The Rich Bitch Part 5

Chapter 5: Kyle's New Bitch

?Adam woke up from his sl**p and he glanced at the clock which said eight o' clock. He was surprised that he literally slept the whole day away. He looked over to his left and saw Kyle laying there sl**ping peacefully. Adam didn't know how to explain his feelings for Kyle at the moment, but all he knew was that the man was a great lover.

For reasons unknown, he felt comfortable lying there next to him. ??Adam moved in closer to him wrapped his arms around him. He put his head on his chest and felt his warmth, noticing the difference with Corey.

Kyle was experienced, mature man while Corey was below his level... in other words a "pushover". Adam figured this was why he felt more relaxed around Kyle. Adam loved the fact that he was so dominant when he himself was the dominant one. He loved how Kyle took control of him during sex and made him call out for more. ??It didn't take long for Adam to realize that he wanted to take there strange relationship further then what it was.

He thought about waking him up but he changed his mind. His stomach was aching for some food. He got up and tip toed out to the kitchen naked. He decided to make a quick ham sandwich before going back to the room. ??When he finished making his sandwich his phone rang. He looked at the caller I.D seeing it was his mother.

??"Hello Mom." He said. ??

"Hey sweetie! How is everything!!" She said excitedly.

??"Just fine. How is Maui going?" Adam asked.??

"It's amazing honey!! I cannot wait to tell you everything when we get home! Did the gardner come?" She asked.

??"Yes he did, the backyard looks amazing in fact." Adam says.

??"Those mexicans! They really know how to put there all into everything... and for such little money!" She said.

??Adam gasped at hearing his mother say the terrible statement and immediately got turned off.

??"You know what Mom, I have to go... I gotta another call. Bye."

??"No wait Honey! I just wanted to know how your birthday went? Did you go out and find a beautiful women to hang out with?! Your father and I will be back tomorrow and we better not find her your bed!" She said.

??"Mom... your just.... ridiculous... bye." Adam said not feeling good at all talking to his mother. He still couldnt believe his mother thought he was straight after all this time he spent with Corey. She never thought twice at all.

"What a stupid bitch." Adam said under his breath. ??He ate his sandwich slowly and stared through the windows, watching the sunset almost on its way past the horizon. He walked outside and sat by the pool looking at the stars in the darkest part of the sky feeling the warm breeze brushing his skin.

??He loved nights like this, and usually he spent it with Corey whenever he was over.

That thought of Corey soon disappeared when Kyle suddenly walked up to him.

??"Hey, I was wondering where you were." Kyle said then sitting down next to in the pool. ??

"Hey I was just thinking. You know about Corey.... I was thinking about us on the phone and how he said it was "Over and Done" and I didn't believe him. I was waiting for him to stop by today and apologize but he never showed. I guess he really was serious." Adam said. ??

"Listen, I dont want you thinking about him anymore." Kyle said. "I want you to be focused on me for now on."

??Adam wasn't expecting him to say that, and especially not in that way. But the man was totally right.

??"But I dont really know you yet. I just know that your an awesome lover." Adam said.

??"I really dont do relationships and shit like that, but with you? I think I might have to change that status." Kyle said.

??"Really? So you want to be with me? Forreal?" Adam asked getting happy. ??"Yeah. I think I'll give it a try this time." Kyle said.

??"Awesome!" Adam shouted out loud. Adam was more then happy to try someone else for a change and maybe even fall in love. ??

On the other hand Kyle was lying through his teeth. Kyle was a true bachelor and the thought of being in a relationship with anyone was not happening. He said those magical words just to keep the k** happy and to keep getting what he wanted from him. ??

"So what should we do first Mr..... What is your last name?" Adam asked. ??

"Rodriguez." He said with a smile. "I think we should go back in your room and let me take ownership of that ass again." ??

Adam was once again surprised by his forward attitude but he was willing to do whatever he wanted. ??

"Alright." Adam got up from the side of the pool and Kyle slapped his bubble ass. Kyle didnt waste anytime following him back to his room. ??Adam turned around and embraced his new boyfriend and began kissing him. Kyle grabbed the k**s firm, juicy ass and played with it like dough.

Adam loved feeling his hands on his ass like this. It made him feel so vulnerable and submissive. ??Kyle laid him down on the bed and the rubbed there bodies together. The room temperature slowly rose as there passionate kissing became fierce again. Adam began to moan as Kyle kissed and licked down his neck to his chest. ??

"Oh God." Adam said feeling his teeth graze his sensitive nipples. Kyle groaned and growled like a dog as he felt the smoothness of the boys warm body up against his. Adam ran his fingers through the Latino's short hair as he licked and kissed down towards his abs.

??"Fuck yeah Kyle. I want you to fuck me so bad." Adam said out loud. Kyle didnt say anything but he let Adam know that he wanted to prepare him for his dick by lifting his legs and attacking his sweet boyhole.

