More Than Just A Game Part 2

When I got up this morning, I made my usual walk over to my b*****r's room to wake him up for school. Donny is a senior in high school while I'm in my third year of college.

I crept in his room and saw that he was still sl**ping, loudly snoring as usual, but his amazing upper body was still out and exposed to the world. He looked like porn model purposely laying in position with his arm up over his head and his other arm covering his abs. This was just perfect.... he was perfect!

I walk over and pull his bed comforter down and his soft thick cock laid there dormant, waiting for attention. I picked it up and jerked it for him, it slowly grew hard in my hand as I moved my other hand up and down his hairy muscled body.

Once he was fully hard, I gazed at its massiveness. I felt so lucky to be down here and to do this to him every morning. Since that last encounter with him winning his first game, I've been worshipping my younger b*****rs big cock every since. He loved the fact that I loved his body and was willing to do whatever he wanted.

I sucked him whenever he wanted and sometimes he would return the favor. Most of the time I was more focused on pleasing him before turning to me.

Precum began to ooze from the top of his head and that was my cue to start sucking him. I've gotten way better at cocksucking, practicing on his big cock made me better then ever. So good to the point were I dont even use my hands anymore, my mouth and throat did all the work while my hand messaged and caressed his nice hairy ball sack and other parts of his body.

I went to work on that cock, slurping and sucking as loud as I could to over power his snoring. What usually got him up was when I licked the base underside of his cock all the way up to his sensitive spot. That usually got his attention.

When that didnt work sometimes or if we were in a rush, I would just tug roughly on his balls to get a little pain going and that worked all the time. Today there was no rush, and I had woke up early thinking about feeding on his cock.

Donny's snores soon quieted down and he began to stir in his sl**p. I reached up and pinched his nipples to get them rock hard in my hand.

My tongue worked up and down, sliding up down, feeling his dick pulsing from the bl**d pumping through it. I was rewarded with more precum, filling my mouth everytime I hit that special spot.

I felt his hand grab my hand that was working on his hard nips. I look up and I see him smiling down at me, those gorgeous blue eyes hypnotizing me getting me hard in my underwear.

"And good morning to you b*o." his groggy deep voice said.

I tried my best to smile with his dick in my mouth, but that was too hard.

He reached up and pulled my head up off his dick.

"Mmm, why'd you do that? I wasn't finished." I say.

"I wanna suck you too. Turn around he said." he said.

I get up and take off my underwear and I lay on top of him in 69 position. I went back down on his dick. He grabbed my ass and began sucking on my dick.

We couldn't have been in a more hotter position, with me on top of him feeling hairy against smooth. His hands rubbing all over my ass and my back. My hands rubbing his thick muscular thighs and amazing calves of a God.

Donny was doing such a great job on my dick, my moaning got louder when it shouldn't have. Our parents were right down the hallway, if they ever caught us doing this... God I don't know what they would do.

Suddenly he stuck his finger in my ass, and began poking in and out of me. Donny went deep in me, then adding another finger. Obviously my moaning was turning him on to the point where he just kept adding fingers in me.

He smacked my ass with his other hand making my ass tighten up on his fingers. His mouth sucked harder on my cock, he was desperately trying to make me cum. That only made me work hard on getting him off with my throat.

I grabbed his balls and pulled and stretched them. My mouth got even more slick with his precum, wet sloppy noises filled the room. His moans soon filled the room along with mine.

Thats when I felt it happening. My balls tightened up and my cum instantly filled up his mouth, surprisingly his cum began to shoot in my mouth. I quickly did my best to suck up his big load, I hear him choking on my load... it must have been too much for him!

I licked and sucked the last few drops from his softening dick and I flip over off of him. Both of us catching a breath for a few minutes.

"Alright, I guess its time for school." I say. "We better get ready before dad and mom get up."

"Yeah, I guess." Donny said. I could tell by his tone that he didn't want to go.

I left his room and did my usual morning duties and then we headed off to school.


While I was in class, he texted me saying that he wanted to play the game when we got home. I texted him back saying yes. A few minutes later he texted me saying that whoever lost the next game has to bottom and has to do whatever the winner says. I text back, Alright Im up for that. I couldnt wait to get out of class....


I got on the road and drove down to Donny's school and picked him up. When he got in that car, he gave me a really hot kiss right in the parking lot where everyone was leaving classes.

"Wow, what was that for?" I say feeling somewhat embarrassed.

"Cause I missed you." he said nonchalantly.

"Yeah but everyone is around...."

"Who gives a fuck about them. I'll fuck you right here on top of the trunk if I want to." he said.

"I bet you would, then we'd both be in jail for all types of shit." I say.

"Come on let's go, I wanna see who win's this next game." he said.

Not another word was said, as I drove us home.

When we got there, I was surprised to see dad's car in the driveway.

"Dude what the fuck is Dad doing here?" Donny said out loud.

"I don't know, but if he's here there is no way we are going to do what we want." I say driving up next to his car.

We both got out the car and walked into the house. The TV was on down the hallway so I knew Dad was there.

"Dad what are you doing home?" Donny yelled.

Dad was lying on the couch with a blanket over him and he stared at the TV.

"I was sent home because the closed the plant today." He said.

"Donny and I were just about to play the game after we came home from class." I say.

"You guys have the game all day and night, let me just relax a little and enjoy the game for a while." he said.

"But Dad..."

I stopped Donny from speaking and pointed him out of the room. Donny was pissed but I already had another plan. He followed me up to my room and I took a deck of cards from my drawer.

"We are playing Strip BlackJack.... easy concept.... shorter way of getting in your pants." I say with a smile.

"But I wanna play the...."

