned off hearing the f****y part and I thought about declining. BUT I was still fucking horny as hell!!

Thinking about the time restrictions, I then wrote him back and asked if we can try tomorrow if it was possible. He was persistent telling me that was extremely horny and needed someone to suck him off. Then he sent me his address and a few directions.

"Come up to my garage and it will be open." he wrote.

The pressure was getting to me. It was 7:35 and he still wanted me. I had to decline. "Were going to have to do it another time, especially during this traffic."

He wrote back, "Monday is my only day off, sure you can't make it by 7:45? I really want to feel a guy's mouth on my dick!"

That was it for me. I told him I would be there as fast as I could!

Then I jumped up and brushed my teeth and ran out the door in a white T and black jeans. The rain poured down on my way to his house, then cleared back up once I got to his subdivision in a nice rural area.

When I got to his house, the garage door was open like he said, and soon the butterflies filled up my stomach. Here I was about to give a stranger a BJ and all because we were both horny.

I looked at my clock and it said 7:48 and suddenly the thought of his f****y coming home busting us filled my brain. Damn this was fucking intense!!!

When I got out my car and walked up to the garage and saw him walk out from the door that led to the inside of his house.

He was soooo fuckin' sexy. Just the type of bear daddy I wanted in the back of my mind. Slowly the thought of getting this guy off became the goal of the evening and I didn't care if I got off.

"Hey James right?" He said. "You look a hell of a lot better in person."

"Thanks, I think I should take that photo down." I say with a nervous laugh. "Are you ready?" I asked shaking his hand and checking him out.

He was a brunette, short hair, goatee, mustache, and had a hairy body. His calves were THICK and muscled! I immediately got hard as a rock shaking his hand.

"I've been ready." he said pulling down his sweat shorts and pulling on his very THICK cock. I licked my lips and got down on my knees and began to suck him on.

The fear dissipated and all on my mind was pleasing this straight married man with my throat. His thick cock filled my mouth and I hungrily sucked him up, quickly at first, but then slowed down to let him feel what I could do.

He was a moaner... a definitely plus for me. I worked my tongue all over his dick, but I really couldn't do everything I wanted with the time restraint. I pulled down on his hairy balls and messaged them in my hand.

He grabbed my head and used me to jerk him off.

"Oh man, your mouth feels so good!" He said.

Hearing that made me moan like crazy on his dick. I deep throated him a few times, but since I had just ate an hour or so ago, I didn't want to do much for any accidents. I did more head worshipping then anything.

For some reason his dick, started getting soft and then he told me to come in his house. He pulled up his pants and I got up off the floor and quickly followed him to his living room.

On the couch was his laptop and his screen saver showed his young son. I turned away from it, so I wouldn't get any second thoughts....

He closed the curtains and sat on the couch and took off his pants and I slurped him back in my mouth. I jerked him off with my hand and used my big lips to suck up and down his fatty.

Soon his dick began to leak a ton of precum in my mouth and it was great. Thick and tangy, sweet. In no time, this BJ became a wet, loud BJ with saliva covering his dick and OUR moans filling the room. He tasted so good, I couldn't wait to see him cum.

He grabbed my head and felt all over my head with his hands, and that really got me going. I pulled and messaged his balls and that triggered him.

"Ah man, I'm gonna cum." he said.

I didn't let up. I deepthroated him a few times then backed away jerking his dick and his cum shot directly on my tongue and some in my mouth, the rest dribbled down his fingers.

I licked his cum, tasting the gooey sweetness and immediately got happy.

"Thanks man! You have a great dick." I say licking my lips.

"Thanks for the BJ. It was awesome. We have to plan this again." he said.

"Yeah definitely. Hopefully we'll have more time next time." I say.

I walk out the door and kinda speed walk to my car, in fear that he wife my show up at any second.

When I drove off I couldnt help but to think, "I wonder if his wife can suck like I did." I answered NO in my head (LOL!)

THE END (Once again this is a true story, the only thing different is the Craigslist posting so I couldn't reveal too much)
90% (41/5)
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1 year ago
Now that was hott
2 years ago
good one
2 years ago
Really hot... Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
urgh so fucking good man.
3 years ago
Great story! I do that a lot here in Waco. I love sucking off married guys at their house...some will fuck me too. It really makes me hot. Thanks for your story. Tris
3 years ago
i got off
3 years ago
Got Me Hard
4 years ago
that is a good one, glad you are one of the few that really shows up from Craigslist! you are a rarity!
4 years ago
nice, more plz
4 years ago
damn thts the best story i have ever read u made me cum
4 years ago
Hey talking about a quicky that was one loved it thanks i have a new post cumming out soon if you have time let me what you think.
4 years ago
good job, keep us posted.
4 years ago
hey nice one. i like real stories