??"Ohhh!!... Oh fuck!!... Kyle!.... That's so good!" Realizing no one would be home till tomorrow, Adam figured he could be as loud as he wanted. ??Adam grabbed Kyle's head and f***ed his tongue deeper in his ass, making him scream. Kyle loved hearing the boy go wild like this, none of his other tricks were as greedy as Adam was. He was so glad to get this boy were he wanted.

??Kyle tongued Adam down for fifteen minutes straight, and all the while Adam was enjoying every second of it. ??Adam's hole was so lubed up and open from the tongue and finger abuse that it wasnt going to be a struggle taking him in.

??"Take me Kyle... give me your cock dude!" Adam said.??"Beg for it bitch! And I want you to shout it!" Kyle shot back. ??Adam thought he was doing enough begging but if it turned him on he was going to do it. ??


??"That's a lot better!" he said satisfied from Adam's response.??Kyle moved back on top of him and guided his dick inside of Adam. Adam felt his ass open up for his lover and swallow him up.

"Oh yeah!... This is just what I want!" He said. ??Kyle moved in and out of the boy's hungry ass and Adam held onto him tight. The loud grunting and moaning began echoing throughout the room. Kyle fucked his ass slow then quick, adding a different rhythm every time. He loved the way his bitches ass felt on his cock, there was nothing better in the world then this. Adam loved feeling Kyle's dick going inside him, spreading him open and trying to burry himself deeper inside of him. ??

In seconds they were covered a warm sheen of sweat and once again the room was filled with the essence of two horny males going at it. The intoxicating smell of Kyle was getting to Adam and making him want to be in this position forever. The bed shook and squeaked again once Kyle picked up his pace.

The two fucked like rabbits in every position Kyle could think off. ??The virility of Kyle shocked Adam, he didn't know how he lasted so long without cumming.

Kyle felt it was time to show Adam his skills, so next thing Adam knew he was being picked up and carried out to the kitchen. Kyle leaned him up against the stove and started ramming into him. Then he took him over to the living room and banged him doggystyle over the couch. ??Then he did something unexpected and carried his bitch up the stairs with his dick still inside of him and entered Adam's parents bedroom. He sat on the bed and f***ed Adam to ride him. It was an odd situation but Adam had his mind set on getting his boyfriend off.

As he bounced up and down his dick, he stared at the pictures of his parents on both sides of the bed really feeling awkward and like he was being watched by them. He stared at his mother and then remembered how much of a bitch she was towards hispanics. He figured this was his way of getting back at her. ??Kyle wasted no time into picking Adam up and carrying him into his dad's office room.

??"No not in here we can't go in here!" Adam said really this room was a bad idea.??

"I dont give a fuck! I can fuck you where ever the hell I want." Kyle said.

??Kyle laid Adam on his back on his father's desk and fucked him with avengence again. Adam couldnt help but go back to that feeling of ecstasy, even though he was totally sweating up his father's important papers.??

After a few minutes of fucking there Kyle decided to take him back where it all started and give the boy what he needed. ??Feeling more comfortable again in his own room Adam let out all of his energy and felt himself getting ready to blow all over Kyle.

??"I'm cumming baby!... You're gonna make me shoot all over you!" Adam said. ??"I feel it happening too! I'm gonna breed this ass good and make you my bitch!" Kyle said.

??"Oh yeah!.... Oh FUCK!!! FUCK ME!.... IM CUMMING! Adam shouted. ??Adam shot one of the biggeest loads of his life all over his stomach. His asshole spasmed on Kyle's dick forcing him to shoot his load deep in his bitches ass. His whole body trembled from his crazy/intense orgasm. This was something he never felt or experienced before.

??"Oh my God.... I am so glad your my boyfriend." Adam said out of breath. ??Kyle didnt say anything, but in his mind he was thinking, "I'm so glad I found this sexy wild bitch."

??Kyle laid off to the side of the bed still trying to catch his breath and Adam wrapped his arms around him and fell asl**p. ??

The next morning came by quick and both men were still snoring away. Adam didn't know that his parents were arriving in the morning instead of late afternoon. Adam's father opened the garage to park his car into it, all the while noticing a Taurus car sitting off on the side street. ??

"Whose car is that honey?" Andrea asked.

??"I have no clue. Maybe its the next door neighbor's son's car." Phil said.

??"But its so.... trashy looking.... Whatever, we will have it removed." Andrea said.

??They got out of the car and walked into the house noticing the living room a little unkept.

"Well at least its not a total mess." Andrea said to her husband. ??

"Its quiet, he must be sl**ping still." Phil said.

??"I'll go and wake him up!" Andrea said, then tip toeing to her sons room. The door was ajar so she peaked in only to see something she would have never thought she would see. She slammed open the door startling Adam and Kyle.


??"Hello mother. This is the gardner Kyle... my new boyfriend and lover. If you dont like it, I dont give a fuck...He owns my ass now." Adam said with a happy face.

??THE END (The Last Chapter -
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4 years ago
u should continue it...its awsome.
4 years ago
This was so hot and sexy and erotic you have no idea what you've done to me well that was great would like to read more stories like this one thanks
4 years ago
A true 2 life sexual adventure. Thanx.
4 years ago
excellent end to such a fantastic story mate