"Shhhh.... Don't talk." I say getting closer to him. "We both know thats not gonna happen if dad is down there. Now get on the bed and let's start playing." I demand.

I close the door, we sat on the bed and I shuffled the cards.

"You better not have much on cause I'm too horny to wait." I say.

"All I got is this T, pants, socks, and boxers." He said.

"Great.... Remember the person who loses is the one submitting."

I pulled out his two cards and dealed out mine. He won that first game so I took off my shirt. He won the next two, but then I won the next three games. All I had was my boxers and socks and he just had his boxers on.

I stared at that sexy Hulk of man in front of me and I was already to pounce on him. I had some ideas of what to do to him.

I pulled up my last two cards and there it was, 21 over his 19.

"I guess I win.... bitch." I say.

"Fuck you, I'm no bitch." He said.

"Your right... your MY bitch." I say and laugh.

He rolled his eyes.... "Alright what the hell do you want me to do first?" he said.

"Well first I wanna do this..."

I lean over and start kissing him... a nasty wet long kiss. I grabbed his head and f***ed to kiss and lick up and down my neck and my chest. I leaned down and nibbled and bit on his ear with my mouth.

His hands moved up and down my smooth slender body, while his tongue and teeth did some work on my nipples. His hot breath on me was driving me up the wall.

"Yeah suck my tits Donny.... Just like that man." I say.

I ground my body up against his, his hairy abdomen scratching up against mine.

"Kiss me now." I demand.

I slid back down and kissed him again. This kiss was wildly passionate and nastier then the first one.

I reached down and pulled down his boxers and his hard cock flopped out. I ground mine up against his. The friction generated the heat between us and slowly the sweat began to pour down on us.

"Fuck....... maannn...." Donny moaned.

"Don't cum yet." I say stopping the grinding on top of him.

"I'm not... tell me what else you want." he said.

I leaned back, and pulled the last of what we had on off and grabbed his dick.

I was always jealous of Donny being uncut and I was cut. I hated being cut. I wanted to see what it felt like to have some skin around my dick.....

I pulled his long foreskin up and wrapped it around my dick head.

"Dude what are you doing?" He asked.

"Watch me and relax. I read about doing this online." I say.

We both stared down at the action below us. His warm loose foreskin suctioned around my cock and I began to slowly move in and out of him.

"Wow, that's pretty fucking hot." He said.

My dick looked awesome going in and out of his foreskin like this and it felt incredible. Our precum mixed together inside making our cockheads slip and slide around each other.

"That feels so good Donny, I love this!" I say.

"It feels too fucking good b*o. But I really wanna fuck." he said.

"Remember whose in charge?" I say.

I pulled away from his dick and his precum had completely covered my dick. I got up and pointed my dick at his face.

"Suck it off." I demand.

He opened up and sucked his own dick juice in his mouth. This was so incredibly hot watching him do this.

I reached down and grabbed his dick and jerked it off for him. His mouth sucked me slow and deep, but I quickly picked up the face.

"Bitches need to be treated like Bitches." I say.

He was trying to speak but his mouth was stuffed.

"What's that bitch? I can't hear you with your mouth full like that." I say, then really r****g his mouth hard.

I felt so damn good to me screwing his mouth like that, but I figured he could take a little break right now.

When I pulled out and he was breathing hard trying to catch his breath.

"You... fuckin' asshole... wait till I.... fuck you next..." He said.

"I can't wait.... but until then your taking my cock the way I want it." I say.

I back away and tell him to lift his legs.

"Wait... your gonna fuck me?" he said.

"No, I'm gonna eat you out." I say.

He leaned back on the bed and spread his legs.

His little tight hairy hole winked at me inviting me in. I wasted no time in attacking it with my tongue.

"Fuck man!" He yelled in surprise.

I couldnt stop licking and sucking at his hole, the scent was intoxicating and so.... excuse my french... fucking exciting. My senses were off the charts....

I played with his hole just like he usually did mine, fingering it and tonguing it like a good master would do to his bitch and just like I expected. He began to say the words I was expecting to hear....

"Fuck this feels soo good..... Fuck me b*o... I wanna feel it."

I didnt want this moment to go away so I quickly took advantage of it. I slicked my dick up with spit and slowly fed my dick into his virgin hole.

"Oh.... Shit.... Fuck.... Damn... Motherf---"

His obscenities rambled on as I slowly sank into him. He was so tight and hot inside. I was totally not expecting that at all.

I leaned down over him and watched him face to face, his expressions, getting funnier and sexier all at the same time.

"Damn man... its soo... big..." He moaned.

I leaned down and kissed him to take his mind off the pain. I remember my first time with him and he was way bigger then me. I had it worse then he did....

I rapidly picked up the pace and started to give it to good. All the while his dirty mouth was really making get hotter by the second.

"Oh fuck man... fuck me good like that.... Hell yeah man.... use that fucking hairy ass.... Fuck.... Fuck..... FUCK!!!..."

I made fast and quick jabs inside his tight hole, feeling it tighten up and milk me of my cum. He felt so good, there was no way I could hold off on cum. In seconds I was shooting his nieces and nephews up his hole.

"Dude man... I can feel you shoot up my hole... that's hot!!" He said.

"Your hot!!" I say.

We laid there for the longest with me still inside him until my dick went soft. I was just about to order him to fuck me when we heard the door knock and the door opening.

"Hey you guys can play now if you..... Oh.... my...."

"Dad its not what it looks like!"

Was that the best excuse Donny could come up with?!?!?

To Be Continued... Let me know if you like this one!
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3 years ago
That was amazingly hot!! I so wish that i had a brother or a really close friend!
4 years ago
Amazing and hot. i think I know what part 3 will be.
4 years ago
just great im going to part 3 now
4 years ago
Your incredible....damn